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Scenic Road Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

Scenic Road Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

To the open road we go, to clear our minds and reset ourselves. Taking on a road trip is exciting but it also has stress-relieving benefits that we do not know about. We experience excitement such as we do on road trips. Just seeing beautiful landmarks makes our bodies release norepinephrine. This is not only a happy hormone but also a neurotransmitter. When it is released, our heart rate goes up and that increases blood flow from the heart. Norepinephrine also breaks down fat and increases blood sugar levels which provide more energy for our body and mind.

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Vehicles are seen as a mode of transport. We drive to work; we drive to events, and we drive to do our basic daily things like groceries and all other errands. Why don’t we utilise this tool to bring us joy and relaxation?

Here are some road trips that I would recommend adding to your bucket list:

Beaufort West to Oudtshoorn in Western Cape, South Africa

Beaufort West to Oudtshoorn - Scenic Road Trip in Western Cape, South Africa

The Western Cape is well-known for so many things. Its mountain passes and the scenery is one of the many. From long, flat, straight to bending roads through mountain passes and pitstops with amazing views, this is a road trip that is bucket list worthy.

The Meiringspoort Pass is one of the highlights of this road trip. Besides seeing the multiple must-see sites and driving through the mountains, the scenery changes with each bend will leave you in awe.

Meiringspoort Waterfall is halfway through the pass and has a short walk between the cliffs to a stunning waterfall that fills water to the rivers over which most of the pass curves over.

Next, drive down to De Rust which has a charm of its own. This small town at the foot of the Meiringspoort was originally used as an overnight camping place for travellers who planned to travel through the “Poort” at sunrise. With views of the mountain range and that small-town refreshing feeling, De Rust is well worth the stop. Explore the fresh produce at the small farm shops or visit the antique shops in De Rust.

Finally ending in Oudtshoorn, home of the big birds. Oudtshoorn is widely known as being the Ostrich Capital of the world. If you have ever purchased an Ostrich leather product or had Ostrich meat, chances are it came from South Africa. Specifically, Oudtshoorn.

Explore these farms and see the hundreds of Ostriches running wild in the fields. You can even stay over at some of the Ostrich farms that have been turned into lodges for tourists.

When you are travelling in South Africa, make sure to add this road trip to your to-do list. It’s worth every second. Also, check out the wellness road trip along the Garden Route for another great adventure in the Western Cape.

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Key West in Florida, United States

Key West - scenic road trip in the United States of America

Walk on water? Let’s drive over it. Key West is an island located 265 kilometres (165 miles) from Miami. This island is linked to the mainland by many small islands. All of which have been interlocked by U.S. Route 1. Key West runs all the way from Maine to Florida.

Miami is a coastal city with flavour and spice. Starting on our road trip in Miami is a great jumping point because this might give you the chance to explore all Miami has to offer before setting off on your road trip of a lifetime.

The route is beautiful with different scenery. Lush greenness when you pass the Southern Glades outside of Miami, glimpses of the ocean as you drive along Route 1. In addition, there are beautiful suburbs with a diversity of shops that are well worth a pop-in.

After Key Largo, the land becomes significantly less and most of the route becomes a bridge stretching over the ocean. It is a surreal feeling of driving on water, making this road trip unique and different from any other.

Finally, the stretch between the final few Keys is quite amazing. As you enter Key West, the feeling of island living rushes over you. At the end of your road trip, stay on for a few days and explore the island. There are Catamaran tours that go out to the Gulf of Mexico which is fantastic to experience.

The Atacama Desert in Chile

Scenic road trip in Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama is known as the driest place on earth with less than 1mm of precipitation in a year. Some of the areas in The Atacama have not seen rain in over 500 years. Surprisingly, the driest place in the world flooded in 2019. Being a desert, the water dried up very quickly. After this occurrence, the desert went into full bloom, creating a kaleidoscope of colours.

This road trip can be done by staying central and doing multiple trips to each of the destinations below or as a round trip. Remember that the area is vast, and it might take up a lot of time to do a round trip with little time at each destination.

Death Valley in California, United States

The sunset here is surreal! A spectrum of dark orange tones as the sun makes its final dip below the dry, cracked desert landscapes. In ancient folklore, it was named the Valley of Death because it was believed that whoever dares to cross the valley would die in the attempt.

Today it makes an impeccable sight for tourists, although not ideal for human living conditions it is amazing to experience.

El Tatio Geyser in the Andes Mountains of Chile

Picture sprouts of hot steam from the boiling volcano hot springs below. There are around 62 hot springs here that can be enjoyed at your own risk. If hot springs are what tickle your fancy, here are the best hot springs to explore in the United States.

Tuyajto Lake in Chile

Certainly, Salt Lake in the desert is a bucket list must-see. The landscapes mirror the lake creating a picturesque image almost as if you are looking at something only seen in magazines. There is not a lot of information regarding the health benefits of Tuyajto Lake, however, local Chileans believe the water has medical benefits and use it as a natural laxative.

Hit the Road

Whether you are an open window, loud music or stop-and-see road tripper, these bucket list road trips are each unique and amazing from one another. I believe you should experience one of them in your lifetime. It’s time to hit the road!

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