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Paddle Your Way to Adventure: Kayaking in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Paddle Your Way to Adventure: Kayaking in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The enchanting city of Dubrovnik in Croatia has captivated travellers for centuries with its rich history, medieval charm, and breathtaking landscapes. In fact, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for being a picturesque old town. However, Dubrovnik’s crystal-clear turquoise waters lure adventurers and thrill seekers for amazing kayaking adventures. So come along as we look at some of the best kayak tours in beautiful Dubrovnik.

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1. Kayak Tour and Gourmet Lunch on Lokrum Island

Kayak around Lokrum Island in Croatia
Image: Shore Excursions Group, 2023

Let’s embark on a 5-hour exclusive kayak tour In Dubrovnik. Experience the Old Town from the seaside and indulge in delicious traditional Dalmatian cuisine on Lokrum Island. First, embark on the journey from Sveti Jakov Beach. Don’t worry, a full brief is given before the kayaks take to the sea. Also, the tour takes you around Lokrum Island, Nudist Beach, Fort Lovrijenac, City Walls, Dubrovnik Old Town, and Betina Cave.

Lokrum Island is an experience on its own. Prepare to be amazed by the natural beauty, hidden beaches, and mysterious caves. While you’re taking in the glorious surroundings of Lokrum Island, cooks prepare a delicious gourmet lunch for you. Following the delightful lunch, roam around the island by yourself before hopping on your kayak again. In addition to stunning views, all the equipment is included and above standard. Make sure to book here and secure your spot on this amazing kayak expedition.

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2. Dubrovnik: Early Morning Kayaking Trip to Betina Cave

Kayak to the Betina Cave in Croatia
Image: Get Your Guide, 2023

This early morning kayak tour is a unique and serene adventure. Essentially, this tour leads you to the secluded beauty of Betina Cave Beach. While here, enjoy an exclusive swim and snorkelling experience. Just imagine this, calm and tranquil waters surrounding you while you watch the sun rise along Croatia’s picturesque coastline. Well, that’s what Get Your Guide offers on this tour.

Besides the breathtaking scenery around you, you gain cool insights into the city’s past through smart experts who know everything about the history of Dubrovnik. After you reach Betina Cave Beach, take a refreshing dip in the pristine water. Additionally, snorkelling masks are provided for you to have a closer look at the amazing marine life of Croatia.

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3. Sunset Sea Kayaking and Wine Dubrovnik

Go on a kayak tour around Dubrovnik
Image: Coastal Explorations, 2023

For a full 3 hours, kayak around stunning waters while watching the sunrise. Let’s be honest, this is the most magical time of the day. So why not spend it on the water? Besides, you’ll discover parts of the coastline that you’d miss if exploring on land. On the kayak, you get to explore coves, caves, and beaches that traditional tour boats can’t reach.

On top of that, the tour stops at spots for cliff diving, swimming, and snorkelling. It gets better! While on your stop, you get to taste some o the local wine. Along with the wine tasting, snacks are also provided to all the kayakers. However, this tour is quite popular and likely to sell out, so make sure to book in advance with Viator before you miss out.

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When Life Gets Tough, Just Keep Kayaking

To conclude, kayaking in Croatia, in this case, the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik, provides a great adventure for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Croatia truly provides the ideal playground for kayakers. For more kayaking magic, check out these kayaking tours in Norway. And as always, thank you so much for being here.

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