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Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands

Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands

The historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands are waiting to be explored by you! These magical experiences are something that every person should aspire to tick off from their bucket list.

Think grand, lavish interiors, spiral staircases, palatial bathrooms, lush four-poster beds, substantial crackling fires in large hearths, and clawfoot tubs – all protected by 1.2-metre thick walls that ward the castle’s innards against viral clans as well as the famous Scottish weather. Also, if you would like to see more of what Scotland offers, visit their official tourism website here!

So, without further delay, let’s look at all the historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands that you can visit to appease your inner medieval royal.

Top Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands

Culzean Castle

Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highland
Image: Visitor’s Guide to Scotland, 2024

Imagine waking up in a castle designed by Robert Adam in the late 18th century, perched on the stunning Ayrshire cliffs. From your window, you see a serene swan pond, sandy shores, lush woods, and magnificent garden displays. This is the unique, magical experience that awaits you at Culzean Castle.

Situated near the town of Ayr, Culzean Castle is a castle on the shore of Ayrshire, sitting majestically atop its throne, overlooking the mighty sea. Depending on where you stand, if you look out over the ocean and stretch your gaze towards the horizon, you can see Ailsa Craig! Culzean Castle is among the top historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands,

The castle offers an exclusive experience with its accommodation, The Eisenhower Hotel, located on the upper floors. It immerses you in a captivating history that was even recognised by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was graciously given the use of the top floor as a token of Scotland’s gratitude after World War II.

The Eisenhower boasts panoramic marine views across the sea to the magnificent mountains of Arran. You can access this historical hotel via the 1920s elevator.

The hotel comprises six bedrooms, a Drawing Room and a luxurious dining room. This hotel is one of the most exclusive places to stay in Scotland, seeing that it is in a castle where an American president spent a considerable amount of time and seeing that this place is steeped in history and luxury.

You can also take trailer rides to get up close and personal with the estate grounds. Since it is so large, you’ll definitely want a roundabout ride. Be sure to go down to the beach, where giant boulders can be climbed and admired—just be careful!

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Neidpath Castle

Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands
Image:, 2024

Neidpath Castle, a mere 23 minutes from the bustling city of Edinburgh, offers many accommodation options. On the premises of Neidpath Castle, you’ll find a few cottages, castles, and houses to stay in. Neidpath Castle offers among the top historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands, especially with all the options for accommodation!

The first of these accommodations is the Townhead of Lyne. This recently remodelled haven features a hot tub, a four-poster bed, an open fire spot, and various wild treks that can start when you exit through the door. The two bedrooms, designed for optimal comfort, offer Wi-Fi and a desk for those who need to stay connected. The Townhead of Lyne has four beds and a comfortable and convenient stay at Neidpath Castle.

Then, there’s Queen Mary’s Chamber. This chamber sleeps 2, perfect for a romantic getaway! When Mary Queen of Scots returned after an exhausting three-month tour of southwest Scotland in August 1563, she lodged at Neidpath Castle.

The Queen slept in an exquisite four-poster bed over an open log fire, surrounded by the noble Hay family, her valued friends. While you can taste 16th-century living at Neidpath, there are also plenty of modern conveniences, like a roll-top bath and other small touches that make you feel exceptional.

You can also stay in Barns Tower, which sleeps 4 in total, but each pair has separate rooms. The tower is perched above the tweed Valley’s upper slopes, commanding over the estate’s expansive forests and farms. It’s a cosy retreat with your miniature mediaeval castle.

This castle has cosy log fires, an enormous sleigh bed, and contemporary amenities. There are some beautiful walks beside the river and in the adjacent hills if you want to walk away. The Barns Tower is situated on a tranquil, secluded road within the estate. About 3 km from the main castle.

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Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands

You can also stay in Barnes Library, a homey cottage with large bookcases that offers a tranquil getaway. The Barns Library is part of the Barns Tower’s 18th-century stable courtyard. This home sleeps four people and has the charm of a typical English cottage.

The final place to house your inner royal is the Barns Bothy, which sleeps 2. Moreover, you can bring your furry baby along for the stay. Fast Wi-Fi ensures that you can keep a handle on the outside world if you want to. There are many things to do and places to visit in this stunning Scottish Borders area, well-known for its fantastic restaurants, country pubs, shops, and galleries. The best place to enjoy them all is from the Bothy. It’s clear to see why Neidpath Castle provides one of the best experiences for historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands!

The Bothy also features a bath for two with products from The Highland Soap Company. The Bothy also has a sitting room, a dining area, and a log-burning stove, which leads to a cosy kitchen.

There is also heated flooring in The Bothy, so your feet do not need to suffer when you climb out of the king-size bed. Be sure to gaze out towards the stars as you snuggle up at the end of the long day; there’s no need to be outside; there’s a skylight for you to stargaze out of!

Barcaldine Castle

historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands
Images: Barcaldine Castle, 2024

Barcaldine Castle, constructed in 1609 by “Black” Duncan Campbell and renovated in 1897 by Sir Duncan Campbell, 3rd Baronet of Barcaldine, offers breathtaking views. It is a Scottish castle on the shores of Loch Creran, with stunning views of Glencoe’s early springtime snow-capped mountains and the brilliant autumn foliage.

Barcaldine Castle only has six rooms, making one of your historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands more intimate and cosier. Barcaldine Castle is so historic that even the front door is 400 years old—it is the original castle door. This 400-year-old castle now houses within its bones a luxury bed-and-breakfast.

Ascend the staircase to your room and take in the ambience of the historical capsule. Book the Caithness room if you want a great view of Lock Creran. It has a large bathroom with a bathtub and lover’s sinks. There is also a cute little enclave for doing makeup, just big enough to fit one exquisite lady.

Look for two secret doors in the dining parlour or The Great Hall. One is easy to find, but the other is much harder. You can visit the Oyster Inn, a little place close to the Barcaldine castle, for dinner or lunch.

Put on your hiking boots and hike the 5 kilometres to the watch tower through forests made vibrant by gorgeous purple Rhododendrons. When you’ve summited the watchtower, way down below, you will be able to see the speck of Barcaldine Castle.

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Luxury at the Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands

Historic Castle Stays in Scotland Highlands
Image: Audley, 2024

Book one of these historic castle stays in Scotland Highlands and appease your inner royal! No, just kidding. You won’t ever be able to appease the royal within, and that’s okay! Visiting these castles is not just a way to have a unique experience in Scotland but also a great way to get to know Scotland’s history and appreciate Scotland’s culture.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your castle start today and become a royal tomorrow, even if just for a day!

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