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Magnificent Spa Hotels in Athens

Step into the world of pure fulfilment at Athens‘ top spa hotels, where rejuvenation is an art form. These havens’ serenity offers more than just relaxation, they weave ancient Greek wisdom into every treatment. Imagine a massage that transports you into the realm of bliss, facials that leave you radiant, and therapies prepared to harmonise your body, soul, and mind. Here is a list of the best wellness spa hotels in Athens to change your life.

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1. Hotel Grande Bretagne

Hotel Grande Bretagne is one of the best wellness spa hotels in Athens
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Hotel Grande is a very old and special hotel in the centre of Athens. It is like living in a museum because it has been around since 1874. It’s the only hotel in Athens with a huge royal suite and fancy spa consisting of 320 rooms and suites.

The Hotel Grande Bretagne’s exquisite spa treatments offer outstanding comfort, like the Ouzo oil massage that caresses you with the essence of the Mediterranean magic, or the herbal bath experience, a fragrant sanctuary of relaxation. Let the Groto therapy transport you to the calm realm of soothing serenity and embrace the invigorating chill of the Ice Fountain Revitalisation, a burst of energy that awakens body and soul. You can also share a moment of pure bliss at the couples retreat, a bonding experience as enduring as the ancient stones of Athens.

While spending time at this spa hotel, you can still enjoy some nature nearby. Take a short drive to Glyfada Beach, where you find soft sand and clear waters, or if you are up for a hike, Mount Lycabettus right in Athens offers stunning city views. For a more forested adventure, you can visit Parnitha National Park just an hour away.

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2. Electra Palace

Electra Palace Hotel is one of the best spa wellness hotels in Athens
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Welcome to Electra Metropolis, nestled in the heart of Athens! Whether you’re here for work or play, the inviting hotel offers a touch of luxury. With 216 beautifully furnished rooms and suites, you’ll experience modern comfort with a hint of classical elegance. The rooms are adorned with warm tones, wooden floors, and modern amenities.

At the Electra Hotel, prepare to be pampered with a divine selection of massage treatments. Dive into pure relaxation with the signature Electra massage, a bespoke blend of techniques tailored just for you. For a revitalising experience, opt for the Aromatherapy massage, where fragrant oils transport you to a world of calmness. Seeking deep muscle relief? The Thai Yoga Massage stretches and soothes, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

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3. Life Gallery

Life Gallery Hotel is one of the best wellness spa hotels in Athens
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Located in the upscale Ekali suburb, Life Gallery Spa Hotel is a 5-star hotel boasting two inviting pools amid lush gardens. The hotel’s sleek design, infused with cultural touches, easily blends with its contemporary architecture. Throughout the premises, you’ll find captivating artwork from modern Greek talents.

Inside the beautifully appointed rooms, discover unique furnishings and décor. Each space provides a functional workspace, speedy internet, and a satellite TV for entertainment. Moreover, you are in control of the room atmosphere with adjustable lights.

Experience the soothing touch of an Indian leg massage, a heavenly treat for your tired limb. Wrap yourself in the exotic aroma of spice-infused scrubs, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. For couples seeking bliss, discover special honeymooner packages, a delightful way to unwind together.

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4. Coral Hotel Athens

The Coral Hotel is one of the best wellness spa Hotels in Athens
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Situated in the coastal haven of paleo Faliro, just a short 6-kilometre jaunt from Athens’s busy centre lies the newly refurbished Coral Hotel. This gem graces the Athenian Riviera, offering not one, but two private beaches complete with comfy loungers and sun umbrellas with 84 rooms each designed for your comfort.

At Coral Hotel, you’re in for a treat with their massage offerings. Imagine gentle soothing strokes melting away your stress and leaving you in a state of pure relaxation. They also have invigorating deep tissue massages for the guests seeking muscle relief, like a revitalizing surge of energy for your body. Couples can explore in a romantic tandem massage, a shared experience that strengthens their bond.

Other nearby places guests can enjoy include the calm Flisvos Beach, a short stroll away, offering soft sands and gentle waves for seaside relaxation. For nature enthusiasts, Parnitha National Park beckons with a variety of interesting hiking trails, just a short drive from the hotel.

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5. St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

St. George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel is one of the best wellness spa hotels in Athens
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Step into the wonderful world of St George Lycabettus Spa Hotel, right in the heart of the city of Athens. This magnificent spa hotel is surrounded by beautiful museums, art galleries, and fantastic eateries. The hotel has a total of 152 comfy rooms for your maximum comfort which all include smart TVs and Wi-Fi.

Embark on a journey of relaxation at the St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel, where an array of spa massages await. Feel your problems disappear away with the relaxation massage or experience the hot stone massage which offers a comforting embrace, while the sports massage caters to those with an active lifestyle. Moreover, the hotel houses a dynamic fitness center, equipped to inspire guests in their pursuit of wellness and vitality.

Indulge in the hotel’s sauna, a heaven of calmness where you can unwind yourself in a cocoon of calming heat, shedding the day’s pressures. It’s a retreat within a retreat, offering a chance to relax, purify, and emerge with a renewed sense of vigor.

Guests can explore the nearby Glyfada Beach for some wellness experience in watersports, or they can hike into Mount Lycabettus for an adventurous time in nature.

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Exploring A Healthy Sleep In Athens

Are you seeking a peaceful healthy sleep in a top-class spa hotel? Look no further! Hotels in Athens are designed for your total satisfaction and are ensured to give you that healthy comfort you can never get anywhere else for accommodation. For more wellness in Greece, consider these 7 lovely luxury Hotels in Mykonos.

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