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New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!

So, you’re going through a hard time, or someone you know is. Life is hard enough to navigate, and with grief throwing everything off balance, it could be even harder to find yourself again. Reset your life with New Life Portugal, where a team of multicultural staff provides individualised treatment plans that incorporate professional counselling, therapy techniques, and support. The New Life Portugal experience is second to none, the retreat centre of all retreat centres in Portugal.

Immerse yourself in a serene oasis of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and nature at New Life Portugal. The retreat centre, cocooned in Portugal’s tranquil Serra Da Estrela region, offers a supportive community and a peaceful setting for your revitalising stay.

An Overview of New Life Portugal

New Life Portugal is your sanctuary for self-discovery, reflection, and gaining new perspectives. Their dedicated team offers various services, from counselling and psychoeducational programs to integrative care and therapeutic approaches. Choose their customisable ‘Just be Here ‘ stay option or join them for a specific purpose, utilising the numerous therapeutic programs or revitalisation routes.

Their all-encompassing strategy combines therapeutic modalities, yoga, and meditation to encourage a mindful and health-conscious way of living. During your visit, you will be armed with a thorough awareness of healthy habits.

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Revitalisation Paths at New Life Portugal

Discover the transformative power of their revitalisation paths at New Life Portugal. These paths are not just experiences but catalysts for profound change, offering you a new lease on life.

Grief Recovery Retreats

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: Wellbeing Escapes, 2024

Life changes are a natural element of being human. Some affect us more severely and profoundly than others. Events that can significantly impact our lives include moving, changing occupations, losing a job, becoming parents, experiencing a severe sickness or accident, ending a relationship, or losing a loved one.

These trying situations can trigger troubling ideas and feelings. You may oppose and reject the life shift. Since the previous ‘normal’ has vanished, you can feel trapped since you can’t figure out how to adapt to the new situation. Making room and paying attention are what matter. What is your emotional state?

What effects is the significant shift you’re going through having on your relationships with the world, other people, and yourself?
New Life Portugal can assist you with these feelings of change and uncertainty by providing programs that include mindful movements, such as yoga and meditation. You can work one-on-one with qualified instructors for even more significant benefits.

Thanks to their excellent health facilities and retreat-like atmosphere, you can devote all your attention to self-care and recovery. Their licenced counsellors and life coaches may assist you in processing your feelings, making sense of your experience, and getting ready for the future via their

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Resilience and Wellness Paths

In a nutshell, New Life Portugal provides a gently structured program, a life coach and counselling, mindful cuisine, positive psychology, a transition group, workshops, moments of absolute silence, natural surroundings, a fitness area, and morning sharing with those who are going through similar experiences.

Other Recovery Retreats Offered by New Life Portugal

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: New Life Portugal, 2024

Other than grief recovery, New Life Portugal offers stress recovery retreats, burnout recovery, anxiety recovery and depression recovery. Stress recovery is a 7+ night retreat that gives you time to recuperate. You can expect a structured program, breathwork, life coaching and counselling, meditation orientation, massages, mindful movement sessions, mindful cuisine, workshops, and more.

The same goes for all the other retreats. It’s about connecting with what matters in your life, battling transitions effectively, and becoming more balanced. At New Life Portugal, you’re not alone! The sense of community is as tangible as the grass weaving between your toes on late afternoon walks when the sun snuggles into its tangerine-coloured blanket on the horizon’s chest.

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Mindful Cuisine at New Life Portugal

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: New Life Portugal, 2024

Savour delicious and healthful meals high in lean proteins, low-GI foods, probiotics, and abundant fresh fruits and vegetables. They only offer minimally processed food. As dishes are prepared, the subtle perfume of newly harvested herbs from the garden wafts across your dining area.

The juicy explosion of a tomato that was only a few minutes earlier hanging on a vine, the aroma of the garden inviting inside, and the subtle art of consuming healthy foods have become more artful! What was formerly just a part of your daily routine may become a source of amazement at New Life Portugal. It’s the most straightforward act and a form of self-care when they apply mindful practices to what and how we eat. It is, indeed, life-changing.

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The Bones of New Life Portugal’s Resort

Area & Surroundings

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: New Life Portugal

New Life Portugal is situated within the Serra Da Estrela Natural Park, a UNESCO Global Geoparks site with certification. Let the natural beauty that surrounds you heal you and bring you peace as you face grief head-on.

Guest Rooms

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: Plataforma, 2024

Many rooms of all shapes and sizes await your arrival. They have an inviting atmosphere, with contemporary designs and a splash of colour. However, upon entering the guest rooms at New Life Portugal, every guest is bound to feel like they’ve just found their second home. Choose between standard or premium rooms, which differ in their views and amenities, such as a minibar, a balcony, etc. These rooms effortlessly display the Portuguese artful design while paying homage to the county’s vistas.

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New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: Turis Modo Centro, 2024

Their amenities are set up to provide the ideal balance of seclusion and community. Their living areas also welcome guests with contemporary amenities while honouring traditional Portuguese architectural designs and materials. There is a therapy centre, a contemplative hall that offers panoramic views of the valley, a community centre, and wellness facilities such as a sauna, an outdoor heated pool, and more!

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New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: Arch Daily, 2024

You can engage in various sports, cultural events, and outdoor activities. This resort is situated in the breathtaking natural park of Serra da Estrela, which offers countless opportunities to keep busy. For instance, you can head to the waters of this park and embark on a swimming, kayaking, or stan-up-paddling extravaganza.

You could also participate in the community’s sustainable activities or assist New Life Portugal in gardening and planting fruits and veggies. These activities are just a few among many!

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Letting Go at New Life Portugal

New Life Portugal: Grief-Focused Retreats & More!
Image: Creative News, 2024

Grief is no accessible state; it rips at your chest and threatens to take permanent residence within your soul. Every person’s grief is unique, and no two people mourn the loss of anything the same way. New Life Portugal knows this. That’s why they have created these particular retreats, and navigating your grief with them might be the first step to feeling like you can breathe again.

Every human strives for contentment, and the hurdles to this state of living can sometimes feel unconquerable. But it doesn’t have to feel like that every day. So, if you’re struggling, even if it’s not with grief, New Life Portugal can help you let go and move forward. You owe it to yourself to be content, and it is attainable.

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