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Summer Walking Tours in Lyon, France

There are some amazing Summer walking tours in Lyon, France

Lyon is one of the most beautiful cities in France. It is best known for it’s delicious food, historical and architectural landmarks as well as it’s diverse history. It is an amazing city to explore, especially during the warm summer months. In this article, we are about to uncover some hidden gems that Lyon has to offer. But it’s a secret, okay?

This metropolis provides an unforgettable experience by means of a walking tour. It is so easy to explore on foot, and I so recommend it. It’s like getting to know someone, one step at a time. It’s no wonder walking tours are an extremely popular activity in Lyon. You get to experience the absolute best that this city has to offer while also getting in your daily steps. So, let’s find out more about these unforgettable summer walking tours in Lyon, France. 

Top Walking Tours in France

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1. Lyon Highlights & Secrets Walking Tour

Lyon Highlights & Secrets Walking Tour is a great Summer walking tour in Lyon because you can explore and find all the hidden gems in the city

First up we have the Lyon Highlights & Secrets Walking Tour. This lovely tour usually lasts just over 3 hours. You get to discover some of the city’s most popular and most iconic highlights. You also get to see UNESCO World Heritage Sites and even major landmarks in the area. Your guide meets you at the Bartholdi Fountain, and you then explore from there.

Furthermore, you get to see the most remarkable parts of Lyon within a matter of hours. All in just one tour! Now that’s bang for your buck. The route is a surprise, so not all stops are listed on their website. But there are a few known places you might visit, including Vieux Lyon which is the city’s Old Town, and even Colline de Fourviere, the location of Lyon’s original Roman settlement. These spots still have many ancient ruins from that era on display. At every spot, your knowledgeable guide will thoroughly inform you. Soon, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the beautiful city.

You get to learn about the culture and the history of this magnificent city. All while getting those steps in. This is the perfect mental and physical tour and is a great way to explore Lyon if it is your first time visiting. It is a small tour, which only accommodates 10 people. So you might even make some new friends. This tour is unique and personal. This is why it is a great summer walking tour in Lyon, France. However, it is an extremely popular tour and tends to be fully booked within a matter of minutes. So get booking, via their website, and secure your spot now.

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2. Afternoon Old Town Food Tour

Afternoon Old Town Food Tour is a great Summer walking tour in Lyon because you get to try delicious French treats

Next up we have the Afternoon Old Town Food Tour. This fantastic tour allows you to try and indulge in traditional French food. After all, Lyon is best known for its tantalising dishes and French heritage. You get to meet and speak to local artisans while you try their cuisine. This is an afternoon tour, which is perfect for a warm summer’s day. You get access to people and places that only locals know, so you’re in for a unique treat

Furthermore, you stop at 4 local spots, to try local specialities. Enjoy the delicious food while you stroll among the beautiful murals and alleyways of the Old Town. Some of the treats on the menu include cheese, cold cuts, brioche, chocolate, wines, and artisanal ice cream in the warmer summer months. And the best thing about this is that you can eat guilt free, because you’re about to walk it all off in the next hour!

Your passionate local guide will give you the rundown of all the treats you eat. They also elaborate further on the rich and unique history of the city, and it’s origins. Your meeting point is at 3 Pl. du Change, 69005 Lyon, and this is where you find your guide. The tour ends at 66 Rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon. You can insert these locations on Google Maps to locate it easily.

The Old Town Food Tour starts at 15h00 sharp, so be sure to be punctual. A few other places you visit include Saint Jean Cathedral, La Longue Traboule’s secret passageways, and Traboule Maison du Crible. These are some of the most famous places in Lyon, so you’re definitely in for more than 1 treat. You can book this in-depth summer walking tour via their website and enjoy your afternoon!

3. Lyon Music & Wine Tasting Tour

Lyon Music & Wine Tasting Tour is a lovely Summer walking tour because you can try delicious and authentic wine on the tour

Lastly on our list of relaxing summer walking tours in Lyon we have the Music & Wine Tasting Tour. This stunning and delicious tour last between 2 to 3 hours. Be ready for a jam packed adventure. It is offered in English, French and Spanish, therefore you can always understand your guide and might just connect to those who speak the same language as you do. This small-group city tour is capped at 12, so you receive a more personal and intimate experience.

Furthermore, you get to learn about Lyon through its music and wine. It is ideal for creatives who want to discover the architecture and culture of the city. Not to mention it’s a perk if you love some good wine too. You tour around the Croix-Rousse neighbourhood, and get all the history you need from your knowledgable guide. You also listen to playlists, learn about the Opera National di Lyon, and conclude the tour in a cellar, tasting wine. This is the perfect tour for free-spirited individuals.

Another stop along the way is a jazz club, called Le Hot Club. You can listen to jazz and enjoy learning about the history and origins of this iconic club. Then you visit Fresque des Lyonnais, which is a mural wall of famous celebrities who visit Lyon. The art and cultural experience of this tour is a beautiful ode to this stunning city. So enjoy some wine and art, and book this lovely Summer walking tour of Lyon via their website. You won’t regret it.

Let’s Go on a Summer Walking Tour in Lyon, France

Being in France during summertime is a superb experience. There is no better way to spend it than by exploring it, on foot. This is how you get the full and interactive experience. So get booking, and get ready to explore. And if you’re heading north, why not try a walking tour in Paris too.

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