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St. Blaize Trail with Well, Naturally

Susan, a metaphysical natural health therapist from Well, Naturally picked me up just before 05h00 for what we called an active interview. We had a quick drive up to St. Blaize where we were met by an exquisite sunrise that peaked over the ocean, lining up with the Lighthouse, almost like it had been lit up.

St. Blaize is only one of the excursions available during your stay, and what a remarkable choice with perfect weather conditions and a stunning sunrise.

Sunrise View on St. Blaize Trail.

The St. Blaize trail stretches at a healthy 13.5 kilometres. The trail is one of the most popular on this side of the coastline apart from the famous Oystercatcher trail in Dana Bay. It runs from The Point in Mossel Bay all the way to Dana Bay at its full length. However, we only did a part of the trail and turned back just before Pinnacle Point.

The views on this trail feel like they should only be seen in magazines and storybooks. There is so much going on yet it’s so peaceful. The light breeze that blows in from the ocean is cooling and feels as if it simply blows stress and everyday worries right off of you.

St. Blaize Trail view of the ocean.

Susan and I started talking about how the universe has worked in its ways to bring us on the journey we are on today.

From the first moment I met Susan, I could feel the warm glow of positive energy, love and care that radiates from her.

Susan started her journey in wellness and massage therapy over 10 years ago but her wellness retreats started just when we all needed it most, during Covid-time.  Her retreats focus on healing, cleansing, and detoxing to clear out irregularities in the body, promoting living well and better understanding the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Well, Naturally has a focus on detox and relaxation

At Well, Naturally, the focus is on detoxing through a plant-based diet. The retreats are mainly focused on detoxing and alkalizing the body. They have multiple retreat options from a 7-day to a 14-day, a 21-day and even a weekend retreat of 3 days.

The 7-day retreat is the most popular to book. It offers you all the benefits of daily acupressure and reflexology treatments to support the body during the process. In these retreats, there are daily Reflexology Acupressure and Magnetic Therapy sessions with Susan and Colleen where they release tension in muscles to promote blood flow and ease the muscles among many other benefits.

Message therapy and yoga are optional extras, while the whole body is rejuvenated.

Some of the benefits of massage therapy, when properly executed, that you may not have known are improved immune system as well as lowered heart rate and blood pressure. Massage therapy also improves alertness and energy levels.

Well, Naturally focusses on Healthy Meals

Part of the retreat includes a pre-retreat diet plan to start the detox before you arrive. All other meals as part of the retreat and diet plan are lovingly prepared for you here during the retreat.

This retreat is something I would recommend everyone to do at least once, to better understand how using food and nutrition, and the important role it plays in maintaining our health.

Point Beach in Mossel Bay

You can easily book by visiting their website where you can browse and read more about the amazing retreats they offer. Alternatively, you can go directly to their new client form which will allow you to contact Susan directly.

We generally forget how important it is to relax, rejuvenate and detox our bodies. Susan takes an in-depth look at what it is that is causing our bodies to be unwell and as well as the correct course of action to heal, detox and promote well healthy living. Her retreats are a must-visit!

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