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Hot Springs in the United States

Hot Springs in the United States

Hot springs have been a popular leisure activity in many countries because of their health benefits and relaxation. Relaxation is something we all chase in today’s busy life, paired with healing abilities, hot springs offer the best of both worlds.

All around the world, there are many natural hot springs at resorts and wellness centres. Let’s explore these waters of wellness in the United States of America.

Hot Springs in the United States

Before we jump into the who, what and where, how about we talk about the healing and health benefits of hot springs and the history thereof?

The ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians practised what is known as Balneology. The root of the word in Latin is Balneum which means to bath and cleanse. The practice of Balneology is to cleanse and clear all irregularities from the immune system, to dermatological impurities and everything in between.

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Benefits of Hot Springs

Improved Circulation

Being filled with natural minerals like calcium and sodium bicarbonate, hot springs regulate the circulation of blood which improves heart rate and breathing. It lowers blood pressure to prevent hypertension, atherosclerosis and all things related to blood flow.

Treatment for Skin Infection

Contrary to the popular belief that bacteria spread faster in warmer climates and water, warm water actually has healing abilities. Hot springs, as mentioned previously, are filled with minerals such as sulphur that eliminate these bacteria. The sulphur found in hot springs is beneficial in treating skin infections and rashes.

Boosted Immune System

Hot springs contain iron along with other trace elements that get soaked up. These minerals are beneficial to your immune system and in the long run, end up giving it a well-deserved boost. Considering the recent pandemic, we could all do with a little immune system boosting every now and then.

Stress Reduction

Hot springs are an amazing place to unwind and relax. They offer soothing waters with all the minerals mentioned above. Relaxing has been shown in recent studies to produce endorphins which are known as part of the happy hormones. These hormones are natural painkillers and are beneficial for reducing stress levels.

Now that we know the benefits of hot springs, where do we experience them? Below is a list of the top 5 hot springs in the USA.

Top 5 Hot Springs in the USA

Top 5 Hot Springs in the USA

1. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs is located in Colorado and has been visited and loved for over 130 years. They have different packages available as well as overnight accommodation in their lodge which forms part of the resort.

Explore their relaxing natural healing waters which are rich in history and minerals.

2. Travertine Hot Springs, California

It’s the view that does it for me. Soaking in these hot springs is notably remarkable because of the breathtaking view of the mountains. Travertine Hot Springs is located in Bridgeport, California – a quiet valley town surrounded by mountains and mile-high landscapes.  There’s no relaxation better than being one with nature as you are in this resort.

3. Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Arizona is known for its rocky desert and canyons, combine this with the hot springs and you have a winner. Crystal-clear hot springs in the mountains not only relax and rejuvenate but is also extremely aesthetically pleasing.

4. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado      

Are you in the mood for hot spring wellness in the Colorado forest? If so then Dunton Hot Springs is the place for you. Smells of wet timber and fresh breezes flow through the forest and create a soothing feeling like no other! All while you soak up the minerals in their hot springs. These hot springs are indoors, making them perfect to visit all year round regardless of the weather.

5. Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska

In the heart of icy Alaska lies the last of our top 5 mineral-rich hot springs – Chena Hot Springs Resort. The surreal feeling of being surrounded by snowy mountains while soaking in hot healing waters is something I am not able to explain.

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