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Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity

The beautiful city of Glasgow in Scotland is filled with an array of glorious hiking trails. These trails range from strolls to intense full-day hikes. Walking and hiking are extremely beneficial to your health. However, walking in a busy city such as Glasgow may prove to accomplish the opposite of ‘beneficial’. Cities are noisy, busy, and generally not crafted for walking.

But do not fuss too much. If you find yourself in the wonderous Glasgow, there are many walks that you can take in peace. Forming a good habit such as walking or running at least 4 times a week does not need to be a daunting task. Indeed, it should be something you look forward to, something you do for yourself because you want to be the best version of yourself. So, without further ado, let me show you some trails for hiking in Glasgow to become the very best version of yourself!

Hiking in Glasgow

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Hogganfield Loch Loop

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity

This is among the more popular trails for hiking in Glasgow. It’s popular for its bird sightings, easy hiking, and scenic running. Enjoy some chunks of peace as you walk the easy 25-minute loop around the Hogganfield Park and Nature Reserve. The walk averages about 2.1 kilometres and you can expect it to be immensely beautiful!

There are plenty of glorious views over the loch where you can delight in watching the various birds that take refuge on the lake. The Hogganfield Loch loop is an easy-going flat walk, perfect for a quick wellness flurry!

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Glasgow Green to Riverside Museum

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity
Image:, 2023

This is a point-to-point trail near Glasgow City. For 4.7 kilometres, you can walk easily through the great city of Scotland. This trail takes 55 minutes to complete and is filled with stunning views of Clyde River as you make your way towards the Riverside Museum. The Riverside Museum houses transport and technology collections that have been curated to feature the best of the exhibitions. With the numerous beautifully designed buildings on the path, your 55-minute walk or run would go by quite quickly. Be sure to take it all in strides!

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West Highland Way

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity
Image: Macs Adventure, 2023

Near Glasgow city lies the West Highland Way trail. This is a 19.5-kilometre point-to-point trail that is known to be quite difficult to complete. So, if you do choose to walk this route, be sure to have your best hiking boots on and a raincoat to finish the look. This trail takes an average of 5 hours to complete. The best time to walk this trail is from March through October. It’s a trail filled with natural wonders, birds, and different species of fauna and flora.

This trail is a nice introduction to the entirety of the West Highland Way. There are plenty of food stops and places to fill up your water and the trail is considered to be not too crowded.

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Kelvingrove Park

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity
Image: At Waters Edge, 2023

The hiking trail in Kelvingrove Park is easily one of the top trails for hiking in Glasgow! It’s a walk along the banks of the river Kelvin and into Kelvingrove Park itself. This park sits in the heart of Glasgow and boasts beautiful views and plenty of opportunities to grab coffee while en route.

It is a 3.2-kilometre walk and takes about 44 minutes to complete. What’s more is that this trail is pet-friendly, just keep them on a leash to avoid catastrophe!

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Cathkin Braes Park Loop

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity

This is one of the longer trails for hiking in Glasgow, but worth it! Cathkin Braes Park is an 18.3-kilometre loop hike that is mostly considered challenging. The walk takes about 5 hours to complete, depending on your pace. Moreover, this trail is open to mountain bikers and runners from all walks of life. However, it is not a trail that is likely to clog up with legs and spikes.

So, you can expect a peaceful walk with an abundance of green fields and woodlands. The trail disembarks from King’s Park railway station and makes its way into King’s Park and Croft Park. The trail then continues through Castlemilk Woodlands along the Cityford Burn.

Pollok Country Park & White Cart Water Loop

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity
Image: Visit Scotland, 2023

Take the scenic route with this trail for hiking in Glasgow through Pollok Country Park. This is an extremely scenic trail, and it leaves walkers who conquered the distance breathless, but in a good way! Walking along White Cart Water proves to be one of the best excursions to take when it comes to an outdoor wellness activity. When walking this trail, keep your eye out for birds of all kinds of feathers and various wildlife species too! This loop averages 2.9 kilometres in total and takes approximately 40 minutes to complete, depending on your overall pace!

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Leave Me Breathless!

Hiking in Glasgow as Your New Daily Wellness Activity
Image: Scottish Daily Express, 2023

These trails for hiking in Glasgow are perfect for an everyday escape. Within a busy city, it’s sometimes hard to anchor yourself and recuperate. With everything going on in our everyday lives it’s much harder to make time for the things that matter, such as our health. No matter if you’re a local or a tourist, these hiking trails may just be the right wellness activity to undertake in the bustling metropolis. So why not take the first step in your wellness journey and leap into the lifestyle of walking? These trails are bound to leave you breathless and in the greatest way possible!

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