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The Best Tours in Durban

Beautiful Durban, found on the coast of Kwazulu-Natal, has some of the most stunning beaches the world has to offer. The warm Indian Ocean water makes any time of the year perfect for a sea holiday. So there won’t be any freezing toes in this South African province! Then there’s the vibrant culture, with a mix of both Zulu and Indian heritage. This makes Durban the perfect place to embrace a multitude of cultures and experiences. From safaris to cultural day tours, Durban has some of the best tours you can find. In fact, this hot and sunny city has all you could possibly want! Come see all this coastal paradise has to offer.

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1. Harbour Boat Cruise Tour

First up is a harbour boat tour. Have you ever wanted to see the largest harbour in the Southern Hemisphere? Well, you will do just that on this unique tour since you will be taken onto the beautiful Indian Ocean on a skipper. Consequently, you get the chance to see how the massive ships offload and depart. Usually, this cruise will last 30 minutes.

You get to see the stunning Durban skyline from a different perspective. As a result, you see sides of the city that you’ve never imagined. Why not bring your own drinks and enjoy the magical sites on the sea? Bring along your binoculars to see the variety of birds along the water. The guide will tell you all you need to know about shipping and the history of the harbour. Essentially, this will be an educational and exciting tour!

Small Boats Found at the Harbour

2. Half-Day Safari & Game Drive Tour

Next, we have the Half-Day Safari & Game Drive Tour. If you want to explore two wildlife reserves all in one day, here’s your chance. You will visit the Natal Lion Park and see mother nature show off her majestic lions. While there, you will come into contact with lions and elephants. How exciting! Be sure to visit the lions’ enclosure to see a whole pride of lions in their prime.

Next, go to Tala Private Game Reserve. This game reserve has the best selection of wildlife ranging from rhinos to elands. Moreover, there are over 3700 species of birds, so you are guaranteed to spot something interesting! On top of that, your guide will educate you on all the wildlife you encounter and the ecosystem surrounding it. Visit both these stunning reserves in an open, air-conditioned vehicle for the most comprehensive experience.

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Beautiful Male Lion Laying Between the Trees

3. Phezulu Cultural Village & Reptile Park Tour

Here at Phezulu Cultural Village & Reptile Park, you will learn about the beautiful Zulu culture Durban is known for. In fact, go into a traditional thatch hut for the full immersive experience. You will be taught about the traditions of the Zulu people. Thereafter, there will be a 50-minute Zulu dancing show with the dancers in their traditional attire. You will enjoy this cultural extravaganza further by being immersed in the culture.

Next, go down to the crocodile park on a guided tour to see the snakes and crocodiles found in the area. While there, you will learn interesting facts about these beautiful African Reptiles. This will further your knowledge on all things proudly African and simultaneously get you in touch with its wildlife.

Beautiful African Beads

4. Whale & Dolphin Watching Cruise Tour

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last. This 2-hour whale-watching cruise on the vast and majestic Indian Ocean is an experience of a lifetime. Here, you will get to marvel at beautiful humpback whales up close! See these magnificent 15-metre giant mammals in their prime and natural habitat. There are also dolphins and sea turtles that aren’t shy to make an appearance. These local marine sightings are sure to give you a majestic experience on the water. Ultimately, you will learn about the life of these animals, their habits and their habitat. Therefore, this is a great learning experience for all.

Giant Whale Jumping Out of the Water

The Final Leg

Certainly, Durban in beautiful KZN has wonderful tours for you to experience. In fact, each of them takes you to different and wonderful places. There is no doubt that you will gain an immense amount of knowledge on each of these tours. If you’re ever in another part of sunny South Africa, then be sure to try some of the amazing hiking trails all over the country. This will further broaden your horizons in the beautiful motherland.

Psychology tip: being around dolphins facilitates better emotional well-being through interactions with nature.

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