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Puppy Yoga in Bristol & Hotpod Yoga in Bristol For Zen

Yoga is known to relieve stress, improve flexibility and increase endorphin levels, amongst many other things! However, the old types of yoga are so yesterday. Lately, the trends are turning to more interesting forms of yoga, like hot yoga and ‘Doga’. Today, I would like to introduce you to Hotpod Yoga  in Bristol and puppy yoga in Bristol that’ll give you complete zen . So without further ado, let’s stretch into the top new trends for yoga in Bristol!

Hotpod Yoga in Bristol

This type of yoga is different from hot yoga. Basically, it’s yoga in a steam tent. That is the best way I can describe it. Hotpod Yoga gives you a cardiovascular boost, increases flexibility, improves focus and like all exercise, releases endorphins.

Hotpod Yoga is a franchise with over 40 locations around the world, one of them being in Bristol. It’s an ever-growing concept and everyone wants to try it out for themselves!  Hotpod Yoga encourages you to embrace yoga in everyday life. These yoga pods are heated to 37 degrees Celsius and have an ambience that’s lifted by dark purple hues. Better yet, It’s just a stone’s throw away from St Nicks Market. If you want to know more about that, be sure to read about Bristol markets that’ll blow your socks off!

Hotpod Yoga is a delicate mix of endurance, relaxation, deep stretching and controlled breathing. Ultimately, it is wellness in its hottest form! Mats are provided and so are shower and changing facilities. What’s even better is they cater to all fitness levels!

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Puppy Yoga in Bristol

Hotpod - and Puppy Yoga in Bristol!

What more is there to say? Nothing could be cuter. Nothing could be better. Well, there you have it. Puppy yoga with Puply is something that all puppy lovers should try. Sometimes all you need is a little puppy lovin’ to set yourself up for the week.

Puppy therapy is already a newly introduced concept. However, puppy yoga is the shiny new toy! It gives you a chance to engage with four-legged lovebombs in a safe and welcoming environment. They have 12 puppies that you could cuddle to your heart’s content!

Science has shown that interacting with puppies increases levels of oxytocin. That’s the chemical that increases the body’s readiness to heal and grow new cells. This recovery can be emotional as well as physical. Furthermore, oxytocin makes us feel happy, encourages trust and promotes bonding. Combine all of this with yoga, and you have a recipe for all-around well-being!

The yoga sessions are followed by refreshments including cocktails, prosecco, and nibbles. Moreover, there are many other events after the yoga session that you could attend too! For instance, there are art classes, comedy shows, afternoon teas, dating events and much more!

Hot Yoga in Bristol

Hotpod - and Puppy Yoga in Bristol!

If you want yoga to suit your curated and sustainable lifestyle, then Yogafurie is the place to be. Located on Ashleigh Down Road, Yogafurie is easy to find! Apart from caring for your body and mind, they also care about the environment. Their hot yoga classes embrace sustainability to the fullest degree by asking you to bring your yoga mats. The room temperatures between 30-42 degrees Celsius are also maintained by renewable energy. Moreover, Yogafurie is committed to reforesting an area the size of mainland Britain by 2050!

Yogafurie has hot yoga, online yoga and normal yoga. Their classes range from beginner to advanced and membership plans are in place for those that wish to commit. Choose from several different types of yoga including Iyengar, Nidra, Hatha, and Vinyasa.

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Find Your Inner Zen

The healing power of yoga and the benefits thereof are alien to none. However, I bet you didn’t know about puppy yoga or the fact that hot yoga does more good than basic yoga. Well, now you know that Hotpod and puppy yoga in Bristol will give you the zen that you need! Oh yes, my friend, there are so many forms of yoga that surpass basic and it’s about time now to move forward, with puppies. Yes, please!

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