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The Best Spas in Camps Bay, Cape Town

Camps Bay is widely known as the party capital of Cape Town. The town is renowned for its beautiful beaches and scenery, vibrant atmosphere, and not to mention some of the most stunning hotels and restaurants that the Mother City has to offer.

Spas and relaxation may not be a focal item on the itinerary when thinking of what to do when in Camps Bay, as it may not seem to live up to the area’s energetic reputation. However, taking a moment to prioritize serenity when travelling and exploring well-known, tourist-friendly areas can catapult your holiday into another dimension of fulfilment. Even just the atmosphere of being at a spa or engaging in activities such as yoga or meditation improves your holistic health, soothing both mind and muscle.

Here are the top 3 best spas to visit in Camps Bay.

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Skin Guasha spa treatment
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1.  Mai Thai Wellness Spa

Mai Thai Wellness Spa, yes it does sound like the popular drink that is made with rum and orange juice but trust me this one is even better. This spa focuses on the essence of the Asian heritage, particularly Thailand. Implementing Thai practices in an African setting, Mai Thai Wellness Spa creates an emersion of both African and Asian wellness practices.

This is showcased in the fact that therapists are of both African and Asian descent, giving clients the full blended experience. A signature treatment they offer is the ‘Journey of the Dream Catcher’ package which utilizes lavender all the way from Phuket. This Thai lavender possesses antimicrobial properties and promotes restful sleep due to its restorative effect on the body.

The Best Spas in Camps Bay, Cape Town

Mai Thai Wellness Spa has received numerous awards and accolades over the last few years, a true testimony of the calibre of their work and the quality of their treatments. They are currently the best spa in South Africa on TripAdvisor. They were also voted the global winner of the ‘Best Local Spa in the World’ in 2020 at the World Luxury Spa Awards. It is clear to see that the awards speak for themselves regarding the service and experience at Mai Thai Wellness Spa. An ideal location to have one of the best massages in Cape Town.

Doe Zantamata has said that “Taking time to do nothing often brings things into perspective” and taking time to pamper yourself and immerse yourself in relaxation can often bring clarity when decisions need to be made.

Hand and roses
Luxury hand treatment

2. Camps Bay Retreat

This spa is regarded as a hidden gem that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is tucked between the forest. A nature lover’s bliss! Camps Bay Retreat offers views of surreal sunsets and ocean views, where the sun meets the water. Sounds kind of ethereal, don’t you think? This one-of-a-kind spa is located on a private nature reserve, affording you a unique experience of relaxation and allowing you to take in the diverse flora and fauna that the reserve has to offer.

Camps Bay Retreat offers a variety of wellness activities along with its world-class spa treatments such as yoga and paddle tennis. So, if you want to relax but also find a gap to break a sweat, why not play the new and trendy version of tennis on pristine courts? The spa also has an on-site library for the bookworms and the coolest pool you can imagine – a mountain pool! Camps Bay Retreat is multi-faceted and suitable for any kind of guest.

Oh, and pet-friendly accommodation is available too for all animal lovers. Could it get any better? Oh, just imagine having a relaxing hot stone massage all while having your furry best friend close by for all the love and moral support you could ever need. Sounds quite magical if you think about it. The amenities at this spa have proven to go beyond what a conventional spa entails. Their treatments are even tailored to specifics like climate and season making them adjustable for different times of the year and maximising the impact of the treatments.

3. The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa

At number 3 on our list of best spas in Camps Bay is the one and only 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa! How could we leave out this iconic spa where social media stars such as Cape Town’s very own Nadia Jaftha choose to spend their weekends? The 12 Apostles claim to offer a cocoon of rejuvenation and wellness, giving you the serenity that is needed to accompany privacy and comfort.

This wildly popular spa is surrounded by the Table Mountain National Park, home to many diverse animals & marine life. Imagine the spectacular views while getting a soothing massage in one of their mountainside spa gazebos that offer a panoramic view of The Atlantic Ocean and the park. Sounds quite idyllic.

The 12 Apostles offers several breathtaking facilities such as their famous hydrotherapy pools which aim to relax the muscles before treatment and their one-of-a-kind saltwater floatation pools. The spa also embraces a traditional middle eastern cleansing ritual in its custom-built Rasul Chamber, which uses mineral-rich mud treatments and chromotherapy to aid in de-stressing and detoxifying the body.

What an out-of-this-world experience! To think the experiences mentioned cannot be topped, they have a ‘Tranquility Lounge’ where you can order from a selection of herbal teas while meditating or reading a book. This extends the spa experience to the calmest yet highest note!

Beautiful sunsets
Where the sun meets the sea


Out of all the beautiful and extravagant spas in Camps Bay, these prove to be the best spas. They stand out as some of the most beautiful and unique wellness spas in the vicinity. You know what they say, you’re only just a massage away from a good mood! So, if you’re looking for a rejuvenating experience that embraces the beauty of our beautiful Mother City, make your way to one of these secluded pieces of paradise located right here in our magnificent country. Learn more about the best spas around the world on our website.

Psychology fact: A massage helps combat symptoms of depression by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing the happy hormones dopamine and serotonin.

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