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Relaxing Resorts in Bali, Indonesia

There are many Relaxing resorts in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Many people choose to spend their honeymoon or first overseas adventure here, as it is luxurious, affordable, and absolutely stunning. Located in Indonesia, Bali offers surreal views and experiences.

There is a blend of Balinese and Hindu culture in all life aspects on the island. And when you stay here, you are bound to find beautiful accommodations and activities, as expected. Needless to say, these pieces of heaven revitalise you from the inside out with their calming atmospheres and rejuvenating treatments. So, let’s find out more about some relaxing resorts in Bali, Indonesia.

1. Kastara Resort & Spa

Kastara Resort & Spa is a relaxing resort in Bali as the spa offers a variety of treatments like reflexology and aroma therapy

First on our list of relaxing resorts in Bali is Kastara Resort & Spa. It is located 20 minutes from Ubud Centre, at Bukit Campuhan Ridge Walk. This stunning resort has the best rooms for your vacation: comfortable, uniquely designed and modern.

Furthermore, there are various activities and amenities to enjoy at Kastara Resort & Spa. One of the best activities to indulge in is a spar treatment from their wonderful and unique spa. You get to discover serenity as the Balinese prioritise this in everything they do, and a spa is no exception. Enjoy nature’s embrace with the lush jungle backdrop at this spa. The skilled therapists take you on a revitalising journey while ancient techniques and modern therapies converge. The rhythmic sounds of the jungle thus amplify relaxation as you immerse yourself in this peaceful space.

Relaxing Resorts in Bali, Indonesia

Many amazing treatments at this spa include reiki therapy, full-body massages, aroma therapy, and foot reflexology. One benefit of foot reflexology is the relief of anxiety, pain, and stress. So, you can leave all your stress and worries at this spa on your little getaway. One of the most unique treatments is the banana leaf treatment. It is a traditional herbal exfoliating treatment that improves health and reduces fatigue.

Therefore, this is one of the most relaxing resorts in Bali, and it’s a must if you’re in the area. Other exciting features include the infinity pool, gym, and delicious and authentic restaurants. Thus, staying at this resort is definitely a treat, and you won’t regret it.

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2. Adiwana Resort Jembawan 

Adiwana Resort Jembawan is a relaxing resort in Bali as you can enjoy plant based cooking classes

Next up on our list is Adiwana Resort Jembawan, located in Ubud, Bali. It is a boutique wellness retreat that focuses on rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. The 41 spacious rooms and suites facilitate the ideal healing sanctuary for personal renewal. In today’s busy world, Adiwana encourages slowing down, better nutrition, and the basics of simple living.

Furthermore, there are a variety of on-site experts, including an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor. All this is for your personal betterment while on vacation. Adiwana Resort offers lifestyle programs tailored to address specific health concerns you may have. You can also partake in Balinese cultural activities such as mandala making or enjoy a live plant-based cooking class. These unique activities make your stay so much more memorable.

Enjoy a swim at the infinity pool while looking out at the jungle or visit Tejas Spa as you pamper yourself in the hands of an experienced therapist. Therefore, there is no better way to enjoy a relaxing resort in Bali than this. You won’t regret it.

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3. Natya Resort Ubud

Natya Resort Ubud is a relaxing resort in Bali as it has stunning views of the jungle

Last but not least on our love list of relaxing Resorts is Natya Resort, located in Ubud, Bali. This stunning resort is nestled in the lush green jungles of Bali. Natya Resort has won numerous awards for its beautiful facilities, excellent hospitality service, and being a traveller’s choice.

Furthermore, Natya Resort Ubud features an outdoor pool and barbecue, perfect for families and groups. The amazing restaurant and bar aim to please with their service. Many rooms boast a private pool and a dining area, whereas others have a terrace. Enjoy a delicious a la carte breakfast every morning at the on-site Natya Ubud Restaurant. American and Asian specialities are available for lunch and dinner. BBQ facilities and a special diet menu are available upon request, prioritising your health—a unique take on dining for your wellness.

There is a spa and wellness centre with wonderful treatments that leave you feeling like a new person. Massages, beauty treatments and just simple pampering are offered here. Thus, this relaxing resort in Bali is definitely one to visit.

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Relax at a Resort in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has some amazing resorts where you can stay. The experiences at each of them are magical and instil relaxation, making it the perfect way to enjoy your vacation. And if you’re feeling up for a challenge, walk along with fish in Bali for a fantastic experience! It’s going to be magical!

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