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Our in-house and contributors team are passionate writers and travel lovers who have not only a variety of wellness backgrounds but also do extensive research to bring curated activities for you to discover. We take pride in presenting to you a wellness world that you can explore in different destinations around the globe.

Hi there! I’m Brandon, my friends call me Brando (like the ‘n’ was too much to pronounce) I am an adventure seeker, logophile, melophile and obsessed with detail. My friends describe me as a Border Collie, if you leave the gate open, I will run out and go explore. Humour is my strong suit; I find inspiration in small things. I love telling people about new places and hyping them up to go out and explore. I believe in Neuroscience and the immense effect it has on our daily life by simply understanding how our brain functions. I love colouring my words to give a clear picture of what it feels, smell and taste like. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Brandon Scholtz

Content Writer and Operations

Greetings! My name is Rashidi Mbecke, the Tony Stark of the Writing Avengers. Yep, writing is my superpower! I don’t only write to inform but to uplift and inspire you to take that leap of faith. Being an avid traveller and wellness enthusiast, I know that it can be challenging to follow your heart into new horizons. That is why I am here to help you take those first steps that will lead to breathtaking journeys filled with unforgettable memories. I’ve dreamt of becoming a writer since I was a teenager and now that I am at PureLife, that dream has become a reality. And a super-fun one to say the least. Our world is filled with beauty beyond belief, let’s explore it together.

Rashidi Mbeke

Content Writer

Hi there! I’m Megan, an absolute lover of words, literature, books, stories, anything that has to do with writing, reading, imagining. Because of my passion, I decided to make writing my life, and with that, I decided to study BA Languages at the University of Pretoria and am happy to report that I made my dream come true by graduating and becoming a travel writer. During my final year I wrote for my campus newspaper, the PDBY, where I learned to trust my writing voice. Now, as I sit here writing my petit little bio, I feel more in love with writing than I’ve ever been. Turns out, like much of my personality, my writing can equally showcase both the calm and put-together, as well as the crazy.

Megan Theunissen

Content Writer

Hi, I am Jocelin. I love selling brands but hate selling myself. So here are a few things to know about me, short and sweet. I am a creative, dog lover, and self-proclaimed foodie. Apart from drawing and painting, I write. I have been in love with writing since analysing my first (very mediocre) poem at the age of twelve. Later, an intense desire to travel arose followed by visiting beautiful destinations throughout the US and Australia. I believe this led me toward studying my degree and honours degree in Visual Communication at the University of Pretoria. I am currently completing my master’s degree in Digital Media owing to my deep interest in everything digital. I love to create in order to inspire, awaken readers’ imaginations, and ...

Jocelin McNally

Content Writer

I have an appreciation for the constantly evolving world of the Internet, and my greatest passion is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about making a measurable impact and elevating a brand or vision online. My analytic skills and interest in data science regularly reassures me that I’ve chosen my path in life correctly, with more than 15 years of SEO success already behind me. I am most content behind the scenes with a strong cup of coffee, making sure that quality online content is being well optimized and seen by the right people, at the right time. Being able to collaborate with the talented writers at PureLife transports me to exceptional destinations. There are so many compelling topics around the exciting world of travel!

Etienne de Villiers

SEO Specialist

Hi, I am Sabrina and I truly believe in the richness of wellness travel. Not only was I born with a nomadic soul but also became a Nomad in practice. To date, I have been in over 40 countries plus hundreds of cities in my travels. However, going on a holiday and coming back home was not enough. I wanted to have the full flowing nomadic experience I had from my 4 years of solo travelling while going in search of the most meaningful wellness activities around the globe as well as becoming a wellness practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher with over 16 years in this filed. From Japan to India, Vietnam to Nepal, South America to Hawaii;

Sabrina Santos