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The Best Ski Resorts in Austria

Austria has some amazing ski resorts

Austria is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and is always filled with tourists, especially during wintertime. It is famous for its beautiful architectural pieces and buildings. There are so many castles and historic buildings to visit. So you won’t be bored in this beautiful country.

During the winter months, this becomes a snowy wonderland that is perfect for skiing and all other snow-filled activities. Therefore, there are bound to be amazing ski resorts here that offer the best hospitality and service. So, let’s find out about some of the best ski resorts in Austria.

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1. Ski Arlberg

Ski Arlberg is one of the best ski resorts in Austria because it is the biggest ski resort there is

First up on our list is Ski Arlberg, which has the biggest ski area in the country. Ski Arlberg elevates skiing to new levels. It impresses guests with the highest quality in all regards. The mountain region is rooted in winter sports and is internationally renowned. Through progressive thinking and innovation, pioneers have made the resort a legendary location for alpine skiing.

Furthermore, St. Anton – St. Christoph – Stuben, Lech – Oberlech – Zürs and Warth-Schröcken make up Austria’s largest connected ski resort and offer many choices alongside amazing quality. There are a wide variety of winter sports to choose from so that you can relax and unwind on the slopes.

Tackling the slopes and getting lost in the white, snowy canvas before you is the perfect way to switch off and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. This is why Ski Alberg is one of the best ski resorts in Austria.

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2. Ski Welt

Ski Welt is one of the best ski resorts in Austria because there is a designated ski area for the kids

Next up, we have Ski Welt. This is Austria’s second biggest ski resort, covering 288 km of area to ski on. Therefore, this gives you ample opportunity to explore these slopes. Furthermore, there are dedicated ski areas for children, beginners and experts. Thus making this an incredibly inclusive ski resort.

Furthermore, you can enjoy long lazy lunches at some of the mountain’s 80 rustic ski huts, restaurants and bars. Thus offering the most spectacular views. You can even go night skiing on the slopes, giving you surreal opportunities, views and experiences. Thus making your stay here memorable.

This is one of the best places to spend your time and embrace the cold, wintery months in style. Furthermore, there are ample activities to do at this fantastic ski resort, so you’ll have plenty to do and enjoy. There is no doubt why Ski Welt is one of the best ski resorts in Austria.

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3. Saalbach-Hinterglemm Ski Resort

Saalbach-Hinterglemm Ski Resort is one of the best ski resorts in Austria because it has a challenging terrain

Last on our list is Saalbach-Hinterglemm Ski Resort. This resort has about 270 km of slopes for you to tackle and enjoy. And there are many diverse trails for all to try. The ski area is perfect for intermediates, with markings to help guide you and offer the assistance you need. Furthermore, advanced skiers are welcome to tackle the challenging terrain on the north side of the ski area.

The Nordabfahr piste has panoramic views of Saalbach, making it one of the best ski resorts in Austria. One of the best things to do here is to tackle the SkiCircus challenge. This circuit takes on 72km of piste, interchanging between the five villages of the ski area. Therefore giving you the best views of the area.

Furthermore, there are 60 amazing and cosy huts to choose from, where you can get comfortable after your long day of skiing. It is also known for its culinary diversity and warm culture (excuse the pun). And in the evening, Saalbach has some quirky bars. Some of them are Zum Turm, a medieval jail in a former life, and Goaßstall, a bar with a unique goat theme. You are definitely in for an experience here. These are just some of the reasons why it is regarded as one of the best ski resorts in Austria.

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Let’s Go to One of the Best Ski Resorts in Austria

Austria is one of the best countries to visit in winter and a unique holiday destination. This winter wonderland is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the soothing effects of the cold on the mind and body. And if you’re in the mood for something more delicate, visit a spa in Vienna. After all, it is Austria’s wellness capital. That way, you get a trip filled with adrenaline and relaxation. You get to have it all here in Austria!

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