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Outdoor Yoga Classes in New York

There are some amazing outdoor yoga classes in New York

New York is one of the most vibrant places in the world. It is full of life and energy. And there is always something to keep you busy here. Many regard it as the city that never sleeps, and this proves to be true for many reasons. New York comes to life in the Summertime, and it is the perfect time to explore the city.

Outdoor Yoga has become a poplar trend in New York during the summer months. You get to enjoy the beauty of this concrete jungle, all while relaxing and getting our exercise in. This wellness activity helps heal the body, and quietens the mind in a city that never sleeps. Let’s find out more about some outdoor yoga classes in New York.

Top Outdoor Yoga Classes in New York

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1. The Yoga Trail in Central Park

The Yoga Trail in Central Park is one of the best places for outdoor yoga in New York because it is in the most famous park in the world

First up, we have The Yoga Trail in Central Park. This is one of the oldest outdoor yoga classes in New York. The Yoga Trail has been offering yoga classes for over 10 years already! So worry not, you’re definitely in for a well tailored activity, with tons of experience. They pride themselves on helping people reconnect with nature in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world.

Furthermore, this wellness activity has created a community of both local and international people who love yoga! They cultivate an environment of harmony and relaxation. You can do this in group classes, corporate events or even private classes. The classes take place at noon on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends. Whereas there are evening classes to enjoy on Tuesday and Thursday at 18h00.

Each class usually lasts an hour, with experienced teachers showing you the way. Make sure you bring your mat, a towel, some water, and an open mind and heart. The meeting point is in front of the cafe Le Pain Quotidien inside Central Park. You are required to be there 15 minutes before the class begins. From here, you all walk together to the class’ location.

The yoga class combines breath work, and movement to cleanse and recharge your body. You release all the big-city-life tension, causing you to unwind in the most beautiful of spaces. This is such a contrast to the concrete city that surrounds you. Therefore, I see no reason why you should not join this outdoor yoga class in New York. You won’t regret it.

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2. Sunset Yoga at Brooklyn Grange

Sunset Yoga at Brooklyn Grange is one of the best places for outdoor yoga in New York because your class is on a terrace with a view oh the Manhattan Skyline

Next up we have Sunset Yoga at Brooklyn Grange. This class takes place on the rooftop of the Navy Yard. Summer evenings are said to be the most magical time to enjoy the greenery and magnificent Manhattan skyline as the sun sets over it. What better spot is there to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating outdoor yoga class?

This class takes place every Tuesday from 18h30 to 19h30. Bookings are essential and can be made via their website. An hour long class is just enough for you to unwind and overlook the most beautiful skyline in the world. Each class lasts an hour long, and it makes use of asana practices. There is breath work, gentle flow of movement, intentional breathing and meditation, too. The beautiful space that surrounds you makes this experience even more memorable, while simultaneously advancing your techniques.

You’ll need to bring your yoga mat, yoga blocks and your water bottle along to the class. So make sure you’re ready and packed when you get here, for the full experience. This class helps you reach your true self. So take a breathe to soothe your mind and body. The internal and aesthetic benefits of this class are out of this world. Not only will your body feel amazing, but the view can do wonders for the soul. That is why it is one of the best outdoor yoga classes to try out in New York. It is the perfect way to show appreciation for your body while appreciating the beautiful city.

3. Outdoor Yoga at Bryant Park

Outdoor yoga at Bryant park is amazing because it is open to anyone and everyone, connecting like minded individuals

Lastly we have outdoor Yoga at Bryant Park. This is one of the most popular summer yoga programs in New York. This outdoor yoga class takes place every Tuesday morning on the upper terrace, and Wednesday evening on the lawn. Therefore, you get all the variety you need. You can choose whether you want morning sunshine with a view, or a sunset yoga class close to nature.

One of the best things about this class is that it is free to the public. So there’s no excuse to miss out on the fun. You need to bring your own mat, water bottle, and positive vibes! You get to learn excellent techniques from some of New York’s most talented and experienced instructors.Simply book your morning or evening class via their website. Each class lasts an hour, so you have enough time to enjoy every moment of this outdoor yoga experience.

This class has so many benefits, including better sleep habits, stress management, pain relief, improved balance and flexibility. Not to mention the opportunity to socialise and meet hundreds of like minded individuals from all over the city and even, the world. Therefore, there are social, physical and mental benefits to this class. What more could you need, right? These are just a few reasons why it is one of the best outdoor yoga classes in all of New York, you have to try it out!

Fancy an Outdoor Yoga Class in New York?

Outdoor yoga is one of the best ways to simultaneously get in tune with yourself and with nature. And there is no better city than New York to enjoy this experience. However, if you’re looking for a little more adrenaline, visit a trampoline fitness park in New York. The wellness activities in this vibrant city are simply endless.

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