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7 Top Cities to Visit in Brazil for Wellness Activities

Brazil is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, filled with colourful carnivals, upbeat samba rhythms and long sandy beaches. Brazil is not only famous for its legendary football calibre but also its unique culture, incredible landscapes and numerous world heritage sites. This makes Brazil one of the best opinions to consider when choosing a wellness travel destination. After analysing numerous online sources, the following cities were identified to be the top …


5 Beautiful Places that Make California a Wellness Hub

California is, without a doubt, America’s golden state. From Silicon Valley and Hollywood to Napa Valley and the Sequoia forest, it is no surprise that California is the most populated state in America. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live there, let alone visit? Not only is California politically, socially, and economically prosperous, but it is also wealthy in terms of wellness. This state is home to some of the world’s most …

3 Incredible Worldwide Trekking Trails to Tackle

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