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Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape

The Western Cape offers some of South Africa’s most superb places that families with children can enjoy. While I do not have children of my own (yet), I always keep travelling families in mind when discovering new places. People of all ages, including parents and children, should have the opportunity to go on amazing adventures together. In fact, parents should be free to dine at lovely restaurants or visit wine farms without feeling unwelcome, harassed, or out of place because of their kids. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of my favourite family-friendly wine farms in the Western Cape. Let’s check them out!

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Best Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape

1. Babylonstoren Wine Estate

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape
Image: Monica Dart Photography, 2024

Babylonstoren is one of the oldest and most enchanting, family-friendly wine farms in Stellenbosch. The estate has many garden spaces, including cycads, clivias, and a prickly pear maze. There are also flowing ponds and water features. As you can see, nature lovers are in paradise here! Moreover, this wine estate offers luxury accommodations, spa facilities, tours, farm shops, a bakery, restaurants, Babel and a Greenhouse.

If you haven’t been to Babylonstoren before, you need to visit ASAP! Anyone who has visited the estate would place it on top of their must-visit family-friendly wine farms in the Cape. The estate is child-friendly, with many fun activities for children and families. While here, you can take part in activities like egg collecting, rowing on the dam, and harvesting fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, children can feed the resident donkeys, explore the garden, play in the waterways, and eat fruit from the trees. And they would just be scratching the surface!

Not only is Babylonstoren one of the best family-friendly wine farms in South Africa, but it’s also one of the most child-friendly! While the estate’s restaurants are child-friendly, the Greenhouse is specifically designed for children and offers many child-friendly dishes! Babylonstoren is located at Klapmuts in Stellenbosch and opens from 9 am until 5 pm. All things considered; you are sure to have a great time with your family here!

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2. Blaauwklippen Vineyards

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape
Image: Blaauwklippen, 2024

When you are at Blaauwklippen, one thing is sure: you will never be bored! Why? Well, because the wine estate has excellent facilities, unique accommodations, a child-friendly restaurant called Hamm & Uys, and a dedicated play area. On top of that, Blaauwklippen even has wedding and events venues. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already see why this is one of the best family-friendly wine farms in the Western Cape.

One of the most famous features of Blaauwklippen is the Blaauwklippen Family Market, an awesome place to have a fun and memorable Sunday with the fam in the Western Cape. Impressively, the market has different food and craft stalls, live music, and children’s activities, which make it one of the most fun, family-friendly wine farms in the country! The market is especially suited to children between 3 and 13 years old, with additional activities available for kids over 13. The market also has great children’s facilities, including a dedicated play area.

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape

Okay, now let’s talk about the food. Blaauwklippen’s menu caters for both kids and adults, with the menu for children offering delicacies like mac and cheese made by Pa Piet, pizza with ham and pineapple, and Chico the Clown ice cream served with sparklers! Like Babylonstoren, Blaauwklippen is located in Stellenbosch (on Strand Road). However, the estate operates from 10 am until 6 pm daily!

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3. Bloemendal Wine Estate

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape
Image: Which Wine Farm, 2021

If you are looking for the best family-friendly wine farms in Cape Town, Bloemendal is the place to be! Most families return after their first visit, and I can see why. The estate has plenty of space for kids to play and explore, and there are fantastic play facilities near the Bon Amis Restaurant. Bloemendal also has an excellent Biosport cycle track for all ages and skill levels.

I highly recommend Bloemendal and Bon Amis for parents with kids of different ages because there’s something for everyone. With facilities like a playground, gardens, bike riding areas and jungle gyms, this is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s best family-friendly wine estates for outdoor lovers. But what if your kids enjoy being indoors more? Not a problem! Bloemendal also has colouring activities, board games, and even animals (although the bunnies are not for petting).

Interestingly, Bloemmendal has a child-friendly tasting available for kids while their parents enjoy a wine tasting. Moreover, the wine estate’s peaceful atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for families with kids. Bloemmendal is located on Tygerberg Valley Road in Cape Town and opens daily from 10 am until 5 pm Hope to see you there!

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4. Dunstone Country Estate

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape
Image: Afristay, 2024

Okay, I have to be honest. Dunstone Country Estate is one of my favourite family-friendly wine farms. Not just in the Western Cape province but in the whole country! Maybe it’s because of the estate’s breathtaking mountain views and awesome facilities. Then again, it could be Dunstone’s good food, stunning accommodations and, above all, a child-friendly restaurant!

Located on Bovlei Road in Wellington, Dunstone is a family-friendly wine estate that promises pure Cape dreaminess at its best. You’ll want to stay the night to fully appreciate everything the estate offers. But even if you only stop by for a few hours, Dunstone and its delightful Stone Kitchen Bistro will surely win your family’s heart. The restaurant is highly accommodating to children and has an incredible indoor play area suitable for all weather conditions. In fact, the play area is one of the best I have ever come across on any estate. Best of all, Stone Kitchen Bistro allows dogs, so you can bring your well-mannered furry friend along for a visit!

Now, let’s talk about the games and activities that are available for children to enjoy at Dunstone. Mmm, let’s see. How do your kids fancy miniature golf, sandpits, and animal-watching? What about jumping on trampolines, playing in a mud kitchen, and using a jungle gym? No matter what your children like, they will surely be spoilt for choice as you sip on some of South Africa’s finest wine!

