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Parks in New York that Are Perfect for Outdoor Yoga

When I mention New York City, what comes to mind? Probably endless skyscrapers, yellow taxis, and chaos. You’d be right. But what if I told you that some of the largest and most famous parks are in New York City? In fact, there are more than 1700 parks here. Do you know what that means? More than 1700 parks to do yoga. Yes, you read that correctly!

Due to New York’s bustling culture, yoga is not only New Yorker’s exercise of choice but more of a religious act. So, let’s cobra stretch into four parks in New York that are perfect for outdoor yoga.

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1. Prospect Park in Brooklyn

Yoga in Prospect Park, Brooklyn in New York City

Prospect Park is an urban park in Brooklyn New York that really knows how to provide you with a much-needed break from the city. Let’s just call it a mini paradise in the middle of a hustling Brooklyn. For this, we must give props to Robert Moses, a rather controversial city planner. However, Robert has really put his heart into the design of this park. Just like I’m pouring my heart into this article for you (see what I did there?).

Anyway, Robert included a zoo, meadows, and an ice-and-roller skating rink. Nonetheless, I would love to tell you about the yoga classes at Prospect Park. Although the park allows you to escape the city, yoga also improves respiration, energy, and circulatory health. Thus, combining both tranquillity and exercise.

At Prospect Park, outdoor yoga classes are free. What’s more, you enjoy yoga in a low-pressure and beautiful environment. Also, join your fellow yogis weekly to celebrate yoga and wellness. Just a reminder to bring your own mat and water. After your yoga session, enjoy a walk in the park or get a pedal boat. Perhaps your guilty pleasure is people-watching, I don’t judge. Nevertheless, Prospect Park remains a perfect spot for outdoor yoga.

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2. Bryant Park in Manhattan

Bryant Park in New York City, perfect for yoga.
Source: Secret NYC, 2023

The second spot perfect for outdoor yoga in New York is Bryant Park. This is a public park in midtown Manhattan’s town square. Besides the beautiful seasonal gardens and the many eateries, Bryant is a super unique park. While roaming around here, you might feel a sense of enlightenment. This could be due to the entire park resting on the New York Public Library’s historical stacks.

Bryant Park probably had Wi-Fi before your house did since 2002. However, you won’t need Wi-Fi when practising yoga here. The signature outdoor yoga takes place twice a week at no cost. As a result, doing yoga at Bryant Park is good for the soul and good for your wallet. If you are an early bird, join the 10 am class on Tuesday mornings. If not, an afternoon class at 6 pm on Wednesdays is also available. From beginners to advanced yogis, all are welcome!

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3. Central Park

Yoga in Central Park New York City

Central Park is the most famous park in the world. The park has appeared in over 240 feature films. Not only that but Central Park is bigger than some countries. It stretches over 341 hectares, which is roughly 16 billion New York apartments. Furthermore, there are over 9000 wooden benches for you to rest on. The park is so large that an entire marathon was raced in Central Park in 1975. So, if you catch my drift, the bigger the park the more space for yoga.

The Yoga Trail is an institution that has been offering outdoor yoga for over 10 years. Their goal is to help you to reconnect to nature in Central Park. You can choose between a group or a private class in the park. Equally important, the classes take place over weekends allowing everyone to practise yoga in the stunning Central Park. Again, all fitness levels are welcome at these classes on the grass. This is a great place to relieve stress while building core strength with mindfulness.

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4. Socrates Sculpture Park

yoga in Socrates Sculpture Park in New York

Last but not least is Socrates Sculpture Park. Perhaps you want to embrace your more artistic self. If so, visit this park. The sculpture in the park (as the name suggests) was done by artist W.V. Casey in 1950. Interestingly, Socrates Park was an abandoned riverside dumpsite. Then, the artists of the community transformed it into an open studio and exhibition space for artists.

Every Saturday morning, a yoga session takes place at 9:30 am and again at 11:00 am. Relax, stretch, and meditate while looking out at Sunswick Creek. Furthermore, the yoga classes end with restorative breathing exercises. You will be left recharged and ready for the rest of your day in the city.

Even more, the park is open the whole year. Socrates welcomes you to its gardens, exhibitions, and programs. Not only is the park committed to serving artists but also you. And being the lovely reader that you are, you deserve it. Any artist can exhibit their work in a public space. However, there is never a permanent collection of artworks. Why not explore and embrace the art after your yoga session?

New York is Calling You

Walking down busy streets, doing yoga in green lush parks, and then meeting your friends for lunch in a skyscraper. Sounds like a movie, I know. But actually, it’s New York. Escape the city and enjoy some yoga. Take care of yourself, your body, and your mind by connecting to nature. For more wellness activities, spend some time at a luxurious spa in New York City. And as the New Yorkers say, have a good schvitz at your yoga session!

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