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The Manta Resort, Tanzania: Stay in an Underwater Room

Stay Underwater in The Manta Resort, Tanzania

Slightly off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean sits the archipelago of Zanzibar. One of the islands that dot itself along the lines of this archipelago is Pemba Island; the second largest island of them all. Pemba is known for its lush green landscapes and colourful coral reefs.

Submerge yourself into a world of blue waters and ocean views unlike any other. The Manta Ray Resort has one room that is submerged underwater, and it truly is something to experience. It is a place where you can submerge yourself in the Indian Ocean, and submerge yourself into an underwater world that can only be described as magical.

About the Resort

Stay Underwater in The Manta Resort, Tanzania
Image: Manta Resort, 2023

Manta Ray Resort has all the features that you need for any worthwhile getaway. One significant feature that the resort has is the Kipepeo Spa. Here you can leave your worries at the door and focus on yourself. What makes Kipepeo Spa significant is the fact that you can indulge in a complimentary spa treatment of your choice every day during your stay. This is a jungle spa, which means the sounds of pure nature join in the relaxing ambience of tranquil treatments.

Apart from the Underwater Room, the Manta Ray Hotel also has many accommodation options to choose from. Firstly, you can stay in The Seafront Villa where you get to wake up to mesmerising ocean views. Beautifully decorated and furnished, this room is perfect for a much-needed getaway. The room also has an extended balcony, a plunge pool and an evening breeze cooling system. There are also The Superior Garden Rooms to choose from. These rooms are created from local materials and traditional Pemban décor.

All finishes are contemporary but do not sacrifice personality. Boasting four-posted king-size beds, large en-suite bathrooms and private gardens with outdoor showers, The Superior Garden Rooms are magical jungle escapes. Last but not least are the Standard Garden Rooms. They have everything that the Superior Garden Rooms have, however, these standard rooms are just a little more compact.

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The Underwater Room

This room is unlike any other room you might ever have the pleasure of staying in. The room is encapsulated within a turquoise bubble and anchored in an ocean floor anomaly called the blue hole. In this room, you can watch shoals of reef fish swim by. This structure is the epitome of Swedish architecture and engineering.

There are three levels to the structure; above the water clad in local hardwood is a lounge and bathroom, at the top is a stargazing, suntanning bed and submerged under the water is the room with minimalism. The showstopper of the room is the surroundings, the blue waters, the peacefulness, the ocean floor and so much more.

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Activities at the Manta Resort

The Seaview Restaurant is true to its nameStay in an Underwater Room at The Manta Resort, Tanzania
Image: Manta Resort, 2023

Visit the Manta Resort’s Seaview Restaurant which overlooks the ocean. From breakfasts to pure Tanzanian coffee accompanying lunch and/or dinner, everything produced by the Seaview Restaurant is pure art. Chefs work with locally caught seafood, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken as well as a rainbow of vegan dishes. All dishes have a distinct Pemba flavour.

The Manta Resort also has a lounge where you can play indigenous board games, socialise, and use Wi-Fi. In the lounge, the Manta Ray Resort periodically has communal dining where you might just get to know your fellow guests a little better. This resort also has a Beach Bar where you can overlook the breathtaking sunset over the Pemba Channel.

Order a drink, virgin or not, made from locally sourced mangoes, limes, pineapple, coconut and more! There’s also the beach where you can experience the power of slowing down. Wash off at the resort’s pool, surrounded by loungers, some under a little thatched roof and others only with sunshine as its shade.

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Something Exciting to Do

Stay Underwater in The Manta Resort, Tanzania
Image: Manta Resort, 2023

If the explorers’ bug has found its way to bite you, then just note that it is one of the most highly infectious bugs out there. But don’t worry! The Manta Resort has something to ease the growing feeling of restlessness that the venom might induce. The first antidote is diving! I mean how can you not want to dive around Pemba Island? Diving here is perfect for all underwater explorers. With a water temperature averaging 26 degrees Celsius, the island houses some of the most thriving coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. These waters also boast the most splendid visibility in all of East Africa; about 30-40 meters almost every day!

Moreover, the Manta Resort has a spectacular collection of dive sites. However, if you cannot dive then the Manta Resort is the perfect place to learn. Your training will be conducted with Dive 360 Pemba Dive Centre, a five-star PADI dive centre. But you could also just snorkel the conservation area that lies directly in front of the resort. This conservation area is known as The Kwanini Conservation Area. The boat captain and snorkel guides will accompany you and spot all their usual reef creatures. Interestingly, all revenues from your snorkelling trips are donated to the local Marine Conservation Area Committee and rangers.

Apart from water activities, Manta Resort also has a colourful array of daily excursions that you can take. The first excursion is the Adventure Out excursion all around Pemba Island. This includes visiting the ancient Ngezi rainforest, spice farm, and more! You can pick and choose what you would like to do on your safari. These tours last about 8 hours and every second is truly worth it! There is also a Sandbank excursion as well as a Ngalawa Cruise that you can take. Ngalawa is the traditional way of sailing used by the fishermen on the islands. You can read more of these excursions on their website, I don’t want to spoil it for you!

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Paradise Found

Stay Underwater in The Manta Resort, Tanzania
Image: Manta Resort, 2023

The Manta Ray Resort is a treasured hideaway where you and your loved ones can feel the tranquillity and simplicity of a naturally evolved traditional Swahili Island culture. Become a part of the Pemba family and catch your breath in the tranquillity of paradise, where peace and hope reign supreme.

Delight in the unspoiled kindness of Pemba Island, dive into the lifestyle of leisure and become the best version of yourself at the Manta Resort. Treasure the sounds of lapping waves and the weightless feeling of floating on the blue ocean. Be ready to embrace the indelible mark that this island is bound to scribble onto your soul. Forever.

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