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Let’s Spend the Day in Gordon’s Bay!

Spend the Day in Gordon’s Bay!

Let’s spend the day, or maybe two, in the picturesque coastline village of Gordon’s Bay. Situated one hour from Cape Town, you can set your sail to the Helderberg Mountains and get to the soul of the world’s ‘wind machine’, also known as Gordon’s Bay. As the white crest of the Helderberg Mountains slowly comes into view when you drive down to the quaint village, rest assured that your day will be a memorable one.

From walking along the coast to see some breathtaking views to savouring the tastes of the ocean, Gordon’s Bay has something to offer to any empty day. So, let’s dive into the gems that Gordon’s Bay has on offer and see why you should ultimately spend the day at Gordon’s Bay!

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Bikini Beach, close to Gordon’s Bay

Let's Spend the Day in Gordon’s Bay!
Image: Come to Cape Town, 2023

Bikini Beach is a summer lover’s paradise! It’s an official Blue Flag beach tucked away by harbour walls, small cottages, and a narrow road. You arrive at the beach walking down a flight of stairs, so be careful not to drive past. It’s almost like a treasure trove, and it feels like you’ve cracked open its chest when your feet press into the warm, soft sand.

The beach has minimal waves and is as crystal clear as crystal goes. Because the beach is ‘confined’ by the walls on opposite sides, it is also a very safe place to swim for the entire family in Gordon’s Bay.

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Interesting Restaurants in Gordon’s Bay

Spend the Day in Gordon’s Bay!

When driving into Harbour Island, you can find a few exciting restaurants besides Ocean Basket. Two restaurants, Antonio’s Pizza Place and Bertie’s Moorings Restaurant, beautifully overlook the harbour’s turquoise waters. You can eat a delicious, healthy basket at Antonio’s as you gaze out and decipher the sailboats’ names, imagining where it came from and where the boat is yet to go.

Another exciting restaurant to dine at with the whole family is The Thirsty Oyster Tavern. Its pirate boat exterior and lively atmosphere are enough to make any grumpy old man smile for the first time in 70 years. Suppose you have the in-laws with you, for example. Just opposite the beach lies Talla’s Tavern, a roadside restaurant that is also pet-friendly if you sit outside. This restaurant gives you a full view of the mountains, and here is where you can see the locals converge and go about their everyday lives at the beach. It’s magical in Gordon’s Bay.

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Hiking around Gordon’s Bay

Spend the Day in Gordon’s Bay!
Image: What’s On in Cape Town, 2023

The Danie Miller Hiking Trail is one journey that you simply must embark on. It’s a 2.7-kilometre point-to-point route that allows you to see Gordon’s Bay in the best way possible: From above. Bring your fur friend, as the trail is dog-friendly. Just be sure to keep them on a leash. You can also walk from Bikini Beach to Gordon’s Bay’s main beach. It’s a 2,9-kilometre walk in total if you wish to return to Bikini Beach.

You can grab a fresh orange juice at one of the many restaurants adjacent to the beach! For the mother of all hiking trails in Gordon’s Bay, you can visit the Steenbras Nature Reserve for some jaw-droppingly gorgeous routes along the coast. There is the Kogelbaai Trail, a 12,2-kilometre hike, the Steenbras Lookout Point hike of 6,8 kilometres, as well as the 5,1-kilometre Boskloof Ridge B hike where you get to swim in clean, natural pools and rivers too!

The Steenbras Nature Reserve is a haven for those who love to be immersed in nature and get some steps in while they do so! Hiking is a great way to get to know Gordon’s Bay, and I cannot think of anyone who could disagree.

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One Fine Day

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of Cape Town to explore the rest of what the Western Cape has to offer! Especially because Gordon’s Bay is only an hour’s drive away. If you wake up early and set out to visit some of the places mentioned in this article, you won’t be sorry that you’ve dedicated a day to this little seaside village.

There are lots of quaint shops to visit too, like the Bikini Beach Book Shop and the Odds and Ends shop, which sells all kinds of memorabilia. So, pack your swimsuit and throw on your most comfortable sneakers because it’s bound to be a busy day for you and everyone near and dear to you. It’s bound to bring you immense joy and calm. It’s bound to be one fine day!

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