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Top 6 Hot Springs Destinations in the UK

Hot springs are being mentioned more frequently in articles about travel, spa facilities and general health and wellness. Moreover, their benefits are steaming up a public conversation. It appears that the earth’s first spa experience is reclaiming the centre stage for fun and healthy wellness activities.

A hot spring is a spring that rises from the surface of the earth with water that has been geothermally heated. Known by many as thermal or geothermal springs, hot springs come in various sizes and produce mild to boiling water. Some hot springs are acceptable for bathing whereas others can be hot enough to boil an egg.

Hot springs are rich in sulphur and their healing benefits include treating skin conditions like eczema and rashes. Hot springs can also help treat arthritic pain, dry scalp, and internal problems like digestive disorders and menopausal symptoms. Other benefits of hot springs include reduced stress, improved blood circulation, and a boosted immune system.

Here are the top 6 destinations that you should visit in the UK to get the ultimate hot springs experience.

Buy collagen from XYZ collagen cream1. The Bath Hot Springs in Somerset, England 

The Bath Hot Springs in Somerset, England is the best hot springs destination in the UK.

Ah! Bath… UK’s original hot springs destination. For decades, tourists from all over the world have flocked to the city to improve their health. Since then, Bath’s hot springs have established the town as a popular destination for rejuvenation in England.

There are three hot springs available here. First is the mineral-rich Hetling Spring and second is the open-air Cross Bath Spring. The third is King’s Spring in the Roman Bath Museum which boasts temperatures around 35°C.

The scenery differs at each of these hot springs but you shouldn’t miss out on King’s Spring’s 12th-century surroundings. Taking a swim there seems like travelling back in time to the Middle Ages. For that reason, The Bath is considered by most as the top hot springs destination in the UK.

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2. Llandrindod Wells in Powys, Wales

If you are staying in Wales and are wondering where to discover a nearby hot spring, look no further than Llandrindod Wells. Since a local mother treated her daughter for head ulcers in 1736, this Powys County town has gained a reputation as one of the top therapeutic hot springs in the UK.

Llandrindod’s prominence declined after its mid-Victorian heyday, but its hot springs persisted. Many nearby hotels are currently using Llandrindod’s iron- and sulphur-rich springs to treat people who suffer from eczema. Talk about healing waters!

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3. Stobo Castle in Peebles, Scotland

Although Scotland doesn’t have a lot of hot springs, Stobo Castle still holds its own. Undoubtedly, It is one of the most desirable spa locations in the UK.

Stobo is located in the town of Peebles and provides you with spring-fed ozone pools and hot tubs lit by burning torches. In addition, you have access to steam rooms flavoured with essential oils and acres of gorgeous gardens. Surely Stobo Castle is the perfect destination to combine a romantic spa getaway with historical touring.

4. Buxton in Derbyshire, England

Buxton in Derbyshire, England is the 4th best hot springs destination in the UK.

The thermal waters at Buxton, a resort town in Derbyshire’s Peak District, have a long history of treating rheumatism and are renowned for their lovely pale blue colour and steady temperature of 28°C. Buxton’s hot springs attracted Queen Mary of the Scots in the 16th century and helped the town become a popular destination for health pilgrimages which started in the 1700s.

Experience the waters for yourself in the vicinity of the Georgian Crescent and the Pavilion Gardens. Buxton is home to 23 acres of breathtaking gardens, galleries, and ice cream shops. It’s the ideal location to go if you’re feeling a bit down. How can such a beautiful destination not be on the top 6 list of the UK’s best host springs?

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5. Matlock in Derbyshire, England 

Matlock is a delightful tiny town that blends alluring landscapes with soothing hot baths, making it one of the most loved hot springs areas in Derbyshire and the UK. There aren’t many spas or hotels in the town, but the New Bath Hotel is among the most comfortable.

Before hitting the footpaths to explore one of England’s premier hiking regions, splash around and take a soak in thermal spring-fed pools. You could even combine your therapeutic immersion with facials and massages.

Why not take a cable car to the Heights of Abraham Park, explore abandoned lead mines, or do textile shopping at Masson’s Mills after your splash in Matlock’s hot springs? You deserve to indulge yourself in this amazing town.

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6. Epsom in Surrey, England

Epsom in Surrey, England is the 6th best hot springs destination in the UK.

Epsom is undoubtedly one of the top natural hot springs in the UK that is accessible to major airports. Though well known for its racecourse where the Derby is held, Epsom is also a location of multiple hot springs.

The town has drawn many health enthusiasts from London since a local farmer discovered a salty spring in the area in 1618, making it one of the first spa towns in the UK. The spring’s salts gained notoriety as Epsom Salts, a renowned treatment for everything from arthritis to sunburn.

Many spa hotels in Epsom provide access to hot springs, mixing hot pools with incredible spa services. What’s even better is that these hotels are just an hour from central London. Talk about easy access.

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Get Your Feet Wet

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your feet wet in the UK’s best hot springs. In brief, the 6 best destinations to visit in the UK for a hot springs experience are first The Bath Hot Springs, then Llandrindod Wells and Stobo Castle. Third is Buxton followed by Matlock and Epsom. In fact, If you are looking for more destinations, here are the best hot springs locations in the United States. Have a wonderful time!

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