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Sip Back and Relax at Tim’s Wine Market

Tim’s Wine Market celebrates all kinds of wine, especially natural and speciality wines! Located in North Orange Avenue, you could find various types of liquid delicacies. Moreover, Tim’s Wine Market has an array of events to attend. They have Friday Night Wine Down (I get the pun here!) from 4 pm-6 pm, where visitors try a selection of free sample wines!

Then there’s Swing-by Saturday Samples between 12 pm-4 pm. At this event,  you learn what you like and why you like it. “Because it’s wine!” would be my simple, yet honest observation. Lastly, there’s J.P.’s Sunday Samples where friendly J.P. himself takes you through the latest and greatest on the shelf. You can trust his taste, he’s a professional! Make sure to pop in between 12 pm-4 pm to partake in this event. No reservations are necessary, just go s-wine by.

A Different Kind of Wine Shop

A different kind of wine shop. Sip Back and Relax at Tim’s Wine Market

Tim’s Wine Market offers organic, biodynamic and natural wines. If you love to enjoy wine but have a health and wellness-orientated lifestyle, just keep reading! You might not even have to give up the drink of our ancestors, no matter what lifestyle you choose to adopt, and here’s why!

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Certified Biodynamic

Sip Back and Relax at Tim’s Wine Market with Certified Biodynamic wines

According to the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, biodynamic farming is “a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, gardens, food production, and nutrition”. Basically, the idea is to create a self-sustaining system that works as one organism.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are forbidden. It is up to livestock to fertilize the soil. The only thing with biodynamic wine is that it is harder to prove its status as a biodynamic wine, despite its very scientific name. If you feel like going to Orlando, be sure to read On-Water Activities in Orlando

Certified Organic

Sip Back and Relax at Tim’s Wine Market with certified organic wines

Also produced without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic wine is hard to distinguish from its biodynamic and natural counterparts. No additional sulfites can be added to the wine. Also, the yeast that’s added to the process must be certified organic.

It differs from biodynamic farming since it doesn’t follow the vineyard’s ‘biodynamic calendar’. Organic farming works with the wine once the organic grapes are harvested. While biodynamic farming is a process, organic wine is more like a production.

Certified ‘Natural’

Wines from Tim's Wine Market

Let’s get to the good stuff, ‘natural’ wine. This means low alcohol and virtually no sugar. While it may be hard to spot the difference between biodynamic wine and natural wine, let me break it down for you. This is the most historic way of making wine, without pesticides and chemicals. Without any intervention, really. Less than 1% of the world’s wines are grown to this standard. The organic or biodynamic grapes are grown and hand-picked as opposed to it being harvested with machinery.

There’s absolutely no irrigation, unlike biodynamic farming which allows irrigation that’s in line with the ‘calendar’. If it doesn’t rain, then the vineyard is left to grow roots deeper into the ground in search of water. Consumers of natural wine claim that they don’t get hangovers, and that it tastes fuller, richer and more authentic. In other words, it’s incredibly delicious. The lack of irrigation is also better for the planet. Dry Farm Wine’s farmers have calculated that no irrigation farming has led to saving 5 000 000 000 litres of water annually. That’s a lot!

How Merlot Can You Go?

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Try the 2020 Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie Corbières from Tim’s Wine market. This wine is sourced from ancient vineyard parcels on the slopes of Mont Alaric and is regarded as a natural wine. For organic wine, try the 2020 Azul y Garanza Tempranillo, and for biodynamic wine, try the 2021 Montinore Estate Pinot Gris. They can all be found at Tim’s Wine Market, Orlando. So go and get sipping already!

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