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Rafting in Jamaica: Top Destinations to Explore

Going rafting on one of Jamaica’s exotic local rivers is a calming and peaceful experience. Surely, you will have a great time. Whether you are visiting Jamaica for the first time or have been here before. In fact, there are a few rafting spots that will provide you with unrivalled fun. With that said, here are the top destinations to explore for rafting in Jamaica.

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Youtours in Montego Bay

Youtours in Montego Bay offers some of the best tours for rafting in Jamaica.
Image: Youtours, 2021

Youtours was founded primarily to give you the option of creating your own distinctive experiences. Additionally, the company’s tour guides and drivers are learned, capable, sympathetic, trained, and certified. As a result, this is one of the best places to go rafting in Jamaica.

Offering a true Jamaican rafting tour is something Youtours is proud of. In fact, they go above and beyond to please their visitors. On top of that, Marth Brae is well known for its stunning landscape, cool water, and unique bamboo rafting tours.

There are several tours to choose from when visiting Youtours. However, the Bamboo Rafting Experience on the Martha Brea remains my personal favourite. When travelling to the rafting area, feel free to explore Jamaican history and the local attractions. While floating over the river, know that you are rafting over the same waters that some great people once rafted. These include Queen Elizabeth II, Richard Chuck Norris and Usain Bolt.

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River Rapids in Trelawny Parish

River Rapids in Trelawny Parish offers some of the best rafting in Jamaica.
Image: River Rapids Jamaica, 2011

Meet one of Jamaica’s coolest attractions: River Rapids! Situated 35 minutes from Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, this rafting destination is conveniently located at the Rio Bueno River. Furthermore, they provide great customer service and foster a fun and safe environment for the whole family.

While here, paddle a raft into the Caribbean Sea when the river currents disappear and arrive at the coast to relax at the Private Beach. In addition to rafting, swimming, jungle river tubing, kayaking and hiking are also available. For more excitement, feel free to jump from a platform into the lagoon.

Although River Rapids hosts many tours, the River Rafting Adventure offers possibly the best rafting in Jamaica. The tour takes 2 hours and has a minimum age of 2. With that said, why not raft with the little ones?

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DTours in Montego Bay

DTours in Montego Bay offers some of the best bamboo rafting in Jamaica.
Image: DToursJamaica, 2020

DTours is a family-oriented company providing private airport transfers and tours that showcase Jamaica’s off-the-beaten-road adventures. They offer a unique glimpse into the culture, history and food of Jamaica.

Essentially, DTours offers great rafting in Jamaica. Furthermore, your safety is their top priority. For the best adventure, book the Bamboo River Rafting Experience in Lethe. This tour is both thrilling and reviving.

Upon arrival, you are treated like the VIP that you are. Thereafter, your needs are attended to by the raft’s captain as skilfully navigates the river. Why not enjoy a free foot massage with olive oil and limestone while you float? Either way, your time here will be well spent.

Kijanna Tours in Montego Bay

Kijanna Tours in Montego Bay offers some of the best bamboo rafting in Jamaica.
Image: Kijanna Tours JA, 2022

Kijanna Tours offers you all the amenities you could possibly need. In fact, they have extensive expertise in designing memorable vacations that stay within your budget. Moreover, Kijanna’s top concern is to ensure your safety while you are on your trip.

For the best tour at Kijanna, book the Bamboo River Rafting with Limestone Leg Massage Private Tour. While here, a local skipper will raft you and your partner downstream. Enjoy this tranquil 15-metre bamboo rafting trip for 1 to 3 hours. What’s even more exciting is that you captain your own raft for photo opportunities.

On top of all that, you’ll experience lush flora, authentic nature noises, and the taste of fresh Jamaican fruits. As you raft, a natural limestone massage using only the legs will be available to you. Certainly, this is one of the best places for rafting in Jamaica.

Hit the Water

As you can see, Jamaica offers some of the best exotic rafting experiences in the world. Don’t you think it’s time to book a bamboo rafting tour with a limestone massage in this Caribbean paradise? Ultimately, You won’t regret it! For more water-based experiences, check out the top 5 beautiful beaches in Portland, Jamaica. Have a wonderful time!

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