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Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow

Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow

Welcome to the culinary journey through Glasgow, where health-conscious dining meets vibrant flavours. Let’s explore a selection of the city’s top establishments that prioritise not only taste but also well-being. From fresh, locally sourced ingredients to innovative dishes that cater to various dietary preferences, Glasgow’s healthy restaurants are a testament to the city’s commitment to nourishing both body and soul. So, without further ado, let’s uncover the wholesome delights that are waiting to be savoured within this dynamic culinary scene.


Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow
Image; Glasgow Times, 2023

This restaurant puts the flavour in their healthy dishes like you won’t believe!  Kcal is a nutritionally focused restaurant and smoothie bar in the picture-perfect city of Glasgow. It is easily the most indulgent healthy restaurant in Glasgow. What’s more, the restaurant caters to those following the Halal lifestyle. However, they only make use of Halal produce once a Halal dish is requested. Kcal is more than just a restaurant though; it is also a meal prepping service.

Try their delicious House Made Granola Bowl that includes maple granola, pomegranate seeds, mixed berries chia seeds, raspberry coulis, and toasted coconut for breakfast. If you’re craving something cosy, try Kcal’s Protein Pancakes that can be dressed in all sorts of ways: sweet, salty or a little bit salty! Add crispy bacon, organic maple syrup and chives, or dress it the All-American way with house-made maple granola, banana and toasted coconut. There are many more dishes to chew over while grazing the menu on Kcal’s website.

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Down to Earth

Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow

This restaurant is a flexitarian kitchen. What does this mean? Well, a flexitarian is essentially someone who primarily follows a vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish. Down to Earth‘s philosophy is to make natural food with good, wholesome ingredients. Most of their dishes are vegan and there’s no beef or dairy in their kitchen. Moreover, most of the food items are made from scratch (the products that could be made from scratch promptly, that is). These products include garlic mayonnaise, coconut spread and katsu sauce.

With an array of dining options to choose from, it’s easy to see why Down to Earth is one of the top healthy restaurants in Glasgow. From breakfast muffins to Buddha Bowls, Down to Earth is guaranteed to squash any hunger pang. If you are a super health-conscious diner, order the Super Green Soup, hiding kale, potato, leek, broccoli, spinach, and coconut cream. And If you’re after something sweet, try the organic Apple & Blueberry Crumble Porridge. Alternatively, if you’re looking to fill up the tank, try the Falafel Burger with beetroot hummus, beetroot, pickles, raw tomato salsa, and sriracha. All are encapsulated in a toasted sesame bun.

Soul Food Kitchen

Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow
Image: HappyCow, 2023

Soul Food Kitchen’s ethos is to provide the people of Glasgow with easily accessible vegetarian and vegan dishes. They aim to increase overall wellbeing by also raising awareness in the community by holding lots of events and workshops in their restaurant. Moreover, their values include sourcing organic produce where possible, supporting local farmers, only using healthy oils to cook with and using 100% compostable packaging. Soul Food Kitchen is one of the top healthy restaurants in Glasgow, and it’s not hard to see why!

They have everything you need to refresh your body, like their delicious cold-press juices, kombucha, coconut water and organic fruit juice with spring water. The menu is your oyster! Hungry? Start with an appetiser, perhaps some sourdough with avocado butter. Thereafter, move on to your main with the Tempeh Ramen dish or miso-glazed aubergine on a bed of pea puree, pickled salad, and lemongrass rice. Don’t forget to end the meal with something sweet like their vegan peanut butter cheesecake!

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Serenity Now

Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow
Image: HappyCow, 2023

This café restaurant is inspired by the American television show Seinfeld. Open since 2017, Serenity Now Café even provides vegan snacks for dogs. This is a family-run business that serves delicious vegan meals for anybody in the mood for something holistic. This café is known to serve delicious coffee that never varies in taste no matter how infrequent your visits are. Serenity now prides itself on serving colourful and rather inventive dishes that set the menu apart from all other healthy restaurants in Glasgow.

Try their vegan fried chicken wrap for brunch or their Breakfast Slam pancakes with vegan sausage and whipped ancho chilli butter. Serenity Now’s portion sizes are regarded as generous by those who have reviewed the restaurant and nearly all of them praise the pricing of dishes. Quality is a game at Serenity Now, and you might just leave there not only feeling full, but healthy too!


Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow
Image: Rhyme & Ribbons, 2023

At Mono, all food is made fresh without any animal products. Open since 2002, this large venue places a lot of emphasis on music and community. The menu features locally sourced ingredients that make all the difference in taste. The restaurant also has an array of cold-pressed juices for some much-needed feel-good vibes. Try their Soup of the Day with a crunchy sourdough roll as a starter. And more a feast, order some Bang Bang Cauliflower Wings as a side to your To-Fish Chips.

“What is To-Fish?”, you wonder. Well, it’s essentially marinated tofu in a crispy batter served with hand-cut chips and Tartare sauce. You can add mushy peas to the dish if you’d like too! For something a bit cosier, order their Caramelised Aubergine Bowl served with basmati rice, miso pickled cabbage with mint, lime, and coriander. All topped with cucumber, chilli and sesame. Mono is not only one of the most healthy restaurants in Glasgow, but it’s also the most lively!

Suissi Vegan Kitchen

Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow
Image: Tripadvisor, 2023

Suissi Vegan Kitchen delights itself in welcoming souls from all walks of life who want to indulge in a kinder and more wholesome life. All dishes are handmade and delicious with no added MSG. The dishes are Asian-inspired and thoroughly vegan. Open since April 2019 in Patric, Glasgow, Suisse Vegan Kitchen aims to reflect Malaysian culture through the craft of cuisine. People from all walks of life with all kinds of dietary lifestyles have been dining at this special restaurant.

The Asian-fusion, plant-based creations are all handmade with fresh local ingredients. Emphasising connection, the menu relies on family-style dining. Moreover, Suissi’s famous Acar dish is a must for your family-style buffet. This dish is made up of raw pickled vegetables drenched in a peanut chilli sauce. Another great item on Suissi’s menu is their Tofu Parcels. This dish is made up of stuffed bean sprouts, cucumber as well coriander and it’s topped with sweet chilli sauce and crunchy peanuts. Yum!

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Yummy in My Tummy!

Indulge in the best Healthy Restaurants in Glasgow
Image: Businessconnect, 2023

From nourishing Buddha bowls to inventive plant-based creations, Glasgow’s dining scene proves that wholesome dining does not need to be boring. Instead, it could be a delightful gastronomic experience. Whether you’re a local seeking new flavour or a visitor eager to savour the city’s culinary offerings, the diverse and health-conscious options are plentiful in the vibrant city of Glasgow. So, let us toast a healthier and happier dining experience with the healthy restaurants in Glasgow that seem to take root in the hearts of these city dwellers.

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