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Immaculate Wilderness Spots in Alaska

Let me introduce my favourite state in the United States of America. Mainly because it’s famous for its delicious tasty sourdough. And I mean, who doesn’t like good sourdough? Anyway, I’m talking about Alaska if you didn’t read the title. Alaska is the most northern state of North America. It’s known as “The Last Frontier” as it shares a sea border with Russia to the west.

Besides the sourdough (which is obviously really important), Alaska’s wildlife is a great tourist attraction. In fact, people travel from around the world to see Alaska’s Big Five. The Alaskan Big Five are the bear, moose, Dall sheep, wolf, and caribou. All the other wildlife is just as special for their rarity. With that said, come along as we discover Alaska’s immaculate wilderness spots.

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1. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage Valley

Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in USA
Image: Alaska Shore Tours, 2021

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving wild animals. Along with conservation; education, research, and animal care are vital to the organisation. Although the centre is mainly educational, its surrounding views are breathtaking. Portage Valley is surrounded by the stunning Chugach Mountain Range. Also, the sanctuary stretches over 80 hectares. As a result, the centre provides injured and rescued animals with a safe and spacious habitat.

When inside the sanctuary, you find a 3-kilometre scenic loop trail. Choose if you want to drive, ski, cycle, kick-sledge, or walk the route. On top of that, there are signs along the route. So, learn new things while taking in stunning views, fresh air, and nature around you.

From December to March, take part in unique ways to explore the centre during winter. Besides gliding on your cross-country skis, you could rent AWCC kick-sledges. Clearly, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Also, paying an entrance fee helps the centre a lot. So, it’s good for you and the animals.

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2. Guided Wilderness Tour Around Anchorage

Visit Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city.

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city. Consequently, it is a gateway to nearby wilderness areas. Anchorage also leads to mountain ranges like Onugach, Kenal, and Talkeetna. For a tour around Anchorage, check out Get Your Guide. Not only are you immersed in beautiful scenery but also taken into exclusive areas of the wilderness. In fact, the Onugach National Forest is just nearby. Expect to see an array of wildlife in the forest. These include coyotes, timber wolves, mooses, black bears, and deer.

After your visit to the national forest, let a guide take you to the most scenic locations. When you reach your awesome locations, your guide gives you a photography lesson. So don’t worry, your Instagram will be booming! Once your Instagram pics are sorted, you’re given snacks and drinks on the tour. Just remember your sunnies, a sunhat, and a comfortable outfit.

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3. Kenai Fjords National Park

Hiking and visiting Kenai Fjords National Park
Source: National Park Service, 2022

Kenai Fjords National Park covers more than 270 000 hectares of Alaska. From tall tidewater glaciers to pods of orcas, this national park is a highlight when visiting Alaska. Better yet, it protects some of Alaska’s best wilderness. The best time of the year to visit Kenai Fjords is during summer. Although the park is open year-round, the main attraction is closed during winter due to rough seas and heavy snow. However, you clearly spot the northern lights dancing in the night sky from Kenai during winter.

Only after hiking the Seward Wilderness Hiking Trail in Kenai Fjords will you understand why it’s such a popular location. Head out into the wilderness by hiking the most serene four-hour trail in Alaska. Don’t have all your hiking gear? No worries. You get trekking poles from your trained guide to support your hike. Remember to spot wildlife and the great views Alaska offers along the way. Walk past waterfalls, creeks, and glaciers while you’re at it. Surely you won’t want to miss a visit to Kenai Fjords National Park when in Alaska.

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When you think of Alaska, you should think about wide-open spaces, abundant outdoor activities, and Alaskan culture. The state might be icy year-round but trust me, it’s not boring. There is so much excitement to be had. Make sure to check out wellness gems in Alaska to fill your trip with crazy excursions. And as the Alaskans say, welcome cheechako (newcomer to Alaska). Tang’rciqamken (Alaskan for “I’ll see you again”).

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