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Swimming at Cape Town’s Best Beaches

You know it’s time to start looking for the best swimming spots when the weather heats up. You can cool off on the beach, pool, or even a dam or river. Fortunately, there are several swimming opportunities in and around Cape Town. However, nothing tops swimming at the beach!

Technically, the beaches in Cape Town are all safe for swimming. Having said that, some beaches are far more suitable for swimming than others. For instance, the seas on the Atlantic Ocean side can get very cold. That’s fantastic for hot days. However, the Indian Ocean side is your best pick if you’re searching for something warmer. With that said, here are the best beaches to swim at in Cape Town. 

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Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is the best beach to swim at in Cape Town. It is close to Table Mountain National Park and is home to the only land-based colonies of African penguins.

Boulders Beach is located in Simon’s Town, a southern Cape Town neighbourhood. This stunningly gorgeous natural location, which is part of Table Mountain National Park, has fine white beaches and turquoise lakes. Furthermore, this beach is home to the only land-based colonies of African penguins. Native to South Africa and Namibia, these endangered birds are adored by both residents and international visitors.

As a matter of fact, you have the opportunity to swim with them at this beach. Unfortunately, you are not permitted to interact with the penguins. Even though they may approach within touching distance. The penguins have sharp beaks and will use them to defend themselves if they feel threatened. So this is for both their protection and yours. Nevertheless, the penguins are naturally curious and travel freely throughout the beach. Therefore, it’s likely that you will encounter them peering into your picnic basket or paddling alongside you in the shallows.

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The main beach at Boulders offers a protected area for a picnic and a secure swimming area. However, prepare for brisk temperatures. Even though the sea in False Bay is warmer than Cape Town’s Atlantic Ocean beaches. This beach is a wonderful area to unwind and enjoy Cape Town’s natural beauty. In addition to swimming, Boulders is also popular for snorkelling and sunbathing.

Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach is one of the best beaches to swim at in Cape Town. It has a colourful row of beach cottages that are perfect for Instagram pictures and has access to many cafes that serve delicious delicacies.

Looking for a beach with the biggest vista? How about a colourful row of beach cottages that are perfect for Instagram pictures? Maybe you’re looking for calm waves that come in neat sets of warm water. Guess what, Muizenberg has it all! For this reason, Muizies is well-loved by families, dog owners, and surfers alike. On top of that, Muizenberg is a fantastic swimming beach with its brightly coloured small dressing huts. What’s even better is that there are lifeguards on duty, thus swimming is completely safe here.

From dawn to sunset, you witness a flotilla of surfers and boogie boarders in the sea; making Muizenberg the location to go for lessons. In addition to surfboard and wetsuit rentals, skateboarding on the boardwalk and long are also popular on this beach.

Are you planning to have a picnic before or after your swim? Well, there’s no need to bring a basket or refreshments because there are dozens of cafés right on the seashore. Situated only a few steps from the sand, these cafes give you access to delicacies like ice cream as well as fish and chips. Last but not least, Muizenberg has Blue Flag status. This is a status awarded to the beach for its stringent educational, environmental, accessibility and safety characteristics. Certainly, Muizenberg is not only one of the best beaches in Cape Town but also in South Africa and the world.

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Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay Beach is the 3rd-best beach to swim at in Cape Town. It has a tidal pool that provides you with a secure area to cool off in the water without worrying about being struck by waves.

Camps Bay Beach is a lovely, long stretch of white sand that borders a promenade full of eateries and hotels for when you need a break from the sun. It’s Cape Town’s entertaining and energetic party beach. However, it gets a little crowded during the busiest summer months of December and January. Nonetheless, the scenery is breathtaking, with the Twelve Apostles mountain range serving as a rugged backdrop. It’s well worth a stop because there are several treasures hidden among the beach bars.

The Camps Bay Tidal Pool is one of the beach’s main attractions. You are probably asking yourself “What is a tidal pool?”. Well, a tidal pool is a rocky, man-made pool that provides you with a secure area to cool off in the water without worrying about being struck by waves. The Tidal Pool is a family-friendly spot to swim and play, making it an excellent choice for families with energetic children.

Crowds of people frequently visit the Bay’s tidal pool to enjoy the sun and the cool waves. This is especially true during the weekends and holidays. Despite being a great plate to swim, the water at Camps Bay Beach stays icy cold all year round. Maybe save this one for summertime.

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Learn How to Swim in Cape Town

There you have it. The 3 best beaches to swim at in Cape Town. Choose your favourite and go enjoy the Mother City’s soothing waters. Are you afraid of swimming in the ocean? Perhaps swimming lessons can help.

If you are in Cape Town and you don’t know to swim then here is your golden opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best swimmers. Michelle Weber, a junior World Champion open waters swimmer, offers regular swim clinics in Mossel Bay. These swim clinics are 5-hour workshops that usually take place at Santos Beach in Mossel Bay.

During these workshops, the 2-time Olympic swimmer teaches her fundamental open water techniques that are created to elevate your swimming skills and prepare you for your first Robben Island crossing. Visit Michelle’s website for more information on the next swim clinic. For more adventures in Cape Town, try the wellness road trip along the Garden Route. Have a wonderful time!

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