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Magical Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It has a lot of fun things to do for Christmas. You can find many Christmas markets in the middle of the city. They are close to the Altstadt, which means Old Town. Each market is different and you should see them all. Tourists can also enjoy different types of Christmas gifts and cuisines at these markets.

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1. Altstadt-Markt Christmas market

The Altstadt-Markt Christmas Market is one of the most magical Christmas markets in Düsseldorf
Image: Happy to wander, 2023

The Altstadt-Markt is a fun place to go for Christmas in Düsseldorf. It is on Flinger Straße. There are many Christmas stalls there. They look nice with the Old Town behind them. The stalls are different from other markets. They are painted like old houses in Düsseldorf. This makes the place more magical for Christmas.

You can see and buy many things at the market. There is one very special stall. It has ornaments that are made by hand. They use things from nature, like pinecones. These ornaments are beautiful and creative. You can use them to decorate your home or give them to someone you love.

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2. Engelchen-Markt Christmas market

Engelchen Markt: Christmas market is one of the most magical Christmas markets in Düsseldorf
Image: Take me to Germany!, 2023

The Engelchen-Markt is an excellent Christmas market in Düsseldorf. It is in Heinrich-Heine-Platz. This market is small but very good. It has a warm and friendly feeling. People like this market because it has a lot of gold and shiny things for Christmas.

This market has a special theme of angels. You can see angels in every booth. They make the place look like a fairy tale. You can buy many things at the market. Some of them are yummy Aachen Printen, slippers made by hand, and tea in cans with many colours. There is a music pavilion in the middle of the market. It is a wonderful place to drink some glühwein (hot wine).

3. Märchen-Markt Christmas market

Märchen Markt Christmas Market is one of the most magical Christmas markets in Düsseldorf
Image : visitduesseldorf, 2023

The Märchen-Markt is a special and lovely place for Christmas in Düsseldorf. This market is different from other markets. It has lovely huts with fairytales on them. The fairytales are from the Grimm Brothers. They make the place look like a dream—families like this market, especially kids.

You should go to this market if you have a family. You can see the fairytales come alive. The huts have pictures from famous fairytales, like Mother Hulda, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. The market has a special guest on Fridays: Father Christmas. Children can see him and give him their lists of what they want for Christmas.

Visitors can also listen to stories at the Christmas Tower. They can feel like they are in the fairytales and have fun. The market is not easy to find because of where it is. But the Märchen-Markt is a perfect place to go for Christmas. It is suitable for families and people who like fairytales.

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4. Kö-Bogen Markt Christmas market

Kö-Bogen-Markt Christmas Market is one of the most magical Christmas markets in Düsseldorf
Image :, 2023

The market used to be next to the Hofgarten, but it moved to Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz. This spacious square has the largest green wall in Europe and is a great place to enjoy the holiday spirit. You can watch live shows, sing carols, and ride a carousel there, and there are also things for kids to do and make, such as Christmas-themed costumes.

Guests can enjoy memorable Christmas carol songs while they spend quality time with friends and family, and there are unique gifts to share at the market. You can also enjoy theatre shows of Christmas stories.

5. Sternchenmarkt Christmas Market 

Sternchenmarkt Christmas market is one of the most magical Christmas markets in Düsseldorf
Image: Bern Welcome, 2023

The Sternchenmarkt is a small market with a blue and white theme in the inner courtyard of Wilhelm-Marx-Hause. You can walk among the huts covered with snow, stars, and snowflakes under a roof of blue and white lights. Some vendors sell glüwhein, other hot drinks, jewellery, and handicrafts. You can also ride a classic carousel.

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A Treat or Trick in Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf’s Christmas Markets are not as famous as those in Cologne or Nuremberg, but they are still worth seeing! You can find seven different markets that are close to each other, so you can easily go to more than one in a day and experience the festive mood of Dusseldorf! Tourists are ensured to experience the Christmas spirit spectacularly. You can read more about Christmas markets in Frankfurt here.

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