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10 Must-Visit Resorts for Your Wellness Retreat

Although camping sites and hiking trails are exciting and adventurous, retreats remain among the best ways to have the ultimate wellness experience. Apart from the wide range of available amenities and facilities, other perks of going on a retreat include mental tranquillity, enhanced physical ability, and the potential to meet like-minded people. You have various retreat destinations at your disposal depending on your budget. From inns and guesthouses to hotels, hostels, and everything in between; there is a resort out there for everyone! Sticking to my usual tradition, here are the top 10 resorts that I recommend you visit to have the best wellness holiday. It was hard to rank these resorts so I’ll just list them in alphabetical order.

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1. Amanpuri in Thailand

If you are planning to have a weekend getaway then you should consider going to the luxurious Amanpuri resort. The resort offers immersive wellness packages that you can customise to your specific needs. However, you are required to book at least 3 nights.

Amanpuri’s wellness packages focus on detoxing and cleansing, mindfulness and stress management, as well as weight management and transformation. What a great place to achieve your wellness goals. While at Amanpuri, you can also do yoga, palates, and meditation. A night’s stay at Amanpuri costs an arm and leg, ranging from 915 to 5200 pounds depending on the room.

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2. Aro Ha in New Zealand

If mental and physical transformation is what you require then Aro Ha is the destination you desire. Surrounded by mesmerising lakeside landscapes, this intimate alpine wellness resort is designed to revitalise your body and mind. With a maximum occupancy of 32 guests, Aro Ha is a great location to reconnect with yourself in the serenity that can only be found amid New Zealand’s high mountains.

This resort is also an excellent choice for organic eaters. It provides its guests with freshly prepared vegetarian meals with ingredients that come straight from their garden. Wellness retreats at Aro Ha typically cost 4,000 pounds, last between 5 to 7 nights and include meditation, yoga, functional movement, and breathwork.

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3. BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia

Somewhere along the Caribbean Sea lies BodyHoliday – a winsome wellness centre that strives to restore beauty by offering therapy and spa treatments at its skin clinic. If you feel like your mind has been all over the place lately, all you need is a week-long stay at the tropical rainforests and sandy beaches that surround BodyHoliday.

You can spend your whole wellness holiday doing yoga or explore BodyHoliday’s thrilling surroundings and activities like arching and scuba diving. Why not try the resort’s Serenity Massage? It is a Swedish massage technique that uses Ayurvedic principles alongside special blends of oil to help you breathe and sleep better. An all-inclusive night’s stay at BodyHoliday ranges from 680 to 1200 pounds.

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BodyHoliday - a wellness resort in Saint Lucia
Image Source: BodyHoliday, 2022

4. Euphoria Retreat in Greece

Do you wish you could feel alive again? If so, then Euphoria Retreat will bring you back to life. With the use of breathwork, laughter yoga, and music, this retreat will help you let go of all negativities and lift your moods in no time.

Euphoria Retreat is a magnificent resort complex that offers Euphoria Methodos – a unique approach to wellness which combines Taoist spirituality with Hippocratic medicine to offer a wide range of treatments. These treatments include massages, energy healing, facials, hydrotherapy, and post-COVID recovery just to name a few.

A night’s stay at the Euphoria will cost you between 285 and 960 pounds. Their packages give you access to many wellness facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms, and steam baths. You also have access to a wide range of wellness activities including Pilates, trekking, Qi Qong, and yoga.

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5. Kamalaya in Thailand

Popular for its beautiful location and wide range of wellness treatments, Kamalaya is a great resort to have a holistic wellness holiday. Kamalaya wellness packages combine naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda therapy to give you a wellness experience like no other.

You can either have a customised wellness program or choose from a variety of wellness programs offered by Kamalaya. These wellness programs include but are not limited to detoxification, stress management, sleep enhancement, and emotional balance. A night at Kamalaya will cost 172 – 450 pounds, accommodating both thick and slim pockets.

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6. Nayara Springs in Costa Rica

Not many wellness resorts can combine adventure and relaxation as Nayara Springs does. This 5-star wellness hotel is an elegant getaway located amid a rainforest so you can only imagine the amount of fun that awaits you there. You can go ziplining, take a walk on mystic hanging bridges, or hike across the Arenal Volcano. The adventures are endless.

For relaxation, Nayara offers a year-round wellness retreat called Pura Vida in the Rainforest which is aimed at resetting your mind and body using expert-curated wellness programs. The Pura Vida retreat includes yoga, meditation, and heavenly spa treatments that come with a side of nutritious food and beverages. A night’s stay at Nayara Springs costs between 700 and 1300 pounds but their open-air spa treatments and breathtaking massages make it worth every penny.

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7. Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal

Located amid rolling hills and vineyards is Six Senses Douro Valley – a perfect destination for you to restore your well-being while hiding in nature’s comforting arms.

This state-of-the-art Portuguese wellness resort offers you four customisable wellness packages to choose from. The packages are: cleanse and detox, full potential, sleep and resilience, as well as trim and fit.

If you enjoy long walks, yoga, spa treatments, and holistic healing then Six Senses Douro Valley is perfect for you. The resort also offers you a wide variety of nutritious foods and local wines for you to indulge in. A night at Douro Valley costs between 400 and 800 pounds so budget accordingly.
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Six Senses Douro Valley -a wellness resort in Portugal
Image Source: Six Senses Douro Valley, 2022

8. Stanglwirt Resort in Austria

Picture this: you in a comfortable robe, eating organic food while marvelling at Austrian mountain ranges! How does that sound? Relaxing, right? Well, if you want to experience that then you will have to make your way to Stanglwirt Resort in Austria.

With 400 years of experience, this is one of the best relaxation destinations in the world. From expert spa treatments to personalised relaxation programmes, every night you spend at this stunning resort will be nothing short of memorable and mesmerising. You too can have an excellent wellness experience at Stanglwirt Resort from 625 pounds per night!

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9. The Lodge at Woodloch in Pennsylvania

If you are planning to go on your wellness trip with your significant other, family member, or friend then the Lodge at Woodloch might be a great fit. The lodge offers various wellness packages for different occasions such as romantic getaways, babymoons, and mother-daughter getaways. All these getaways require you to spend at least two nights at the lodge so why not have the weekend here?

Each wellness package at the lodge includes spa treatments, wellness and fitness classes, adventurous outdoor excursions, and three daily gourmet meals. This is not to say that you cannot go to the Lodge at Woodloch alone. You can still enjoy all the amenities at the lodge on your own.

Wellness treatments at the Lodge at Woodloch include facials, massages, and bodywork. A night’s stay at the lodge costs from 700 pounds upwards.

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10. Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club, New York

In the lower region of the Hudson Valley in New York lies Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club – a wellness-focused destination that offers you exciting wellness activities and programs.

If you want to have an adventurous and active wellness holiday then Valley Rock is a must-visit. While here, you can go ridge line climbing, biking, kayaking, and hiking. You can even go snowshoeing if visit the Inn during winter!

However, Valley Rock is not just for adrenaline junkies. The inn also has several facilities and activities that allow you to relax and enjoy yourself in the shadow of the mountains. You can visit the art gallery, do some yoga or read a book while grabbing a bite at one of the two organic restaurants in the vicinity. Rates at Valley Rock start from 430 pounds per night but you are required to stay for at least two nights.

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