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The Fascinating Longevity Village in Bama Yao, China

A dream for many is to live a long yet healthy life. To one day walk without struggling. And go about daily tasks without a single pain or ache. What if I told you there’s a village where being 80 years old is considered young? Here, longevity is not only a dream but a reality. Come along with me as I travel to Bama Yao, China in search of all the longevity secrets.

What Does Longevity Mean?

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Longevity is essentially how long you live. For some, it’s important to live a long and healthy life. While for others, it is not. However, this is the perfect article to read if you’re looking for tips on how to prolong your life and live a full life for as long as you possibly can. Many factors influence how long you live. Although genetics plays a vital role, there are certain aspects you can manipulate to increase your longevity.

Moving your body is an example of how you can increase your longevity. This is achievable in any way you prefer. I don’t judge, as long as you move and get a few thousand steps in daily. Of course, a healthy diet is beneficial. I know, it’s not always the easiest change, especially when you walk past a bakery with a batch of freshly baked chocolate croissants. Can you tell that’s my guilty pleasure? Anyway, a croissant is okay now and then, it’s all about balance. Your body will thank you if you include more nutritious options in your diet.

Equally important, smoking and using tobacco products decrease longevity. But we know that this is just a (very) gentle push to stop smoking. Last but not least, keep your brain active. In this day and age we live in, living a long and healthy life is not easy. Keeping up with the everyday hustle and bustle and stress is a consuming task. Maybe it’s time for you to visit the Longevity Village in Southern China and prioritise your health and longevity.

What is a Longevity Village?

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Tourists as well as Chinese residents are streaming to Guangxi in China. Located in the county of Bama Yao, the area has been dubbed China’s Longevity Village. Due to it being home to the highest percentage of centenarians in the world, research is being conducted to determine the validity of the Longevity Village. Trust me, it’s valid.

People live to be 120 years old in Longevity Village. Guanxi’s mountain location and seclusion from the rest of society make it the perfect place to live long and prosper. The village creates and offers the ideal environment to partake in activities that encourage longevity.

Visiting Guangxi, Longevity Village

Visit Longevity Village in Bama Yao China

Many tourists visit Longevity Village for good fortune and guidance towards living a long and healthy life. The village has existed for over 100 years. Not only is it a perfect place to improve longevity but also provides fascinating and beautiful views. A convenient highway runs straight to Bama Yao. However, you can use Guangzhou or Nanning as a transfer station. Thereafter, catch the direct bus running from Guangzhou to Bama Yoa.

While visiting Guangxi, book your stay at Banyan Tree Yangshuo. This village resort is surrounded by the breathtaking Karst Mountains accompanied by the tranquil Li River. Additionally, the resort is set far away from any form of city life. Any amenity or services you need, Banyan Tree Yangshuo provides. Now that your accommodation is arranged, let’s have a look at the wellness activities at Longevity Village.

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Wellness Activities in Longevity Village

Visit Baimo Cave

Baimo Cave

Baimo translates to “spring mouth”. This natural limestone cave is a popular attraction for both centenarians and tourists. Every year, around two million people visit the Baimo Cave for its healing powers. The caves are filled with a high concentration of negatively charged oxygen ions, which scientists say help purify the air. Inside the cave, dramatic scenes are displayed by ancient rock formations. Nonetheless, the outside of the cave is just as significant. Citizens call the outside of the cave the oxygen bar for the quality of its air. Unlike many parts of China, Bama County is pollution free.

Drinking from the Panyang River

Drinking from Bama River in Bama Yao China

Panyang River passes through Baimo Cave. This green river is secluded and endowed with beautiful scenery. Immerse yourself in the revitalising landscape while rafting on a bamboo raft. Don’t forget to take a container or bottle along to scoop up some longevity water. The river is believed to possess healing and longevity powers. Thus, citizens call the Panyang River the ‘Longevity River’.

Exercising at Po Yue village in Bama

Exercise at Po Yue village in Bama China for longevity.
Image: New York Times, 2023

Every morning, life revival exercises are taught at Po Yue village. On the banks of the Panyang River, throw your arms into the air, twist your waist, and repeat lines of encouragement along the way. Of course, it’s not state-of-the-art equipment. However, it’s sturdy and progressive enough for you to get some exercise in before starting your day.

We’re at the End of this Article’s Longevity

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It’s time to leave polluted cities and bring yourself and your ailments to Longevity Villages. Immerse yourself in clean air and the miracle water from the rivers all around you. Longevity is associated with a more simplistic way of life and this you’ll definitely find in Longevity Village, Bama County. For more wellness activities in China, travel to Hong Kong for five urban hiking trails. Finally 下次见。(see you soon)!

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