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Let’s Embark On Healthy Food Tours in Singapore

Let's Embark On Healthy Food Tours in Singapore

A food tour is always a good idea, especially when you’re in a culturally vibrant city like Singapore. However, in this bustling city, it’s no surprise that the realm of food tours has expanded to embrace the growing demand for healthier and more nourishing options. Singapore’s healthy food tours provide a unique opportunity to embark on a nourishing adventure. Let’s have a look at some tasty food tours in Singapore.

Top Healthy Food Tours in Singapore

1. Tastings of Singapore with Locals

have a great food tour in Singapore
Image: WithLocals, 2023

It’s time to start your food journey! This tour includes 10 food and drink tastings. Your local host handpicked each of the tastings based on their love of food and knowledge of the city. The tour starts at Kampong Glam: a hotel located north of the Singapore River, known as the Malaysian Muslim Quarter.

The destination is Little India: a vibrant historic district that showcases the best of Singapore’s Indian community. Of course, a food tour of Singapore wouldn’t be complete without exploring the city’s most iconic and popular dishes. So, enjoy some classics like the Tarik and Rojak, and taste them in their true local flavour.

The final stop is Chinatown. In order to get the local cuisine experience, you will sample some of the ultimate local favourites. And after sampling Singaporean food for an entire day, it is clear why Singaporeans love it so much. Equally important, the tour can be fully personalised to match your dietary requirements and allergies. Trust me, this is a tour you don’t want to miss.

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2. Michelin and Local Hawker Food Tour


Singapore’s distinctive hawker culture is a microcosm reflecting Singapore’s multicultural society. And guess what? You learn all about it on this 3-hour tour! The first stop is Chinatown. Here, you will be sampling delicious food at the World’s Cheapest Michelin 1-Star Restaurant. Then, at the restaurant, you get to sample the Soya Sauce Chicken Rice. Without having to stand in a queue, of course!

Next, discover the vibrant local food scene at Maxwell Market for amazing street food. If that’s not enough for you, immerse yourself in the China Street Market. Besides the amazing food, this tour also takes you to amazing photo spots. For instance, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Sri Mariamman Temple, and the Jamae Mosque.

Enjoy insider insights into the people and stories behind Singapore’s food in this small group tour. All that’s left is to reserve your spot and enjoy seven to eight ethnic Hawker Food Dishes.

3. Singapore Street Food & Night Tour

Go on a food tour in Singapore
Image: Singapore Post, 2022

This tour is made up of six stops. Start off at Lau Pa Sat Festival Pavilion for a snack and some history on the area. Plus, there will be fun games to keep you entertained as well. Following with more fun, the next stop is the famous Merlion Park, home to the renowned half-fish, half-lion Merlion. Then it’s time for a full-course meal at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

At Boat Quay, take a leisurely stroll along one of Singapore’s major nightlife spots. Filled with its wide range of colourful bars and alfresco restaurants, you don’t want to miss this. Clarke Quay Central is another great stop on this food tour. While at this light-filled mall, be sure to check out the traditional retail brands. Finally, the tour ends at Clarke Quay, the city’s liveliest nightlife spot. Why not enjoy a local dessert as you enjoy the rest of your night?

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Feast Your Way Through Singapore

Grab your utensils and prepare yourself for a palate-pleasing adventure. Also, all the tours cater to those seeking a healthful approach to dining. For more fun adventures in Singapore, check out these river cruises in Singapore. And as always, thank you so much for being here dear reader.

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