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Incredible Places to go Hiking in Florida

Incredible places to go hiking in Florida

When you think of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is partying it up in Miami. It is known for its pristine beaches, warm weather and great diving sites. However, there are equally important stunning hiking locations to visit in Florida.

Take a breather from the party scene and immerse yourself in nature. Go hiking in some of the coolest spots in Florida which further showcase its diverse flora and fauna. This state is known as the sunshine state so it’s only fitting that you get out into nature and take in some sun. You will experience Florida in a different light. So don’t miss out, here are some of the incredible places to go hiking in Florida.

1. Ocala National Forest

First, we have Ocala National Forest. Nestled between well-known theme parks and white sandy beaches, Ocala is a nature lover’s haven. This forest offers 360 000 acres of hiking, perfect for the avid hiker. Along your trail, you will see bountiful hills and ponds. Ocala National Forest is also home to 600 lakes where you can enjoy swimming and canoeing too. From migratory birds to freshwater springs, this forest is a haven where you can escape to experience mother nature. Bask in all Ocala has to offer while on one of its many hiking trails.

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Ocala National Forest in Florida, USA.

2. Withlacoochee State Forest

Secondly, we have Withlacoochee which has 15 trails ideal for hiking, walking and bird watching. There are a variety of trails available, tailored to different hikers. This state forest offers strenuous hikes that range from 2 to 293 metres in elevation gain.

One of the best trails is the Withlacoochee River trail. It is 5.1 km in length and has a 16m elevation gain. Lastly, it is considered an easy route and takes about 58 minutes to complete. This is the perfect trail if you’re easing into a hike and want to enjoy Mother Nature fully. With dogs welcome, Withlacoochee River is a great trail for animal lovers. Furthermore, Withlacoochee State Forest has multiple trails that are perfect for any type of hiker.

Incredible Places to go Hiking in Florida

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3. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Paynes Prairie is unique to Florida and is the state’s first preserve park. This is the only place in Florida where you can experience wild-roaming bison and horses too. There are nearly 300 species of birds and other wildlife such as deer and alligators. Moreover, Paynes has 8 trails including a 25-kilometre paved trail. You will be able to explore the park’s interior and wildlife too. Along with a 15-metre observation tower that offers sensational panoramic views.

With multiple trails, you have many opportunities to explore different parts of Paynes Prairie and see a wide variety of wildlife. On top of that, fishing and canoeing are extremely popular activities here too.

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Paynes Prairie Preserve State park in Florida

4. Little Talbot Island State Park

Next, we have Little Talbot in Jacksonville. Boasting more than 8 kilometres of pristine beaches and bike trails, Little Talbot offers untouched beauty and diverse ecosystems. The number 1 trail is the Dune Ridge Loop. This trail is 6.6 kilometres long and has a 22-metre elevation gain. Better yet, the Dune Ridge Loop trail is near Atlantic Beach in Florida. It takes roughly an hour and 14 minutes to complete. This state park is extremely popular for bird watching, camping and hiking. The versatility of this rail is astonishing. From the diverse Florida woods to equally important beach dunes, you get to experience it all.

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5. Big Shoals State Park

Finally, we have Big Shoals State Park. With over 40 metres of trail, Big Shoals offers many hiking, biking and running opportunities. Essentially, you get to experience this amazing park all while getting your steps in. Furthermore, one of the most popular trails in this park is the Woodpecker trail. This is a 54-kilometre scenic and serene paved trail. It takes you through the woods winds along the road through sandhills and the river. Moss-draped oak trees and wildflowers can be seen along the trail. Lastly, you can embrace the beautiful sounds that nature has to offer. Such as sparrows singing or hawks calling. Therefore, you get the full sensory experience.

People hiking at Big Shoals State Park in Florida

Embrace Nature

If you’re ever in Florida, be sure to add some holistic wellness activities to your to-do list. Visit the places that embrace nature and all that it has to offer. Also, if you’re looking for other activities to do when in USA, why not add mountain resorts in Colorado to your list?

Psychology tip: hiking outdoors lowers anxiety and depression.

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