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Jungle Lodges in Brazil

Waterfall in the amazon rain forest

Olá amigos! The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. It covers 40% of the South American continent. On top of that, the Amazon River is the largest in the world in terms of volume. Certainly, these are wonderful experiences to have on your bucket list. When you’re in the vicinity, you must visit one of the stunning jungle lodges that Brazil has to offer.

Embrace the lush greenery and beautiful biodiversity that this rainforest is best known for. These are some of the world’s wettest ecosystems, hence the term rainforest. Grab your raincoats and come find out more about some of the best jungle lodges in Brazil.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge in the State of Amazonas

This exclusive lodge is located in the heart of The Amazon Rain Forest. Anavilhanas has a variety of leisure activities that will help you tap into nature. For this reason, you have the chance to embrace all that the Amazon has to offer. There are many wonderful activities and experiences to do at this jungle lodge. One of the coolest is canoeing through the creeks and flooded forests. Why not watch the scenery change as you paddle along the waters between the forest? Surely, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge gives you with the most wonderful experiences to fulfil all your forest fantasies.

In addition to canoeing and paddle boarding, sightseeing is another popular wellness activity at Anavilhanas. Explore the nightlife inside the forest, lightened by the stars. Despite spotting birds and sloths, beware of the alligators hidden in the darkness. Nevertheless, this jungle lodge is perfect for animal lovers. Anavilhanas Lodge also offers dolphin sightings in one of the largest rivers in the world. Two bucket list items ticked off at once, don’t you think?

The cottages at the lodge also have luxurious amenities like balcony hammocks, air-conditioning and stunning forest views. Besides the wonderful experiences, Anavilhanas prioritises luxury and comfort.

Hammock in front of a waterfall near Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge in the State of Amazonas. One of the best jungle lodges in Brazil.

Amazon Eco Park Jungle Lodge in Tarumã

Amazon Eco Park is located on the banks of the Tarumã River. In the heart of the Amazon, there are 70 apartments immersed in the forest. Moreover, there is a pier that helps you embark and disembark. This jungle lodge has sun beds, natural pools and a private beach. Giving you a real opportunity to see different birds, giant trees and exotic orchids.

The activities at Amazon Jungle Lodge include visiting the Forest of Monkeys. You also get the chance to visit a rehabilitation centre for animals. Do you want to explore the jungle? Forest walks with several trails allow you to do just that! Giving you the chance to see the incalculable species of plants, streams and savannas that the amazon has to offer. This jungle resort has many packages that to everyone, making your stay as memorable as possible.

Aerial view of the Amazon river in the rainforest

Pantanal Jungle Lodge in the Heart of Pantanal

Pantanal Jungle Lodge is built on the banks of the Miranda River. Resting under shades of trees, their apartments are well equipped for relaxation. The design of the environment integrates nature through its walkways that extend onto trails and balconies. Wake up to the sound of birds singing and water crashing against the banks. What better way to start your day, right?

Pantanal has incredible land and water tours. Their jungle boat trip will take you on a trip to discover enchanting and majestic landscapes. Via the Miranda River & the Red River. These river safaris will expose you to another level of wilderness while immersing you in the jungle. There’s no better way to experience the amazon other than a boat ride.

However, if it’s not enough for you to look at the river from afar, you can always try floating on it. With the help of a foam float (a pool noodle for you and me), you get to be carried by the current of the Mirante river. You can relax until you float back to the lodge. An insane mode of transport if you ask me. So if you’re feeling like you’re ready to explore the jungle through the river, head on over to Pantanal!

Where the Red River and the Miranda River Meet

Final Goodbyes

Even though we were taught that we only need the bare necessities in the jungle,  lodges prove us wrong. You will live in absolute comfort and luxury here. So, next time you visit the amazon, make your way down the river to one of these spectacular lodges. And if you’re near the beaches instead of the river when in Brazil, why not visit some stunning beach resorts? Ciao Amigos! See you there.

Psychology tip: being within and around trees calms the body.

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