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Wellness Road Trip along the Garden Route

Grab your car keys, GPS, picnic basket and cooler box! Today we are going on a wellness road trip! Oh, and don’t forget your wallet because you are going to need it for the activities that lie ahead. Where are we going? To Stormsrivier! And how are we getting there? Through the one and only Garden Route! Before we go, let me fill you in a bit about the Garden Route in …

Top 5 Backpacking destinations in South Africa

Top 5 Backpacking Destinations in South Africa

Nothing beats a good backpacking trip. Being at one with nature, feeling the breeze blow through your hair and breathing in the fresh air does wonders for mental well-being. These are the top 5 backpacking destinations I recommend as a must-do in South Africa. Take in all that these destinations have to offer and have fun! 1. The Otter Trail in Knysna If we’re talking raw nature, rocky paths and testing those …