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Luxury Amazon River Cruises that Are Beyond Amazing!

Luxury Amazon River Cruises that Are Beyond Amazing!

As you swerve down a twisting tributary of the Amazon River, you are very likely to spot a rainbow of Amazonian wildlife. When taking one of the following three luxury Amazon river cruises, you get to experience the Yasuni, Ecuador’s largest National Park and the untamed entire Ecuadorian Rainforest that dreams, and sometimes nightmares are made of. Besides, isn’t the Anaconda movie based on the Amazon? Nevertheless, witnessing the rugged beauty of the Amazon is nothing short of movie-worthy. It’s another world that, quite frankly, you are privileged to see. So, why not visit this mighty landscape from the comfort of luxury? Let me show you why your answer should be ‘Yes!’.

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Aria Amazon

This luxury Amazon river cruise is one of the very best! The Aria Amazon is spectacular in its design and façade, its ambience and its gracefulness. Furthermore, the ship is an all-suite vessel with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to get a full view of the jungle and rainforest. Also, the top deck houses a jacuzzi, an indoor lounge and bar, as well as an outdoor surveillance deck. Additionally, the Aria Amazon’s cost per person includes all the amenities and five-star cuisine by chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. This luxurious ship is guaranteed to give you a comfortable and immersive experience!

Impressively enough, The Aria can host up to 32 guests! During your 4-day cruise, you experience the Yacapana Isles and have the option to learn how to fish for piranhas. Furthermore, the natural beauty of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve which is located in the region of Loreto, Peru, is yours to treasure. Also, sightings of howler monkeys and giant South American river turtles are there for you and other guests to marvel at! On the second day of your 4-day river cruise, the vessel heads down to the Yarapa River, home to Barbie’s dolphins which you can feed and touch!

On day three, the Aria invites you on a Ucayali River excursion to see some of the Amazon’s prominent wildlife. After breakfast, you go on a jungle hike to the small town of Magdalena. While there, you get to interact with locals before heading further into the jungle to a breathtaking lake filled with giant lilies! Evidently, this is one of the best luxury Amazon river cruises to board!

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Luxury Amazon River Cruises That Are Beyond Amazing! Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Welcome to Amazon cruising like you’ve never seen before! Let us explore the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, an area of conservation thanks to the Anakonda Amazon Cruise. Here is where you see how nature and humanity co-exist, with humans being at the bottom of the food chain. However, my words are not meant to scare you. In fact, they are meant to give you the feeling of adventure and a sense of the dangers unknown to suburban. They are also meant to envelop you in the feeling of searching for treasures. Besides, the treasure of the Amazon (Anakonda) is where your home will be for the duration of the trip.

Your adventure begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Thereafter, you and other passengers glide down the Napo River, towards the sunset. After the sunset, a nighttime forest walk awaits where you are bound to hear and see some of the most amazing Amazonian characteristics!

For the next few days, canoe trips and birdwatching are a must! Furthermore, the Anakonda takes a trip to the acclaimed parrot clay licks that attract hundreds of colourful parrots and Amazonian wildlife. However, this is by far the least exciting part of the trip! Just wait until you reach day 5, the day you get to see and feed the Napo River’s pink dolphins! Clearly, the Anakonda is not only a luxury Amazon cruise but an adventurous one too!

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Delfin Amazon Cruises

Luxury Amazon River Cruises That Are Beyond Amazing! Delfin Amazon Cruises

Delfin is another gem when it comes to cruising the Amazon in luxury. In fact, this cruise spoils you for choice when it comes to their three luxurious vessels! All three boutique vessels house luxurious suites with floor-to-ceiling windows that give you a full display of the Amazon Riverbanks. Furthermore, Delfin River Cruises is equipped with a gym centre that also has floor-to-ceiling windows so you can do your cardio without missing anything! For additional wellness, you head to the spa facilities that boast Delfin’s remedial rainforest philosophies and therapies!

For intellectual wellness, the Delfin vessels all have warm and cosy lecture rooms with plenty of material on the Amazonian landscape and wildlife. Delfin has a lot more focus on holistic wellness whereas the Aria and the Anakonda place more emphasis on the river and the experience.

With their mindfulness and wellness cruises, the program for a 4-day cruise could look something like this: you experience therapeutic yoga with sound healing meditation, and then you join a yoga and chocolate meditation that immerses you into a deeper mindfulness phase. All of Delfin’s cruises have mindfulness, wellness and luxury at the core of their itineraries!

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Amazon Amazement

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As you can see, luxury Amazon river cruises are nothing short of amazing! You get to see things that not many people in the world have ever dreamed of seeing. With a lush rainforest paving the way to your next sunset, your next wildlife spotting, or perhaps your next river dolphin encounter, it’s easy to immerse yourself into an almost inhospitable world. If you don’t believe me when I say it is amazing, then maybe it’s time to experience the Amazon for yourself! Go on, just do it already!

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