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5. Fairview Wine and Cheese

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape

Fairview is a charming farm that both parents and children will enjoy visiting. It offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as sophisticated touches. The farm is home to famous resident goats, a great restaurant, and beautiful gardens. Additionally, there is a shop, deli, and bakery for your family to explore. The Goatshed Restaurant is a lovely country-style restaurant with a classy look and feel suitable for both young and old. It serves excellent food and is one of the best family-friendly wine farms for a good family meal in the Western Cape.

One of the best things about Fairview is the famous resident goats, which most visitors adore. The goats have a dedicated brick structure known as the Goat Tower that features a small bridge, which has become iconic due to its beauty. It shows how much love and care is put into the Fairview goats. In September, you can visit and witness the nanny goats giving birth to cute kids. Additionally, these lovely animals can be seen by anyone who wants to see them. Children can also enjoy a cheese tasting designed especially for them. This activity will be loved by children of all ages!

The Goatshed caters to adults and children under 12. Impressively, Fairview’s children’s menu has options like farm breakfast, meatballs, farm sandwiches and homemade choc chip cookies, among others. On top of that, the menu is adorably illustrated and bound to bring the little ones joy. Fairview Wine and Cheese is located on Suid-Agter-Paarl Road in Paarl and opens from 9 am until 5 pm like most family-friendly wine farms in the Cape.

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6. Hazendal Wine Estate

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape
Image: Hazendal Wine Estate, 2023

Franschhoek might be South Africa’s wine capital, but when it comes to being the capital of family-friendly wine farms, Stellenbosch easily takes the cake. This is especially true for Hazendal: a famous wine farm and wedding venue near Stellenbosch. In recent years, this wine farm has become a go-to destination for quality family experiences in the Western Cape. It must be Hazendal’s big lawns and garden areas. Or maybe it’s their interactive and immersive education centre called Wonderdal. Either way, the little ones are sure to be entertained and happy while here. Best of all, the wine farm offers supervision and care for the children so adults can have time alone.

Now, on to the grown-ups! Let’s start with the food: Hazendal offers you a stunning range of eateries. However, Babushka Deli is my favourite. Their food is just off the charts! On top of that, Hazendal’s Pivnushka Beer Garden serves many chilled drinks to wash down the delicious meals you will have here. And you’re still wondering why this is one of the best family-friendly wine farms in the Western Cape?

Okay, let me fill you in on some of the activities that await you at this awesome wine estate. First off, the Marvel Gallery is a must-visit for art lovers. Then we have Hazendal’s beautiful gardens, perfect for family picnics. You could also visit Wonderdal with your children for a delightful bonding experience. However, although Hazendal entertains children of all ages, the Wonderdal edutainment centre is exclusively for children between ages 5 and 13. This wine farm is located at Bottelary at Ronelle Street via Kruis Street and opens daily from 8 am until 10 pm. If I were you, I’d book my spot now.

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7. Laborie Wine Estate

Lekke Family-Friendly Wine Farms in the Western Cape
Image: Laborie Wine Estate, 2024

Laborie is one of the most beautiful, family-friendly wine farms in central Paarl. The estate has three lovely restaurants (Stoep, Suzanne, and Cucina di Giovanni), accommodation, wine tastings, function rooms, and a farm and wine shop called Farm Grocer. Laborie also offers family-friendly lunch- and sunset picnics during summertime and excellent mountain biking trails that form part of the Paarl Trails.

Laborie Estate has big grounds adorned with stunning gardens, art sculptures (primarily focusing on Nanette Ranger’s works) and rolling lawns that give you beautiful views of the far-off vineyards and majestic mountains. The estate has an incredible wine farm-themed playground at Stoep Restaurant, perfect for kids. The food and experience at Laborie Estate are stunning, making it an excellent destination for parents to visit with their kids.

The picnics are suitable for families and include a special menu for children. There is ample space for kids to run around and have fun, and water canals near the Stoep Restaurant are safe for splashing and summertime play. Older children can enjoy the mountain biking trails and appreciate the great food and drinks from on-site restaurants: Suzanne, Stoep, and Cucina di Giovanni.

Stoep Restaurant and Suzanne’s outside seating area are best suited for children of all ages. Cucina di Giovanni is marketed as a family-friendly restaurant, but I have not seen much of it as it was closed when we visited. The Farm Grocer is a great place to browse for your needs and stocks a wealth of locally sourced, sustainable food items, homeware, gifts, and wine while selling some tasty goodies and ice lollies for a summer treat! Laborie Estate is suitable for children of all ages and has a kids’ menu.

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Relish Family Time at a Wine Farm in the Western Cape

All in all, the Western Cape is a great place for families who want to enjoy wine farms. There are many family-friendly estates such as Babylonstoren and Dunstone. Not only do these estates offer great wines, but they also have activities for all ages. You can have picnics at Laborie or learn new things at Hazendal. These family-friendly wine farms are perfect for creating family memories while enjoying the beautiful scenery of South Africa’s Western Cape. For more outdoor adventures in the Cape, check out these 4 glorious spots for glamping in the Western Cape. Have a wonderful time!

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