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Life Changing Sound Healing Retreats in Greece

Do you ever feel a bit fuzzy and out of balance with your mind? This is a judge-free zone because I know I do. What if I told you that you could align and balance your energy and clear your mind? The answer you’re waiting for is sound healing. Well, you read the title and already know what this is all about. But for dramatic effect (and because my editor said so) I’m going to offer a grand entrance. Welcome to sound healing retreats in Greece. Okay, let’s get into it because the admin is covered.

1. Inner Sound Retreat by Premium Wellness

Visit Inner Sound Retreat in Greece
Image: Premium Wellness, 2023

What’s better than five days on the magical island of Serifos, Greece? I’ll tell you, five days on the magical island while aligning your energy. The Inner Sound Retreat is run by Laoura Gini who is a sound therapist, musician, and alternative therapist. Interestingly, her main focus is the gong bath immersion and Tibetan singing bowls. If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking why sound healing? Allow me to explain. The sound vibrations, frequencies, and harmonic sacred sounds of the gong transfer our alpha and theta brain waves into deep relaxation. Consequently, this leads to awakening, coordination, purification of the soul, and self-healing. Lastly, get your steps in with peaceful walks on the white sandy beaches.

The crystal blue sea of Greece, fresh air, and warm sunshine play a great part in healing the mind and body. Additionally, breakfast is made each morning with fresh local ingredients. Also, a refreshing beverage menu is served until 22:00 every day. It includes cocktails, tea varieties and freshly squeezed juice. On top of that, all drinks at the hotel have less sugar and preservatives. Everything about this sounds amazing, I know! And it is.

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2. 6-Day Wellness Sound Healing and Breathwork Retreat

Visit Sound Therapy & Healing Arts sound healing retreat
Image: Santorini Sound Healing, 2023

This is really a once-in-a-lifetime healing retreat on the stunning Santorini Island, Greece. The natural scenic views on this volcanic island encourage you to rest, reset, and reflect. Look at me with that on-point alliteration like a real writer. Anyway, besides the tranquil environment of Santorini, get in touch with your senses through the ancient techniques of sound healing. They mainly use planetary gongs and Himalayan singing bowls for sound healing. Following the sound healing, the instructor moves on to breathwork exercises. Beliefs motivated by ancient healing techniques say that breathwork and yoga after sound healing practices purify the soul.

Life Changing Sound Healing Retreats in Greece

The retreat takes place in the secluded and incredible Elements Suites Resort. In my opinion, the most important detail is that tasty home-cooked organic breakfasts and dinners are served daily. Overall, you decide between different activities to suit your needs. For example, daily yoga classes, daily sound healing and gong baths, and breathwork meditation. You also have the option to choose one Ayurvedic massage or face-lift treatment, and daily meditation classes. Anything you need, they’ve got!

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3. Sound Healing Training by Kathys Island Retreats

Complete the Sound Healing Training at Kathys Island Retreats
Image: SoundHealingArts, 2023

Are you looking to learn a new skill that does not only transform your life but also others? At Kathys Island Retreats in Santorini, take part in a week of sound healing and energetic transformation. The Sound Healing Training Retreat teaches you to remain deeply invested in your personal practice of sound therapy and well-being. Essentially, this practice allows us to optimise the way energy flows in and around our bodies. You will learn how to align your own energy and how to treat others.

The approach to sound healing training is completely holistic. You’ll learn and work with gongs, crystals, singing bowls (both crystal and Tibetan), tuning forks, and healing with the voice. Essentially, you gain and master quality sound healing tools. Not only are you immersed in a week of education but also a week of self-transformation. To balance out the training sessions, relax while having two yoga sessions a day. Lastly, treat yourself to beach walks, dinners, and plenty of summer outdoor movie nights. Work and play perfectly at balance.


Goooonnggg, We’re at the End

That was a very dramatic gong sound that is used in sound healing if you were wondering. Sound healing is one of the best holistic healing practices to get your mind in order. Either practice sound healing or teach others, the opportunities are endless. Once you heal your energy, explore a lux boat cruise on the breathtaking Greece ocean. With an aligned mindset, enjoy the rest of Greece. And as always, thank you so much for being here.

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