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Scenic Views with the Rothorn Bahn Train in Switzerland

Scenic Views with the Rothorn Bahn Train in Switzerland

Let’s explore the scenic route that the Rothorn Bahn provides to all those that climbed aboard. A ride with the Brienz Rothorn Railway combines nostalgia with breathtaking views of Lake Brienz, and on a clear day, no fewer than 693 peaks emerge from the earth!

A ride with this traditional steam train is a magical experience of technical and scenic delights. Immerse into a world that beams with magic and incomprehensible beauty. It’s time to step aboard the Brienz Rothorn Bahn and be transported into a realm of steam, blue lakes and picturesque mountain peaks. All aboard!

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About the Scenic Rothorn Bahn

According to Markus Weissmüller, a conductor working for the Brienz Rothorn Bahn, a Brienzer-Rothorn-day keeps the doctor away! I couldn’t agree more. Ditch the apple and book a ride with Brienz Rothorn Bahn already. This is Switzerland’s only cogwheel railway with a daily steam operation that has been thrilling guests since 1892. And as far as I’m concerned, you only live once.

The train departs from Brienz village at 566m and ascends to the Rothorn Kulm Station placed 2,244m above sea level. Moreover, the Brienz Rothorn Bahn is a part of the sustainability programme called Swisstainable (love the pun) that unites businesses and organisations along the entire Swiss tourism sector.

Brienz Rothorn Bahn aims to urge all riders to ‘decelerate’ and forget daily stressors as the entire Switzerland lies at your feet. Interestingly, the Brienz Rothorn Bahn allows dogs on the locomotive, one per person. Any additional furry companions are charged with an extra small fee. Furthermore, the Mountain Hotel Rothorn Kulm is also pet-friendly. So you can thoroughly enjoy some of your best days out with your best friends.

There is hardly another place where the panorama of Lake Brienz and the Bernese Oberland is more impressive than from the Brienzer Rothorn. So, don’t be too late. Book your ticket well in advance and delight in the fact that, soon, heaven could be opening its gates to you.

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What Brienz Rothorn Bahn Offers

Scenic Views with the Rothorn Bahn Train in Switzerland
Image: Made in Bern, 2023

Not only does the Brienz Rothorn Bahn offer you stunning views of snow-capped mountains, the crystal clear Lake Bienz down below and the stunning wood cottages that dot the way along the route up, but it also offers a range of other services. Firstly, you could dine under the stars with the locomotive’s Full Moon Dinner package. In the Mountain Hotel Rothorn Kulm, you could enjoy a delicious three-course meal and a view of the lights of the villages around Lake Brienz.

After dinner, the locomotive driver takes you back from the Rothorn to Brienz under the beaming full moon. What makes the train ride back special? Well, you get a chance to see the ibexes (those goats with the large horns that defy gravity somehow, yeah those) on Rothorn Kulm. They take advantage of the moonlight to graze a little longer.

The menus for the Full Moon Dinner are small but pack a punch. On both menus, you start with a green salad and house-dressing then you have a choice between roast beef with a baked potato bathed in sour cream sauce with a side of roasted vegetables.

Alternatively, you can choose Porcini mushroom risotto sprinkled generously with parmesan. Dessert is a surprise! Furthermore, there is also a hiking trail that highly experienced – I repeat; highly experienced hikers can take.

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Accommodation with Rothorn Bahn

Scenic Views with the Rothorn Bahn Train in Switzerland

Welcome to the Mountain Hotel Rothorn Kulm, also known as Berghaus Rothorn Kulm. Where, on a clear day, spectators can see over 693 mountain peaks! Every room boasts a stunning view, whether it be the central Swiss Alps or the 4000m peaks of the Bernese Alps.

If you want to enjoy the views in peace while indulging in culinary delights after an eventful steam ride, the mountain hotel Rothorn Kulm is just the place for you. The staff of the Brienz Rothorn Bahn swear by a freshly made rösti on the terrace of the Mountain Hotel Rothorn Kulm. They also serve breakfast from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. if you happen to have taken the early cart up the mountain.

Just 100m from the mountain station, the Mountain Hotel is a perfect place to escape the world for just a moment. Live a Heidi life by immersing yourself in the spectral beauty of the mountain ranges, the high altitudes and nature bursting at the seams of reality. Discover a place that celebrates nature and being alive.

Furthermore, if you have a special occasion and want to do something a little out there, book the hotel’s most beautiful room; the Rothon Bijoux. The hotel is minimalistic, however, it doesn’t mean that it is cold and uninviting – it’s quite the opposite.

If you enjoy this article, be sure to read about the lake cruises in magical Switzerland!

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All Aboard!

Scenic Views with the Rothorn Bahn Train in Switzerland

I agree with Angela Schenkel, “words are superfluous – the ride on the [Brienz Rothorn Bahn locomotive], the view of the mountains, Lake Brienz and intact nature, all filled to the brim with indescribable feelings of happiness”. Yes, it creates memories that last lifetimes. Here is a place where humans have minimal impact and nature reigns superior.

This is a place where fresh air invigorates not only your lungs but your imagination as well. So, book your seat on the Brienz Rothorn Bahn locomotive to have a little sneak ‘peak’ (mountains have peaks so, I think this pun is appropriate) of heaven.

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