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Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!

Skiing in the surrounding areas of beautiful Salt Lake City is nothing short of amazing! The snow here is deemed the “greatest snow on earth” due to its powder-like texture. From January until March, Utah is the skier’s paradise.

All of the best ski resorts are a mere 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport! Moreover, Utah has at least 21 ski resorts. However, we’ll focus only on the best ones. From beginner to advanced, there is an array of options for your next trip. So come along as I take you skiing at Utah’s top 10 ski resorts!

Skiing at Utah's top 10 ski resorts

1. Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley resort has one of the best ski schools in the US. The credit for this school’s success is probably due to the Olympic Gold winner, Stein Eriksen, being the director for 35 years until his passing in late 2015. Nevertheless, Deer Valley is known for its outstanding guest service. What’s even better is that the resort has a crowd-mitigating cap on tickets. If you snooze, you lose.

Deer Valley Resort offers a great foundation for beginner skiers and is extremely beautiful! The Park City transit system operates a free bus service with routes throughout the resort, to neighbouring Deer Valley and downtown Park City Lodging. You could also stay at the Golden Hirsch,  a charming Bavarian-style chalet that forms part of the Auberge Resorts Collection.

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Skiing at one of Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts, the Deer Valley Resort
Image: Golden Hirsch, 2023

2. Park City Mountain

Recognised as the largest ski resort in the US, Park City Mountain is so large that it even has its own historical western ski town! The resort is easily accessible and is a world-class mountain destination. The park brags with 348 trails, 8 terrain parks and 41 lifts over 28 square kilometres. However, don’t let its size fool you, Park City Mountain is not prone to draw big crowds.

Not only does Park City Lodging offer you premier access to the historic Main Street and skiing, but also boasts its fully equipped kitchens, private hot tubs, gas fireplace, and comfortable bedding. You could also stay at the Grand Summit Hotel, one of many RockResorts collection hotels.

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!

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3. Cherry Peak Resort

Located near Logan, Utah’s newest ski resort is the talk of the town! East of Richmond, Cherry Peak Resort lies within the Bear River Mountains and has low elevation rankings. As a result, the snowfall is less and is fast to say “snow ya later!”. However, the staff and instructors are famous for their helpful and friendly service. Besides having various terrains, it’s also more affordable to ski here.

Unfortunately, lodging is not provided by Cherry Peak Mountain. However, it’s easy to book accommodation that fits your budget and preferences on their website. Amongst their lodging referrals are the Sundance Resort Mountain Homes, Sundial Lodge and Silver Star at Park City.

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!

4. Snowbasin Resort

Just a 40-minute drive from Salt Lake City, Snowbasin has 3 000 skiable acres and a 3 000 vertical feet drop. This ski resort is best known for its wide-open bowls, glades and manicured runways. In addition to powder pillows days after a storm, Snowbasin also has four terrain parks. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest continuously operating ski resorts in the US.

Located in Huntsville, Snowbasin has striking topography and a quintessential local feel to it! It has a top elevation of 2.8 kilometres, making it a snowman’s haven! However, this resort stays competitive thanks to diverse hills, striking peaks, and top-of-the-line facilities. Like Cherry Peak Resort, there is no on-site lodging but there could be booked here!

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!
Image: The Pines Resort, 2023

5. Eagle Point Resort

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The drive might be a little longer, but the reward is that you get a lot more skiing done. Experience much more thick and fluffy snowpowder weeks after the last storm at Eagle Point Resort. They are a convenient ski-in and ski-out lodging resort. Eagle Point feels like a whole new world!

Disconnect from the day-to-day stress up in the mountains in this peaceful and spiritual canyon. There’s a seclusion to Eagle Point that not many other resorts can offer due to its immense popularity. However, if you prefer solitude over crowds, create a connection with nature and don’t just take a selfie with it. Eagle Point is the place to be if you prefer a pulsing stillness far above the noise down below. Another plus is that the resort offers on-site lodging that you can book here.

