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Take a Cruise Ship to USA for Unrivalled Wellness Activities

Take a Cruise Ship to USA for Unrivaled Wellness Activities

Let’s sail away and cruise on the sea to a new destiny. Today, we are going to take a cruise ship to the USA for some unrivalled wellness opportunities! All there is to see is the sun bleeding into the horizon as you are peacefully transported to new destinations.

Contrary to popular belief, cruises are actually very affordable. In some instances, the fee for an all-inclusive trip can be less than a hotel stay. Ideally, cruise ships are for everyone. Whether it’s for a person wanting to rock-climb or for someone who just wants a massage. So, sail from an old world to a new one. Let’s take a look at where you could experience the ultimate wellness cruise to the USA!

Viking Ocean Cruises

Take A Cruise Ship to USA for Unrivaled Wellness Activities

Architectural Digest recently heralded Viking as one of the best new luxury cruises. With Viking Ocean Cruises, it’s easy to get lost in a world of buffet menus, relaxation lounges and ocean breezes. Viking is the world’s newest cruise line, however, don’t let this fool you. For a line that’s new in the industry, it is making an impression in the hearts of those fondest of cruising.

Viking makes a great effort to get to know their guests very well and always includes free excursions in the package. Furthermore, all of the ship’s rooms are extended into balconies! Traverse from Lisbon, Portugal to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Viking’s relatively small ships allow the vessels to explore the world ten times over! But for this article, let’s stick to crossing the mid-Atlantic!

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Mid-Atlantic Crossing

Take A Cruise Ship to USA for Unrivaled Wellness Activities

All aboard calls are made in Lisbon’s port in Portugal. From there, you sail into the sunset on your way to the Azores, which takes approximately 2-3 days. From the Azores, Viking sets sail for Hamilton, Bermuda. While you are on board, treat yourself to some world-renowned lectures conducted by professors and doctors from all over the world. This is due to the owners and CEO’s unconventional beliefs in intellectual well-being. He states that Viking cruises are ‘a thinking man’s cruise, not a drinking man’s cruise’.

Intellectual wellness is the new wellness! So, if you enjoy learning new and interesting things, this is the best cruise ship to the USA for unrivalled wellness. Furthermore, Viking offers guests culinary classes, where they have the option to learn about the culture behind the dish (depending on where Viking floats at that time of the cruise). The spa inside Viking is nothing less than a world-class luxury. They have a hydrotherapy pool, a steam room, a jacuzzi, heated tile beds, and a snow room. The latter is to ensure that your body heals and relaxes thoroughly. Cruising with Viking ensures a holiday unlike any other.

Pre & Post Cruise Extensions

Take A Cruise Ship to USA for Unrivaled Wellness Activities

Take a pre-cruise trip to Lisbon! More days mean more fun, right? In Lisbon, you will spend two nights in the luxurious Hotel Tivoli Lisboa. This little extension ensures that you get a taste of Lisbon’s 18th-century squares and parks, fairy-tale castles, Art Nouveau architecture, all-around city views and a distinct take on Mediterranean cuisine. For your post-cruise excursion, you will discover Ft. Lauderdale from the comfort of Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. Moreover, Ft. Lauderdale is known as the ‘Venice of America’, and here you could enjoy the long, sandy beaches and turquoise blue water!

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If you enjoy reading about Lisbon, here’s an article that explores what you could do there. Read about panoramic palace hopping in Portugal: from Lisbon to Sintra!

Sail-ebrate Good Times

Come away to seas untamed. On the ocean, you could find your inner peace and outer edge. That’s if you find yourself on a cruise ship, just to be clear. With Viking cruises, one can ensure a wellness holiday unlike any other. From hydrotherapy pools to ice-bucket plunges, here you would feel like an awakening has occurred and will return to the mainland changed forever! So, to conclude, Viking is the top cruise ship to the USA that will have you feeling like a different person. You only live once, so why not try a cruise for a change?

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