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How to Choose the Best Wellness Holiday

The word holiday has become synonymous with relaxing and breaking away. The traditional holiday destinations were usually surrounded by hotels, long walks on the beach and sundowners overlooking the water with dance music playing in the background.

This is still ideal for some people, however, most people want more in a holiday package nowadays. They want to be able to disconnect from their everyday hassles and reconnect with nature. They want to sink their feet in the sand and ground their chakras. Some just want to hike up a mountain and feel the breeze brushing off their bodies while others just want good food and good vibes.

Do you remember when we started this wellness journey I gave myself the duty of being your personal wellness guide? Well, sit back and relax while I give you five pointers to use when choosing your perfect wellness holiday.

1. Do a Self-Inquiry

Wellness holidays often incorporate a designed programme that combines certain activities and therapies led by expert practitioners. With that in mind, the first step that will assist you in deciding on the perfect wellness vacation would be to ask yourself the following questions: What are my wellness needs? What am I hoping to achieve? Is It mental health awareness? Tools to use for your everyday life? Or do you just want to explore a new destination? You should also ask yourself if you are looking for something to help you change your social wellness and physical or spiritual well-being.

Answering these questions will help point you in the right direction. Vacationing with a purpose is the main goal of wellness. However, you can also incorporate some fun and adventure into your holiday.

Doing a self-Inquiry is one of the ways that can help you choose the best wellness holiday

2. Type of Retreat, Accommodation and Wellness Program

Are you one of those people that thrive on adventure and thrill? Does mountain climbing or zip lining appeal to your mental wellness or are you more of a feet-in-a-sandy beach and meditation kind of person?

Does the idea of a large resort sound appealing to you or do you prefer an urban retreat with the option of having food delivered to your doorstep? The accommodation will essentially impact the wellness programme you need and want.

I personally am not a fan of anything starting with the words self-catering, simply because it reminds me of home. I mean, I already cook for myself so can’t I be spoiled for a change? My ideal holiday involves hikes, the beach, water, the sun and lots of rest.

Some retreats are very strict and adhere to a set schedule. If you are like my sister who hates being told what to do, this might not appeal to you. This also applies to your wellness programme; would you like a schedule that is set from morning to evening or something that is more flexible and allows you the freedom to explore for yourself?

3. Are You Travelling Alone or With People?

This question will essentially determine how the entire holiday pans out. If you are like me and prefer travelling alone, simply because hiking on my own feels so much better and more freeing, then you can skip this question. However, if you are like my best friend who loves doing group activities then keep reading.

Group activities require patience, understanding and communication. If you are planning to go on this vacation with others, you might want to prepare a list of wellness goals that you all want to achieve. Try to include something that will give everyone what they need and still leave some room for alone time and fun activities.

4. How Far Are You Willing to Go?

Distance may not be a factor for some people. However, it is vital when it comes to travelling. Can you imagine getting that amazing feeling of tranquillity and reconnection with yourself only to spend 6 hours in traffic driving back home? Yeah, that would suck! That is probably one of the reasons most people prefer to stay home and not go away. Simply because of the distance. Therefore, proximity and distance should be among the first things you consider when choosing a wellness holiday.

Finding a place nearby or that is close to the traffic you can handle is now easy thanks to the internet. Calculating your trip’s duration has also become easier now more than ever. Distance is no longer a factor and due to the growth of wellness centres popping up every month. Discovering a destination that is close to your home and meets all your wellness needs has become simple and easier.

The distance between your home and your desired destination is another factor that can help you choose the best wellness holiday for you.

5. What is Your Budget?

We have come to what I would like to call the deciding factor. Whether you stay home or go on your perfect wellness holiday heavily depends on one factor: money. Your budget also determines your holiday’s duration and the type of wellness programmes you can get. Do not forget that you also must factor in the travel costs, accommodation, food, and some emergency money, in case something unexpected happens.

I love collecting souvenirs from different places I visit. Nothing fancy but just little mementoes that remind me of where I’ve been. I always factor this into my budget and so should you.

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Before You Go

The perfect wellness holiday begins with your mindset. The hardest part about choosing your perfect wellness vacation is planning. Once you get that sorted, you will be well on your way to the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. Ready to do? Here are 10 must-visit resorts for your wellness retreat. From your trusted guide, I am wishing you love, light and the best wellness holiday ever. Enjoy!

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