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The Bettei Senjuan Hotel: Japan’s Luxury Ryokan

Japan’s Luxury Ryokan; the Bettei Senjuan Hotel

Welcome to the Bettei Senjuan Hotel, traditionally referred to in Japan as the Bettei Senjuan Ryokan. This Ryokan is known for its serene setting in the mountains, and hot spring baths – also known as onsens and traditional Japanese hospitality. Encapsulating the perfection of pure Japanese elegance, the Bettei Senjuan Hotel promises a stay that you can never forget.

The hotel offers guests an enchanting blend of natural beauty, and cultural immersion, as well as an unmatched journey into the overall allure of the Bettei Senjuan Hotel. Here, time-honoured traditions meet modern luxury to create a memorable escape like nothing else ever could. Explore the nuances of this exceptional destination, where the art of relaxation and the embrace of nature converge in perfect harmony.

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Rooms at the Bettei Senjuan Hotel

Japan’s Luxury Ryokan; the Bettei Senjuan Hotel
Image; Michelin Guide, 2022

Each room at Bettei Senjuan looks out onto the snow-capped peaks of Mount Tanigawa as well as the cherry blossom trees at its feet. This entire landscape is something to behold when staying at the Bettei Senjuan Hotel. The views from unspoilt nature seep through the floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the natural light to fill the zen-inspired interior.

Within the rooms, modern design meets the art of Kumiko wood joinery and traditional calligraphy. There are 18 rooms, suites, and villas to choose from, all with a homey feel and plenty to do. Certain rooms are designed for optimal seclusion, boasting private onsens! All rooms have Wi-Fi, but this is almost the only thing that the rooms have in common. Each room is unique, allowing you to choose one that best represents the kind of stay you want. Some rooms have a kitchenette, others have an open-air hot-spring bath, and some even have Nespresso machines!

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Facilities at the Bettei Senjuan Hotel

Japan’s Luxury Ryokan; the Bettei Senjuan Hotel

Sit back and relax. At the Bettei Senjuan Hotel, be sure to take some time to lounge in the hot spring baths in the rooms. Also, take some time to discover the perfectly manicured gardens (all Ryokans pride themselves in their gardens). The traditional Ryokan experience extends to the introduction of the Japanese way of life. This includes sleeping on tatami mats, wearing yukata, also known as a casual kimono, and enjoying kaiseki cuisine (a multi-course meal that showcases seasonal ingredients).

Moreover, the Bettei Senjuan Hotel is famous for its onsens, offering multiple indoor onsen baths. Guests can enjoy soaking in the mineral-rich, geothermal waters while taking in the beautiful natural surroundings. Bettei Senjuan Hotel also offers cultural experiences such as tea ceremonies, ikebana (flower arranging), and traditional Japanese music performances.

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Restaurant at the Bettei Senjuan Hotel

Japan’s Luxury Ryokan; the Bettei Senjuan Hotel
Image: HRS, 2023

The Bettei Sejuan Hotel only has one restaurant and only accommodates hotel guests. The Bettei Senjuan restaurant is known for its traditional kaiseki cuisine. This style of cuisine is a multi-course meal, emphasising seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Kaiseki meals are mostly praised for their beautiful presentation and delicious quality. Moreover, the menu at Bettei Senjuan changes according to the seasons to showcase the freshest and most flavourful ingredients. This ensures that guests experience the best of Japanese cuisine year-round.

As with many other Ryokans, the Bettei Senjuan is not indifferent to private dining rooms where guests can enjoy their kaiseki meals in an intimate and peaceful setting. You dine while sitting on tatami mats, often at low tables. Also, you may wear a yukata provided by the restaurant. The immersion into the Japanese culture utilising dining practices allows you to truly form a lifelong appreciation for the age-old practices. You might even learn something about yourself, you never know!

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Bettei Book With the Bettei Senjuan Hotel

Japan’s Luxury Ryokan; the Bettei Senjuan Hotel
Image: Eco Lodges Japan, 2023

Situated in the scenic and tranquil area of Minakami in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, the Bettei Senjuan Hotel is a must-visit. With its location in Minakami, a region known as a mountainous hot spring resort town close to Tokyo, an awe-inspiring escape awaits you. Apart from staying at the Bettei Senjuan Hotel, there is a lot to do around the hotel too. This includes hiking Mount Tanigawa, and kayaking the swells of the Tone River that runs through Minakami.

During the winter months, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. You can do all of this from the comfort of the Bettei Senjuan Hotel, during all seasons! With its lush gardens, soothing hot springs, and culinary delights that celebrate the season you choose to escape daily life, the hotel is the perfect place to come home to after an eventful day in Minakami. So, if Japan is next on your list of places to visit, you Bettei book with the luxurious Bettei Senjuan Hotel!

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