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Ikono: A Sensory Experience in Madrid that Inspires

Ikono: A Sensory Experience in Madrid that Inspires

In a nutshell, an immersive experience is a multi-sensory experience that takes users on a journey. This sensory experience is enabled by a combination of interactions that create intuitive and emotional value for the user. So if you wish to escape reality, delve into a new mindset, or extend your capabilities beyond what’s normally possible; this one is for you!

Immersion is an integral part of the new world. In this new world, we explore a level of wellness unlike any other. One place that sets the imagination into overdrive is a place called Ikono, located in the beautiful city of Madrid.

What is Ikono All About?

Ikono is a peculiar interactive art gallery located just in front of the Reina Sofía Museum. Artistically speaking, it’s a collection of different worlds where you come into contact with unique smells, colours and touches. Ikono aims to help visitors indulge in the feeling of escapism. This is because escapism helps to reduce stress, rekindle inspiration, and maintain motivation. Essentially, the Ikono Art Gallery is transforming the leisure sector by allowing visitors to enjoy different spaces that are intertwined with incomparable moments. Although this experience is for all ages, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by adults.

Spanning over 600 m², Ikono offers you unique immersive experiences. These experiences merge with the space and are immortalised by entirely original photos! The idea is to challenge your creativity as you move through the gallery, setting you up as the main character of your life. While enjoying a tour through Ikono, you feel like the maker of your destiny.

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The Ikono Experience

Ikono; The Sensory Experience in Madrid That Will Blow Your Mind
Image: Family Getaway, 2023

Do you want to have the ultimate experience at Ikono? Then booking a tour is a must! The tour lasts approximately an hour and all you need to bring is your ID card or passport. Above all, make sure you pack all your excitement too! Why? Because this interactive gallery is sure to delight Instagramers from all walks of life.

During Ikono’s hour-long tour, you delve into a world beyond your wildest dreams! I’m talking about swimming in a giant ball pool, walking in the only indoor bamboo park in Europe and confetti rain falling all over you! On top of that, you get to gaze at murals painted by local artists like Ricardo Cavolo. Where else can you have such a good time in Madrid? As of May 2023, tickets cost £11 for adults and £6 for children. Additionally, Ikono’s operating hours are from 10:00 to 21:15 during the week and 10:00 to 22:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Ikono; The Sensory Experience in Madrid That Will Blow Your Mind
Image: Madrid Secreto, 2023

If you love having fun as much as I do, then you’ll probably also want to spend as much time at Ikono as possible. Unfortunately, the tour is only an hour long. But, there’s another way! Why not spend the rest of the day exploring the surrounding areas? In fact, you can visit the Plaza Museo Reina Sofia and watch one of the occasional concerts and theatrical performances hosted by the Madrid City Council. Moreover, the shows are abundant and impeccable, especially when spring starts!

You can also visit the Graffiti Torre de Ventilacion, an open-air museum which is located a block from Ikono. While here, walk and admire the art as you breathe in the familiar Madrid air. A bit further from Ikono is the CaixaForum, an arts centre located in a former power station. Unsurprisingly, CaixaForum has a section dedicated to Nicola Tesla: a pioneer of the modern-day electricity supply system! Moreover, the centre continually hosts exhibitions and performances of great design. What’s even greater is that the top floor of the building has its own restaurant! This is a great place to stop for a meal as you explore Madrid more intimately.

Just Imagine with Ikono!

Ikono; The Sensory Experience in Madrid That Will Blow Your Mind
Image: Musement, 2023

Delve into a world where things are in your control. Escape your reality for a little while to find yourself in the corners of a glitter-filled room, or within the envelopment of a graffiti-decorated cacoon! Take a picture while you’re there too, to capture the moment of your colourful escape! It’s sure to light up your life and your Instagram or Facebook page!

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