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Let’s Explore Eindhoven’s Healthy Eateries

Let's Explore Eindhoven's Healthy Eateries

Step into a world of culinary wellness as we explore Eindhoven’s vibrant array of healthy eateries. From nourishing farm-to-table delights to mouthwatering plant-based havens, this Dutch city offers a wholesome dining experience for all food enthusiasts. Join me as we embark on a journey to discover the best destinations that celebrate the art of eating well in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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1. The Happiness Café

Enjoy a joyful meal at The Happiness Café in Eindhoven
Image: Honeyguide, 2023

For seven days a week, you can head to The Happiness Café from early morning to early evening. This is the café for you if you’re looking for nutritious organic yoghurt breakfasts, smoothie bowls, and fresh juices. Although the cafe offers breakfast the entire day, you can also order a light lunch or healthy snacks. For instance, sandwiches, healthy salads, homemade banana bread and other tasty pastries. With your treat or wholesome meal, enjoy an organic coffee for your daily caffeine intake or a warm tea.

Besides their good food, The Happiness Cafe caters to all vegetarians and vegans. Also dietary needs like gluten-free, sugar-free or lactose-free dishes. Of course, they’ve got your dessert covered as well. Choose between a large assortment of homemade cakes with healthy options free of guilt. The Happiness Café is happy to share their unique recipes with you. Simply visit their website and get cooking. If you don’t feel like cooking, simply pick your meal up and enjoy it in your comfy home.

2. Bar Bistro Calypso

Enjoy Healthy Tapas at Bar Bistro Calypso
Image: Bar Bistro Calypso, 2023

Bar Bistro Calypso in Eindhoven is a true Burgundian plant-based experience. Their approach to the menu is generous tapas boards full of specialities from chef Linzi Lemmens. Additionally, the restaurant shows customers an accessible way of preparing tasty vegetarian food and plant-based drinks. Even though they specialise in tapas, the tapas remain true to traditional Dutch finger foods.

What really makes Bar Bistro Calypso stand out is its Zero Waste option on the menu. Basically, they believe eating is the new throwing away. When you choose the Zero Waste option, you get to choose between one, two, or three courses. The chef prepares all the courses with food that would’ve been thrown away but is still good quality. This way, there is no food wastage and you save money (yes, it’s cheaper). I’m sure you’d agree that this is one unique restaurant you wouldn’t want to miss.

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3. Vegan Heroes

Try something new at Vegan Heroes in Eindhoven
Image: Uber Eats, 2023

Vegan Heroes boasts a menu that is packed with flavourful and surprising choices that you are sure to enjoy. They offer fresh vegetables, tasty vegetarian meat, and deliciously seasoned sauces with their burgers. To enhance their health aspect, there are also gluten-free and soy-free options owing to all their meals.

When going through Vegan Heroes’ menu, you almost can’t believe it’s vegetarian and vegan. From wraps to loaded fries, you really don’t miss out on any food group. They believe that choosing vegan means you get the same full-bodied taste but with a slightly different approach. You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before! Whether you’re a die-hard vegan or simply trying it for the first time, you are welcome at Vegan Heroes and encouraged to try new things.

4. Stories Restaurant

Have a healthy meal at Restaurant Stories in Eindhoven
Image: Nicelocal, 2023

At Stories Restaurant, you are invited to enjoy casual conviviality and typical Brabant hospitality. The professional chefs along with friendly servers are ready to provide you with a delicious lunch, dinner or super cosy drink. Equally important, the extensive lunch menu is full of classics that are prepared with fresh ingredients. Also, the chefs pay close attention to creativity to make sure you experience an incredible meal.

For dinner, choose something special to eat from the à la carte menu or rather be surprised by the chef’s 4- or 5-course menu. The dishes are always seasonally appropriate and full of flavour. Of course, it’s also prepared with seasonal products to make sure your dish is fresh and tasty. One tip you should keep in mind is to book a reservation well in advance, Vegan Heroes is quite a popular spot.

5. The Corner

Enjoy a delicious meal at The Corner in Eindhoven
Image: Flickr, 2021

This popular hotspot is the tastiest corner in Eindhoven if you get my joke. The Corner is a perfect bistro-like spot for a wholesome lunch or dinner. Mainly, The Corner is known for their full and delicious wraps. For grain-free options, they offer large bowls filled with nutritious goodness. Then for gluten-free options, they make delicious flatbreads with all your favourite toppings.

For more cultural options, they have an entire section of Moroccan-inspired dishes. Enjoy a large plate of food of your choice in a quaint charming café and you’ll feel at home in Eindhoven. You can’t go wrong with The Corner.

Chews Wisely

Get it? Like choose but I used chews because you chew food and the article is about food. Anyway, Eindhoven’s healthy restaurants prove that nutritious dining can be a delightful and satisfying experience. Whether you’re a health-conscious local or a curious traveller, the city’s diverse selection of wholesome eateries offers something special for everyone. For more healthy wellness, check out mouth-wateringly healthy restaurants in Rotterdam. And as always, thank you so much for being here!

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