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The 4 Best Wellness Activities in Mozambique


Olá amigos! Welcome to Mozambique. This tropical country is popularly known for its vibrant traditional music, where the marimba bands entice you to shake into the best version of yourself! Mozambique’s rich blended culture is perfect to immerse yourself in and ride the wave of serenity.

All About Mozambique

Wherever you choose to go in Mozambique, whether it be pretty Ponto Do Ouro or marvellous Maputo, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Maputo is a port city filled with a vibrant cultural scene and is well-known for its eclectic architecture, perfect for those who love exploring cities for their historical buildings. Ponto Do Ouro, on the other hand, is one of the most beautiful destinations Moz has to offer and is a bucket list place to visit when in the country. Ponto Do Ouro is well-known for its beautiful marine life and beaches and it offers numerous ocean activities as well.

The 4 Best Wellness Activities in Mozambique

South Africa’s neighbouring country has several exciting and soothing activities that incorporate both wellness and enjoyment. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Mozambique is filled with beaches and marine parks, emphasizing the dynamic marine culture present in the country. Without further ado, here are 4 of the best wellness activities to do when in Mozambique. Here are 4 of the best wellness activities in Mozambique.

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1. Ocean Horseback Riding at Mozambique Horse Safari

One of the most popular activities to do in Mozambique is horse riding in the ocean. This gives you the perfect coastline experience and allows you to become one with nature by simultaneously connecting you with the ocean and wildlife. Be sure to embrace the peace and calmness that the majestic horse brings to the experience. By interacting with horses, you can learn more about companionship and confidence, a satisfying interaction that will leave you with so much more than before you started.

Ocean walk
Horse Ocean Walk

2. Art and Architecture Walking Tour in Maputo

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Do you appreciate unique art and architectural pieces, especially in areas with a vast history and significant story behind them? Then this walking tour is for you! The tour will help you stretch your legs and explore unique and sometimes overlooked parts of Maputo. This is a wonderful way to experience the history and unique culture of the city.

Art can be soothing for many and learning about the significance behind certain pieces and buildings instils a great sense of fulfilment in those looking to discover a new perspective of the world. You will see things such as sleek and geometric art deco buildings which are both pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul. The calming effect of these art buildings will create a sense of peace within you unlike any other.

3. Visiting the Beach in Maputo

You deserve the pleasure of experiencing the white, sandy beaches of Maputo. Come embrace Mozambican culture and drink some coconut water straight from the shell while walking along the shoreline and taking in all that the Indian Ocean has to offer. This is an experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Why not participate in beachfront yoga which appears to be wildly popular in Mozambique? You will find yourself in a complete state of calmness and peace while having the majestic view of Maputo Beach.

Who knew a body of water would prove to be such a surreal experience? Beach yoga is a great way of getting both vitamin D and vitamin sea (see what I did there?). It’s already magically watching the sun rising at the beach, now imagine how marvellous it will be seeing it while doing the downward-facing dog! Find out the benefits of hot yoga on our website.

Mozambique Beach
A sandy beach in Mozambique

4. Wildlife Watching at the Maputo Special Reserve

Maputo Special Reserve is located in Maputo Bay, approximately 70km away from Maputo. This reserve is especially unique as it appears to be growing right alongside the ocean! Imagine being on a game drive and looking over to your left and seeing the ocean! Watching wildlife along the coastline will prove to be a one-of-a-kind experience. It is ideal for people who want to experience both land-based safaris and marine safaris.

Combining the stunning experiences of a game drive and the serenity of the ocean into one is something that many can only dream of. Wildlife watching at the Maputo Special Reserve gives you the chance to see a variety of animals that are indigenous to the area. Game drives at the Special Reserve are accompanied by an air-conditioned vehicle, private transportation, and a pair of binoculars so that you can see the furthest and grab the fullest experience that the Special Reserve has to offer.

See You In Mozambique

While ticking each of these items off your to-do list, make sure to indulge in what Mozambique is best known for, their mouthwatering prawns and the tantalizing caipirinhas. Mozambique is an ideal travel destination with many fruitful experiences, all of which focus on your mental health and well-being. Iconic locations, good food, and all-around harmonious activities await you. Sounds multi-faceted if you ask me. Ciao amigos, I hope to see you all soon on these white sandy beaches.

Psychology tip: Being at the beach will lower your stress levels and blood pressure. So basically, you’re about to be a whole lot happier!

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