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Immaculate Vegan Eateries in Amsterdam

Immaculate Vegan Eateries in Amsterdam

When you think about vegan food, your immediate thoughts are carrots, leaves and overall bland and unenjoyable food. However, this is not the case. Many restaurants prioritise flavour and the environment simultaneously. You do not have to sacrifice either of these things. This is the case with some of the best and most immaculate vegan eateries in Amsterdam. You will thoroughly enjoy your meals guilt-free at some of the best vegan restaurants Amsterdam has to offer.

Each of these eateries offer something unique and take on an exciting perspective of healthy and vegan food. Their aim is to provide you with the best experience possible and change your mind about vegan food. Let’s explore some of the best vegan eateries in Amsterdam further.

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1. Soil Vegan Cafe

Soil Vegan Cafe is one of most the immaculate vegan eateries in Amsterdam because of their delicious tacos

First up on our list of immaculate vegan restaurants is Soil Vegan Cafe. In their words, “Delicious food is our thing”. Soil brings big flavours to plant-based dishes. They further use techniques to make their food both tasty and sustainable. Soil Vegan aims to keep their menu seasonal, creative and authentic. One of the best things about this restaurant is that they combine the freshness of South-East Asia and the smokiness of American BBQ. Oh how we love the versatility.

One of the strangest things on the menu is a pulled pork taco. Now, you may be wondering how is pork on the menu at a vegan restaurant. To your surprise, you will discover that it’s a delicious jackfruit cooked and flavoured to mimic the meat. You would never even say it’s not meat! Soil Vegan Cafe is also known for its delicious warm bowls that are jam-packed with healthy and delicious ingredients such as edamame, daikon and tofu that are perfectly seasoned. The variety on this menu makes Soil Vegan one of the most immaculate vegan eateries in Amsterdam.

2. Meatless District

Meatless District is one of the most immaculate vegan eateries in Amsterdam for their innovate use of chickpeas

Meatless District is a modern vegan eatery that offers 100% plant-based dishes. It is located in the heart of the ‘old west’ Bilderdijkstraat. One of the most unique things about this restaurant is the fact that they even serve vegan wine! The menu also features numerous classics from around the world, and are all prepared fresh, daily.

Meatless District works closely with local producers, using only the finest vegan products in Amsterdam. Healthy and delicious alternatives to meat are highlighted in all their dishes. Chickpeas, aubergine and mushrooms seem to be the stars of many of their dishes. With many of them trying to mimic the taste and textures of meat, you get the full experience without all the meat. With community being a massive part of Meatless District’s ethos, they ensure their people are well taken care of all the time. Therefore, there is no doubt as to why they’re one of the most immaculate vegan eateries in Amsterdam.

3. The Dutch Weed Burger

The Dutch Weed Burger is one of the most immaculate vegan restaurants in Amsterdam because of its modern use of seaweed in food

Next, we have The Dutch Weed Burger. Yes I know, a very unique name indeed. The Weed Burger is 100% plant-powered and aims to contribute to radical change. Weed Burger refuses to turn a blind eye to the reality of our broken food system. They actively and positively contribute to bettering our environment and earth.

The Dutch Weed Burger has a unique take on what they use in their kitchen. They make use of protein-rich beans for ocean greens. Their use of seaweed, which is regarded as the ocean’s gold, is a delicious and interesting alternative to meat. Macro & micro algae such as sea lettuce and royal kombu contain many vitamins, minerals, protein, iron and calcium. This is the oceans’ super-food, a perfect substitute for meat without the burden on the earth. Burgers made from seaweed sound intriguing. Therefore, this immaculate vegan eatery in Amsterdam is definitely not one to pass by.

4. Spirit Amsterdam

Spirit is one of the most immaculate eateries in Amsterdam because of their delicious vegan ice creams

Next on our meat-free list is Spirit Amsterdam. Spirit prepares food daily, that respects the earth, our animals, our environment and the economy. Their organic ingredients mean just that, organic. No pesticides or chemicals are used in the growth and production of their produce, therefore giving you the healthiest options. Instead of sugar, they use rice syrup and dates to avoid health conditions like diabetes. We love health-conscious goodies.

At Spirit Amsterdam, all types of dietary requirements are considered. Salads include delicious ingredients like whole grains and sources of fibre such as quinoa to sustain and satisfy you. One of the best things about Spirit is its wide range of ice cream flavours. Almond, honey nougat and chocolate for all of you with a sweet tooth. And you can indulge in all of this without the guilt or worry of having too much sugar and unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, you should visit this immaculate vegan eatery in Amsterdam.

5. Vegan Temple Bar

Vegan Temple Bar is one of the most immaculate vegan eateries in Amsterdam because of its delicious nachos

Finally, we’ve saved one of the best for last. Vegan Temple Bar offers a wonderful and cosy atmosphere where you will get a nutritious and healthy meal. Each one prepared by experienced and skilled chefs. These dishes are prepared with a mix of both innovative and traditional techniques.

Furthermore, Vegan Temple Bar has some of the tastiest versions of vegan food in Amsterdam. Their menu contains dishes from all over the world, including falafel burgers, nachos and chicken satay fries. All vegan alternatives of course. They even offer a vegan fish platter! This is something worth trying! Thus there is no shock as to why it’s an immaculate eatery in Amsterdam. The perfect pub and bar vibes are found here.

Let’s Eat at an Immaculate Vegan Eatery in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a plethora of delicious vegan eateries, perfect for anyone wanting to experience with their food or someone who just wants to sit down and enjoy a delicious vegan meal. However, if you’re feeling something else, try one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in North Holland. You won’t regret a single seat at any of these tables. You will therefore benefit the environment and your own health by eating at these immaculate vegan restaurants.

Psychology tip: good food puts you in a good mood.

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