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The Best Luxury Hotels in Portofino

Portofino is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the entire world. It is found on the Italian Riviera Coastline. It is a popular place where celebs and superstars vacation. Portofino is filled with high-end boutiques, amazing restaurants and beautiful pastel-coloured houses. This picturesque town is definitely a place to visit if you want an authentic and luxurious Italian experience.

There are beautiful luxury hotels in Portofino that exude elegance and facilitate the utmost satisfaction. Your stay at one of these hotels will undoubtedly be one for the books. Let’s learn more about some of the best luxury hotels in Portofino.

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1. Hotel Piccolo Portofino

Hotel Piccolo Portofino is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino because of the stunning terrace views
Hotel Piccolo Portofino, 2022

First up is the wonderful Hotel Piccolo Portofino. This hotel is a hidden jewel to seek and discover in the heart of this marvellous fishing town. Piccolo is nestled between the greenery and the crystal clear waters of Portofino. Many consider it a unique and hidden hospitality masterpiece.

The generous terraces offer a breathtaking view of the exclusive stretch of the Ligurian coast. Piccolo Portofino has a contemporary design that combines black and white marble, crystals and soft fabrics. Therefore producing a refined balance and romantic intimacy. Furthermore, there is an exclusive restaurant terrace to dine on and bask in the breathtaking views of the Portofino coast. It is clear why Piccolo is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino.

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2. Eight Hotel Portofino

Eight is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino because it exudes class and elegance
Eight Hotel Portofino, 2022

Next up on our list we have the Eight Hotel Portofino. This 5-star hotel is one of the most illustrious hotels in all of Italy. Eight is just a few steps away from the Piazzetta. With 18 unique and exclusive rooms, Eight Portofino is the reference for luxury in Portofino. The enchanting landscape and colours are typical of the beautiful town, however, with an elegant twist.

Eight Portofino prides itself on the quality of its brand. Furthermore, there are a variety of rooms to choose from to suit your specific needs. These range from junior suites, which offer a spacious living room and minibar to deluxe suites that have a king-size bed, a basalt stone bathroom and a minibar. However, no matter which room you decide to take, your stay will be marvellous. Furthermore, there are no doubts as to why Eight is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino.

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3. Hotel Nazionale Portofino

Hotel Nazionale Portofino is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino because you overlook the beautiful Rivira

Next we have Hotel Nazionale Portofino. This hotel sits on the beautiful, natural Portofino Harbour, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Riviera Coastline. Hotel Nazionale is found at the heart of the famous “little square” in Portofino. It is found between the Park at Portofino & the Cinque Terre Park. Therefore you get to see and experience some of the most unique landscapes, during your stay.

Furthermore, every room is equipped with double rooms, bathrooms, a minibar and a television. Ensuring you feel at home and that your stay is comfortable. The stunning restaurant, Da Nicola serves traditional Ligurian cuisine. It offers a variety of delicacies and unique culinary options. It is an experience of a lifetime. Imagine having lunch on the stunning Portofino coast, overlooking all its wonder. This is most definitely one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino.

4. Splendido, A Belmond Hotel Portofino

Splendido, A Belmond Hotel Portofino is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino because of the beautiful wellness spa

Finally, we have Splendido, A Belmond Hotel Portofino. We have saved the best for last with this one! Belmond Hotel highlights the radiant stage that is Portofino. It is found on a perch on the Portofino Hills, therefore giving you the best views imaginable. Admire the gulf views from the fine dining restaurant and lose yourself in the nearby vineyards. Many consider Belmond a haven for elegant lifestyle and conversation.

Soak up the sun at this idyllic Portofino hotel. The modern and spacious rooms are the perfect settings to relax, unwind and enjoy Italy. There are numerous suites to choose from. However, you can enjoy the grandeur of the iconic Dolce Vita Suite that offers round-trip transfers, a full breakfast and a dedicated host service. All of this to further make your stay fantastic.

Furthermore, make use of the lux Dior wellness spa. The full treatment menu is inspired by the expertise and skills used in the Dior skincare range. Enjoy the experience while lying under the Italian sun. Therefore there is no doubt as to why Splendido is one of the best luxury hotels in Portofino.

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Stay at One of the Best Luxury Hotels in Portofino

Italy is known for its luxury and elegance. Therefore, the stunning town of Portofino is no exception. So make sure you spend a few nights in one of the most stunning towns in the world. And if you’re travelling around Italy, why not try an all-inclusive resort in Tuscany? It does the soul a world of good!

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