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How to Choose a Health Hydro Spa in South Africa

How to Choose a Health Hydro Spa in South Africa

So, you’ve just familiarised yourself with health hydros and you can’t wait to get your feet wet. Well, that’s fantastic news! But maybe you are unsure how to pick the best health hydro spa for you because they are all amazing. Don’t beat yourself up, you are not alone.

I know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to select the ideal location by yourself. Given the plethora of new spa facilities, it can be very overwhelming to choose the one that best matches your needs. That is why I am here to help. Here are 5 factors that you should consider before choosing a health hydro spa in South Africa. Let’s dive right in

1. Intention

In order to choose the right health hydro spa for you, think about the issue that you want to address. If you don’t know what your intention is then you have to ask yourself this question: “Which particular aspect of my health or well-being am I looking to improve at this health spa?”.

Whether it be weight loss, stress relief, anti-ageing or anything else, the answer to this question will help you narrow down your health hydro options by verifying whether these spas offer what you are looking for or not.

Many health spas mention their activities and amenities on their website so this should be fairly easy to do. Take Brookdale Health Hydro, for instance. Their website makes it clear that their main focus is destressing. So if you intend to relieve stress then you should consider adding Brookdale to your shortlist.

Intention is the 1st factor that you should consider before choosing a health hydro spa in South Africa.

2. Location

Once you have identified your intention, it’s time to consider the location. There are two main things to think about here: 1) the proximity between your location and the health hydro and 2) the spa’s internal environment and its surroundings.

The proximity element deals more with the amount of distance that you are willing to travel to reach the spa. On the other hand, the environment & surroundings element is more closely knitted to your intention.

For example, if you intend to relax in a quiet place then you would shortlist a health hydro in the countryside. In this case, you would not shortlist a health hydro in a busy urban city. Moreover, you would not mind travelling far to get to this serene location. It might cost you slightly more though, and this is related to the next factor: cost.

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3. Cost

It is a known fact that South Africans love saving money on expenditures, always bargaining the best deal. Some might even argue that this should be the first factor to consider. Nevertheless, here are a couple of cost-related questions you should ask yourself before choosing a health hydro spa in South Africa: “How much will the entire experience cost?”. “Does the price fit my current budget?”. And lastly, “Is this health spa giving me the best value for money?”.

Be careful not to make the same mistake that most people do by choosing the cheapest spa available. By doing this, you sacrifice the standard of the services provided. Moreover, the knowledge of the therapists and the level of customer service that you will receive also get compromised. The top spas don’t cut corners when it comes to cleanliness. Therefore, it’s only reasonable that they bill their services more expensively. Also, remember to factor in a 20% gratuity in your budget for the treatments that you are planning to receive.

How to Choose a Health Hydro Spa in South Africa

4. Practitioner Experience

This is a huge deal. Especially if you intend to heal from a particular illness. You may trust that a practitioner has received reliable training if they are licenced. However, education alone does not guarantee a competent therapist! Hydrotherapy practitioners are more likely to be better at their craft if they have been honing their skills for a long time.

Start by reading the staff biographies on the health hydro’s website. You should be able to find out more about them there, including their background, areas of expertise, and length of practice. Wellness professionals share a unique relationship with their patients. If you happen to come across customers of the health spa you intend to choose, consider inquiring about the specialists and their experience.

Hydros typically have a variety of therapists, masseuses, aestheticians, etc. Find out who offers the top body or face massages, then make an appointment with them. An appointment with a therapist who has credibility and experience is preferable to one with little to no experience. Hoogland is a great example of a South African health hydro that has several medical practitioners on its staff.

Practitioner experience is the 4th factor that you should consider before choosing a health hydro spa in South Africa.

5. Wellness Activities and Amenities

You should decide in advance what you want to experience during your health spa getaway to avoid having a disappointing spa experience. Whether you are in love with a specific sensuous massaging technique or simply can’t end your day without a swim in the pool, it’s crucial to be sure that the spa has all your preferred wellness activities and amenities.

Be mindful of what your programme contains though, and only use the services you have paid for. Additional services usually mean that you will incur additional expenses. If you can, book an all-inclusive vacation for a customised wellness experience that includes a wealth of wellness activities and nutritious food. This will allow you to arrange your trip in advance so that you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Health Hydro Day Spa in Boksburg is a brilliant example of a South African health spa that offers a variety of wellness activities and amenities. The spa currently offers more than 20 rejuvenating treatments across 8 mesmerising packages. Talk about options!

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Start Shortlisting

Finding a health hydro spa in South Africa might be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the experience or have recently moved or travelled to the country. As long as you keep these 5 factors in mind, I guarantee you that you will choose the best health hydro for you.

Ready to start shortlisting? Here are the 3 of the best health hydros in South Africa, have a wonderful time!

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