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts, Eagle Point Resort
Image: Eagle Point Resort, 2023

6. Solitude Mountain Resort

This local favourite in Big Cottonwood Canyon represents its name’s meaning, Solitude. Not many tourists know about this place. As a result, those that do find themselves at Solitude experience much more skiing than waiting. Solitude Mountain Resort offers unique terrain options for experienced skiers and features some extremely demanding expert lines.

It has a skiable footprint of 1,200 acres and a vertical drop of 760 metres. Solitude provides a wide variety of slopes for all level skiers. Additionally, varied accommodations hold families, groups, or solo trippers. Solitude Mountain is also home to unbeatable views and world-class terrains! Amongst many lodging referrals is The Inn at Solitude, Creekside Condominiums, and Powderhorn Lodge!

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!

7. Nordic Valley Ski Resort

In the centre of the Wasatch Mountains, only 25 minutes east of downtown Ogden lies Nordic Valley Ski Resort. From night skiing to pond skimming, Nordic Valley Ski Resort has it all. Imagine dry, thick, powder fluff licking your skies as you go down the mountain ranges to discover new areas of your inner self. On top of that, this bastion of independence offers you a crowd-free experience.

Surprisingly, Nordic Valley still has 3 of its old, original lifts: the Crockett, the Bridger and the Apollo. Then there’s the modern Nordic Express lift. It’s super fast and can take six people per chair up to 426 vertical metres! With a summit elevation of over 1.4 kilometres above sea level, the express lift services some of the best terrain on the entire mountain. If you wish to spend some nights here, check out the Compass Rose Lodge and the Alaskan Inn and Spa.

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!

8. Canyons Village at Park City

After major infrastructure improvements, Canyon Village at Park City is now one of the largest and best-in-class ski resorts in the US! In addition to 4000 acres of pristine terrain spread over 9 mountains and 182 trails, Canyon also has the longest terrain park in Utah. On top of that, they have the brand-new, orange bubble express too. It’s North America’s first and only heated chairlift! Talk about being in the hot seat! There are also various on-mountain restaurants to satisfy any hungry skier’s craving.

Choose between four-bedroom townhomes or chich condos that include gas fireplaces, private hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, private balconies and more. The residences also offer premier access to Deer Valley, Canyons Village, and Park City. From moderate to luxury lodging, Canyons Village Park has everything you’ll need. Park City Lodging is close to Canyons Village and offers great services such as a private chef, valet services, grocery delivery, private hot tubs, activity reservations, and so much more!

Canyons Village at Park City is another top skiing destination for Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts
Image: Canyons Village at Park City, 2023

9. Snowbird

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Ironically, Snowbird is known for receiving some of the highest-quality snow accumulation in the US! It’s also a place that’s more than likely open throughout April, depending on the weather conditions. Snowbird is close to Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon and is known for its fluffy, 12,7-metre thick, snow blanket.

The Summit Tram takes you 880 metres up to enjoy the 2,500 acres of terrain that’ll make you question if you are a good skier at all. In fact, this terrain is most likely not for beginners. Snowbird specialises in challenging terrain and is therefore the ultimate ski destination for the thrill-seeking pro. Stay at Cliff Lodge to experience Snowbird in luxury. The lodge has a heated roof-top pool, a hot tub, and a sauna!

Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts!

10. Powder Mountain

For many locals, Powder Mountain sits at the top of the must-ski sites! The ski resort is known for its incredible snow preservation, lack of crowds and unique upside-down layout. To top it off, their lodging options are just as breathtaking as their mountain. It blends effortlessly with the landscape, almost humble in its minuscule existence next to the towering mountain. Book accommodation with them here to experience the magic of Utah’s fluffiest mountain.

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Powder mountain resort is crowd free and Skiing at Utah’s Top 10 Ski Resorts has never been quieter!
Image: Powder Mountain Resort, 2023

All You Need is Gloves!

Lying in the heart of the rocky mountains, Utah is certainly one of the ultimate de-ski-nations in North America. If I do say snow myself. Don’t you think it’s time to pack up our thickest K-Way jackets and head to Utah for the ultimate trip where a snowman has never gone before? There’s snow doubt that Utah offers its skiers the best experience when skiing at Utah’s top 10 ski resorts!

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