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Kayaking Tours to Experience in Norway

Kayaking Tours to Experience in Norway

There is something serene about kayaking. Maybe it’s the soothing sound of water or the peaceful nature that surrounds you. Either way, this water sport bears many mental and physical benefits for you.

Some of the best physical benefits of kayaking include improved cardiac health, increased upper body strength, and enhanced endurance. On the other hand, the benefits include improved focus, enhanced memory, and boosted moods.

As a matter of fact, Norway is one of the best places to kayak in the world. However, it can be difficult to choose a spot to kayak in the country. I mean, there are over 60,000 lakes and 1000 fjords! That’s a bit much, right? For that reason, since I love my readers so much, I have compiled a selection of the 3 best tours that give the best kayaking experience in Norway.

Be sure to read until the end for a bonus trip that will do wonders for your wellness. Let’s dive into it!

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1. Kayak Tour on the Oslofjord

Kayak Tour on the Oslofjord: one of the best kayaking tours in Oslo, Norway.
Image: Oslo Kayak Tours, 2022

If you are travelling to Oslo in Norway then this 3-hour kayak tour is for you. The tour is hosted by Oslo Kayak Tours and takes place in Oslofjord.

During this kayak excursion, you discover Oslo while getting fantastic exercise. While you paddle across the Oslofjord’s stunning waters, you’ll pass by city landmarks and natural wonders including bays, beaches, and islands. Best of all, no prior kayaking knowledge is necessary. Professional local tour guides are available to help you get the best experience.

The tour guides provide information on attractions like the charming marina with its houseboats, the contemporary buildings on Fornebu, and the beaches along the peninsula Bygdy’s shore. Certainly, this tour is filled with a lot of sightseeing.

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2. Kayak Nature Safari in Vågan

Kayak Nature Safari in Vågan: another great kayaking tour in Norway.
Image: XXLofoten, 2021

Are you looking to get closer to Norway’s marine and bird life? Then you need to make your way to the Kayak Nature Safari tour from XXLofoten. Starting in Kabelvåg, this is a great guided tour to the Lofoten Islands.

Similar to the kayak tour on the Oslofjord, this tour lasts 3 hours. Your licenced tour guide will give you your gear and show you how to operate the double sea kayaks before you leave the coast. Along with seeing the coastal fauna from the sea, you’ll also get a fresh perspective of the island’s highlands. There are just 12 available spots on this small-group excursion so book your tour early.

Sea kayaking is one of our most well-liked excursions because of the mix of silence, untamed nature on all sides, and complete freedom of movement. As you set out in a sea kayak, you essentially sit on the water’s surface and may move through it by using your own strength. As you paddle up near the majestic mountains of Lofoten, you see them from a completely different angle. This is a sight that is nearly as spectacular as being on top of the mountain.

3. Midnight Sun Kayak in Vestvågøy

Midnight Sun Kayak in Vestvågøy: a top 3 kayaking tour in Norway.

Something amazing happens in Norway every summer. From May until July, the sun doesn’t set! Yep, you read that right. Just imagine going on a kayak tour at midnight. Wouldn’t that be a great adventure?

Actually, you can experience this kind of adventure during the Midnight Sun Kayak tour. On a double kayak, you’ll drift over the river as your guide entertains you with amusing tales and serves up food and drink. The tour is hosted by Northern Explorer Lofoten and takes place on the Norwegian island of Vestvågøy.

Paddle close to the shore and little islands on the brilliant summer nights while sipping handmade tea and hearing tales of the Vikings. This excursion is remarkable because of the midnight sun and the stunning Eggum Mountain backdrop. It’s a lovely time to watch seabirds and the gorgeous sky hues, not to mention the water’s tint. Prepare to have a blast!

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[Bonus] Kayak + Yoga in Oslo

I know it sounds strange but hear me out. Yoga and paddling both help the body and mind relax, which is something they have in common. Imagine the sound of the waves in your ears while you practise yoga on the sand. Wouldn’t that be a memorable experience?

This is something you can do at the Kayak + Yoga event at Oslo Kayak Tours. From the Marina, you take a brief paddle trip to the beach at Bygdy Sjbad, where a yoga instructor awaits you for a mindful session. After your kayak trip, you practise gentle yoga poses while focusing on your breathing before moving into a resting phase. The session lasts for an hour and refreshments are provided thereafter.

Even though all required equipment is included, remember to bring some warmer clothing for the relaxing stage. The trip lasts approximately 2- 2,5 hours and takes place between June and September. This is definitely something to experience when you are in the land of the midnight sun!

Get Your Feet Wet

Now that you know the top places to go kayaking in Norway, it’s time to make your pick and get your feet wet! Not only are these kayak tours great for your mental and physical health, but they are also fun. So, waste no more time. If you are looking for more water-based activities, check out the best fjords in Norway. Have a wonderful time!

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