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Knoxville, TN: Dog-Friendly Hotels that Explore Wellness

Knoxville, TN: Dog-Friendly Hotels that Explore Wellness

When we travel, we want our entire family with us. If that means three kids or five dogs, or both, it does not matter. Today, everyone is welcome to tag along. Knoxville is known for being one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States and it’s no wonder that they have an array of pet-friendly hotels to choose from! In this article, I have focused on the hotels that offer wellness activities for you to enjoy while your four-legged friend tags along! Let’s get right into it!

Hilton Knoxville

Knoxville, TN: Dog-Friendly Hotels that Explore Wellness

Less than a mile from Neyland Stadium, the World’s Fair Park, and the University of Tennessee is Hilton Knoxville. Here you can indulge in all sorts of delicacies! Conveniently, the hotel has a restaurant called Marble City Kitchen which is impeccably luxurious. Serving authentic Southern cuisine during breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Marble Kitchen exists to impress.

Interestingly, the menu items vary from ‘coriander-crusted salmon’ to whiskey-glazed, crispy brussel sprouts with bacon. My mouth is watering! Moreover, Hilton Knoxville hosts many evenings with live music that are sure to make the food taste even better! The hotel also has a bar called The Firefly and an in-house Starbucks! Winding down in the evenings and getting fired up in the mornings has never been easier!

For wellness, Hilton Knoxville has an indoor pool that you could take a few laps in. Perhaps a simple lounge would do you good too! Whatever you desire to do here, you could do! This hotel also has a fitness centre to keep your body moving and fit. Hilton Knoxville is definitely one of the best dog-friendly hotels in Tennessee.

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Graduate Knoxville

Knoxville, TN: Dog-Friendly Hotels that Explore Wellness
Image: Graduate Knoxville, 2023

This pet-friendly hotel explores creativity like no other hotel out there! Inspired by storytelling and college nostalgia, Graduate Knoxville is a great place to find inspiration! Celebrating the Marble City, guest rooms are decorated with strokes of blue, orange and white paint with touches of vintage shapes. Moreover, pets are welcome to stay at the hotel for 35 dollars per night extra! On top of that, Graduate Knoxville sits next to the Tennessee River. What a great place to meditate!

Furthermore, this hotel is close to the Great Smokey Mountains! Surely, this is the place to stay for the ultimate wellness getaway! Give an hour or two of your time to their 24-hour gym facility. Alternatively, you could take a stroll through the theatre district or go watch a local American football game at the Neyland Stadium. As you can see, Graduate Knoxville is among the best dog-friendly hotels in Tennessee. Keep reading for one more option!

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The Tennessean

Knoxville, TN: Dog-Friendly Hotels that Explore Wellness
Image: The Tennessean, 2023

If you want to travel around on foot, then step this way. Conveniently located in the heart of Knoxville, finding local restaurants and entertainment facilities while staying at The Tennessean is incredibly easy. Also, pets are allowed at an additional fee and rest assured that the staff is very keen on dotting on your four-legged creature. In fact, The Tennessean is among the most accommodating dog-friendly hotels in the state!

Moreover, this hotel offers guests free WiFi, gorgeous views of Knoxville, a fitness centre and many more amenities. Their restaurant is called ‘The Drawing Room’ and serves guests quintessential Southern cuisine. From ‘bacon-wrapped dates as an appetiser to NY-style cheesecake for dessert, you are set for an incredible food experience.

Located close to Market Square, Business District, Old City and the University of Tennessee; The Tennessean is sure to make your stay in Knoxville a memorable one.

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Bark Up The Right Tree

When in Knoxville, you will experience the historic Marble City with ease as your fur baby tags along. This city is extremely accommodating to pets. You and your entire family will feel right at home here! Don’t stay where you and your entourage aren’t welcome. No! Rather bark up the right tree by staying in Knoxville, TN: dog-friendly hotels, where they care about your entire trip. Get some walking in, take a dip in the hotels’ indoor swimming pools, and just have a paw-ty of a time already. Go on, just do it!

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