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Serene Resorts in Zanzibar

There are many Serene Resorts in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world. It has stunning weather all year round and serves as the perfect holiday destination. There are beautiful beaches everywhere you look, therefore making it the perfect environment to relax and unwind in. The cultural diversity in Zanzibar is authentic and so vibrant.

There are ample places to explore and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Many people choose to stay at the stunning and serene resorts, which leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. So, let’s find out more about some of these amazing resorts.

1. Mayai Ocean Resort

Mayai Ocean Resort is a serene resort in Zanzibar because it has many places like sun beds near the pool, for you to relax at
Mayai Ocean Resort, 2022

First up is the Mayai Ocean Resort. This is the ultimate destination for a rejuvenating vacation. It is found along the breathtaking Zanzibar coastline and is a tropical paradise. Mayai offers serene and tranquil environments that melt away your worries within an instant. You get to experience surreal service here, as well as a plethora of exceptional amenities. 

Furthermore, there are three sparkling pools, so you can take a dip anywhere you’d like. Then, you can rest and soak up the sun on the comfortable sun beds. The lush garden surrounding the property offers a picturesque backdrop in a soothing oasis where you can unwind and reconnect with Mother Nature. This beach resort is the perfect place to enjoy a restful and relaxing beach vacation.

The thoughtfully designed rooms become a sanctuary of tranquillity, as it is filled with modern amenities and breathtaking views of the ocean. Furthermore, with the exquisite cuisine at the on-site restaurant, chefs create culinary masterpieces and use locally sourced ingredients. Thus benefitting both you and the environment. The pristine spa also offers an array of lovely relaxing treatments that help you unwind and loosen up. 

Mayai Ocean Resort is committed to sustainability. It prioritises initiatives that support the people and places around it. To minimise its ecological footprint, Mayai has implemented eco-friendly practices throughout the resort. It uses responsible water and energy consumption and reduces waste through recycling and composting programs. Mayai cares about you and the environment, and this makes this serene resort in Zanzibar so special.

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2. Zen Boutique Resort

Zen Boutique Resort is a serene resort in Zanzibar as it offers live Swahili music from time to time

Next on our list is Zen Boutique Resort in Bwejuu Beach, just a few steps from the Indian Ocean. This stunning and serene boutique resort has 12 beautiful bungalows, a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, and a secret garden for you to explore. Not to mention the fully functional gym and yoga area, which will help you stay fit and warm when you’re on vacation here at Zen.

Furthermore, every Tuesday an amazing Swahili BBQ buffet takes place, with beautiful Swahili music in the background, to give you the most authentic experience. Zen also hosts many meditation workshops, plant concerts, and mindfulness sessions. All the mind, body, and soul events are perfect gateway activities to help you tap into your inner Zen (no pun intended).

The resort also arranges tours and excursions from the main reception using a local and licensed tour company, prioritising your comfort and high-quality experience. These unique activities make Zen Boutique Resort a wonderful and serene resort in Zanzibar.

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3. The Mora Zanzibar

The Mora Zanzibar is a serene resort in Zanzibar as you can walk along the stunning Muyuni Beach

Lastly, on our amazing list of serene resorts in Zanzibar, we have The Mora. This resort prioritises laid-back luxury, perfect for anyone looking for a break from their busy everyday life. It is found along Muyuni Beach, the shores of paradise. The excellent service, culinary variety, and elevated relaxation experiences create a small bit of heaven for its patrons.

The local surroundings inspire authentic architecture and contemporary design. This creates a magical and relaxing place to lose yourself in and forget about all your worries. There are 250 elegant rooms and suites to choose from. This resort is near a world-class diving spot, and you have direct access to one of the best reefs known to man. How exciting, right?

Furthermore, the Mora focuses on overall well-being and holistic health. It is an idyllic sanctuary that soothes the mind and body in its state-of-the-art wellness centre. The centre is designed to cater to every need through detox and relaxation. The personal well-being expert helps you with all you may need via a workshop or even a spa day at The Pause Spa. This makes The Mora so uniquely authentic!

Not to mention the wonderful fitness centre, which is equipped with personal trainers and excellent equipment. Yoga, pilates, and water sports are also offered. Mindfulness and holistic sports sessions, such as sound meditation, mindful walks on the beach, mindfulness retreats, and wellness workshops, are also offered. The Mora Zanzibar is the perfect serene resort to unwind and let loose.

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Stay at a Serene Resort in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the best places in the world to visit. The quality of the serene resorts here says it all. So enjoy your breakaway at an amazing resort in Zanzibar—you won’t regret it! And if you’re looking for something more exciting, stay in an underwater room at the Manta Resort in Tanzania.

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